Three Different Approaches to Outdoor Furniture Protection

Three Different Approaches to Outdoor Furniture Protection

Which Is Best for You?

Now that you've invested in new outdoor furniture for the deck, patio, or porch, what will you do with it when weather prevents its use for extended periods of time? In general, homeowners have three basic choices -- store it, cover it, or do nothing. The choice that is right for you will depend greatly on your unique situation. Knowing more about each option should allow any homeowner to make the most informed decision about outdoor furniture protection.

Letting It Go

Some homeowners may choose to do very little, if anything, to protect their outdoor furniture. Many people may not feel they have the extra time required to use patio furniture covers or to carry furniture pieces into storage. Protecting the outdoor furniture is often low on the list of priorities for many busy homeowners. Unfortunately, neglected patio furniture deteriorates at a much more dramatic rate than protected furniture. The lifespan of woods, metals, and resins shortens greatly with constant exposure to the elements. The result is furniture that looks beaten up and weathered, and that falls apart and requires replacing much sooner than homeowners might expect.

Storing It Away

Other homeowners prefer to store their patio furniture in a shed or other available enclosure. Storing outdoor furniture is an ideal situation when it will be out of use for a significant amount of time, such as over the winter months. Storing furniture does have some disadvantages, though. Outdoor furniture can be quite heavy, and moving it often requires more than one person. Moving furniture can cause injury to those doing the moving, and it can cause damage to furniture pieces if any part is bumped, scraped, or dropped in transit. Storage is not an ideal option for homeowners who simply lack the available space, nor is it ideal for those who desire only temporary protection for their furniture from the elements.

Covering It Up

A growing number of homeowners prefer the third option for outdoor furniture protection -- patio furniture covers. Patio furniture covers can be put on and removed easily, making their frequent use possible. Homeowners can quickly cover their patio furniture before a big storm, and then remove the covers once the weather has passed. Patio furniture covers constructed with superior quality fabrics are designed to withstand many years of harsh weather conditions, too, so they can protect furniture successfully for extended periods of time. Additionally, patio furniture covers are easy to store because they can be folded away and stowed in a small space when not being used.

Storing outdoor furniture, covering it, or doing nothing to protect it is entirely a choice to be made by each individual homeowner. Understanding some of the advantages and disadvantages of each option, though, is essential so that the most suitable approach can be followed.


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