10 Reasons for using a safety pool cover

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Safety Pool Cover

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There are many types of pool covers available today. However, all pool covers are not safety pool covers. They are the type that are securely fastened down to the pool deck.

The covers can be made of mesh fabric or solid fabric (sometimes referred to as an automatic safety cover).

Most important, they must be a certified ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials International) safety pool cover. The following ASTM standard requirements must be met to be certified as a “safety pool cover”.

  • Must be tested and updated regularly by a recognized 3rd party agency like Underwriters Laboratories.
  • Will have a working drainage system. This can include mesh drain panels or automatic pumps for solid fabric covers.
  • Cannot have any holes, tears or abrasions that could weaken the fabric.
  • Must be able to hold a weight of at least… Continue reading

Shade sails or finished shade cloth, do you know the difference?

Two Shade Sails

What are Shade Sails?

Shade sails are designed to attach to attachments points on homes, garages, posts or other structures. Delta rings (d-rings) are in each corner that attach to the attachment points with mounting hardware. Mounting hardware can consist of turnbuckles, spring clips, cables or other hardware. By design, Shade sails have curves (gores) in the perimeter of all sides. All corners of the shade sail are properly tensioned to the attachment points on buildings, posts, trees and many others. This design with the curves (gores) in the perimeter of the sails is what tightens up the entire sail. When the corners are pulled, this action tries to straighten out the curves, but cannot. The perimeter is fastened to the fabric in the center of the shade sails. As a result, this tightens up the fabric in the center of the shade sails and reduces the chance of them… Continue reading

Shade Sails for Shade and UV Protection

Shade Sails for Shade and UV Protection   After another hot summer, there was a real need for shade and UV protection. A great solution for both are Shade sails, and the designs make any outdoor area classy and fun. When it is so hot outside, it can be too uncomfortable to enjoy your outdoor living spaces. Temperatures under a shade sail can actually be reduced by as much as 15%.

Some of the health effects of overexposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays includes but are not limited to:

  • Skin cancer (melanoma and non-melanoma)
  • Premature aging of the skin and other skin problems
  • Cataracts and other eye damage
  • Immune system suppression

Depending on the fabrics used to make shade sails, up to 98% of the sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays can be blocked. This can definitely reduce some of the harmful effects from overexposure from the sun.

What are the differences between… Continue reading

Repair/Replace Safety Pool Cover

Repair or Duplicate Safety Cover MightyCovers.com’s Repair or Replace Safety Pool Cover Program is a great program for pool owners who already have a safety pool cover with existing anchors in their decking. Whether your cover has been damaged or it is old and needs to be replaced due to old age.

We can repair or duplicate your existing safety pool cover using it as a template so that your new cover will match the existing anchors. Safety Cover Repair will extend the life of your cover.

We offer a great Repair or Replace Safety Pool Cover program to provide you with this service. The best part is that the shipping is FREE!! Just simply fill out the form and fax it back to us. Repair/Replace Safety Cover Shipping Box Request Form  We will send you a box for shipping your cover back along with a PREPAID return label! That’s right, WE… Continue reading

Knowing your Swimming Pool Covers – Three Types to Know

Winter and Safety Pool Covers

Swimming pool owners have a lot of fun in their pools, but also have a bit of responsibility to contend with as well. The simple fact is that once you own a pool you’ll quickly have to learn all about pH levels, pool chemicals, skimming, pump and filter maintenance, pool vacuums, and more. One area that you’ll also have to quickly learn about is that of swimming pool covers. There are a few different types of pool covers and while it’s a relatively easy subject to understand it is still a good idea to learn the differences each type of cover has. Each one has strengths and weaknesses, and each one accomplishes different things.


The first is just a Winter pool cover. A winter swimming pool cover fits over your pool and works to protect it in a few ways. It will stop leaves and other debris from… Continue reading

Keep Your RV In Good Shape with RV Covers

RV Covers for all ClassesBuying an RV is no small feat. This is an expensive purchase. Even when you buy the smallest RVs that exist, you’re still spending a lot of money. With RV covers, you never have to worry about letting it get exposed to the sun or weather too much. This type of vehicle probably doesn’t fit in a garage, which is why it can be so helpful to have covers to keep it protected. There is something for everyone out there to choose from. Yours is totally up to you.

Make sure that you think about the style of RV covers that you like. Figure out whether you need weather covers or dust covers, as well as which materials and colors you prefer. That way, you can narrow down your options quickly. Forget about being limited to two styles that your dealer carries or having to spend hours calling around… Continue reading

Start planning your outdoor living space using Shade Sails

Custom Shade Sails


Custom Shade Sails (Sun Shades) and standard sized Shade Sails are very economical and an extremely easy way to shade your outdoor living areas. Also known as Sun Sails, they give your outdoor area a stylish and unique concept, due to their unique and symmetrical designs. They provide excellent protection from the sun and its harmful UV radiation at a modest cost compared to building a permanent structure.

 Benefits of Shade Sails Include:
  • Blockage from the sun’s harmful UV rays – up to 97%
  • Helps prevent sunburn and cancer due to the UV blockage
  • Helps regulate the outdoor temperature with cooling shade
  • When used up against a house, it reduces the heat from the sun, thus reducing your cooling costs
  • Economical, much cheaper than building a structure
  • Makes your outdoor living area, more inviting to your guests
  • Comes in many sizes and colors to choose from.
  • Sunbrella,… Continue reading

Stay Warm with Snow Thrower Cab Enclosures

Snow Thrower (Blower) Cab EnclosureA snow thrower is a gift in and of itself for people that live in areas with a lot of snow. Trying to stay warm when you’re out in the weather is hard. They do make snow thrower cab enclosures from composite plastics that will create a little tent, of sorts, that will give you everything that you need. It’s going to be up to you to get what you want from your investment but you can definitely improve your outdoor experience and keep your snow thrower looking its best with cab enclosures and covers.

There are plenty of different snow thrower cab enclosures and covers for different kinds of snow machines. You can find them by model, by size, and even have them custom designed if you can’t find what you want. It’s a win-win situation for the most part, making it easy for you to get everything that… Continue reading

Show your support with Collegiate Grill Covers

Collegiate Gas Grill CoversShow your team spirit for your favorite college team while entertaining guests at your backyard barbecue. Outdoor Patio BBQ Grill Covers with Favorite College Team Logos extend the life of your BBQ grill by protecting it from dirt and damage caused by exposure to weather. Outdoor grill covers keep your grill dry, clean, and ready for use.

Seasonal Designs Inc. Outdoor Protective College Team Grill Covers are made with durable and weather-resistant heavy-duty reinforced vinyl fabric with a flannel backing that protects your grill’s finish from wind, rain, snow, sun, and dirt.

These covers include an adjustable drawstring to ensure a snug and secure fit. This exclusive collection of grill covers can withstand even the harsh, cold winter elements and resist cracking. That’s something to cheer about!

There are colleges from all over the country to choose from and most of the conferences are represented. They are offered in two… Continue reading

Custom Play Set Canopy Tarps for Your Protection

Custom Vinyl Canopy TarpsWhen your kids are playing on their play set, it might get a little warm. What’s worse is if bad weather strikes and gets into their play area. This can damage the set or cause accidents if they aren’t careful. Custom play set canopy tarps are a great addition to any play set. Not only are these going to protect kids from the sun and weather when they are playing, but they will protect the play set itself, too. This means that you’re getting more from your investment in many ways.

Custom play set canopy tarps are designed to fit your play set perfectly. They are measured and cut for your specific needs, and can give you the perfect fit with ease. Plus, they’re not really expensive and you can get a lot more for your money than you realize with something like this. Take the time to look around… Continue reading

Closing Your Pool – The Importance of the Pool Cover

Winter and Safety Pool CoversThe leaves are changing, the temperatures are dropping, and the kids are back in school. That means a lot of things to families around the country, but for most of us it also means that it’s finally time to close down the pool for the winter. It doesn’t really matter where in the country you call home, the fact is that shutting down your swimming pool is something that you absolutely have to do in order to ensure that when next spring rolls around you’re ready for it. And while there are plenty of steps involved in closing down a pool, putting on a quality pool cover is one of the most important.

While applying chemicals, preparing the pump and filtration systems for the cold weather, and other aspects of the pool shutdown process can’t be ignored, many people actually overlook what a good cover does for them and their… Continue reading

A Guide to Buying a Pool Cover

Custom Safety Pool Cover

It doesn’t take a lot of thought to decide that buying a swimming pool is the right move for your family, and in most cases people can decide on the actual pool they want pretty quickly as well. However, figuring out which pool cover is right for them is often a challenge that they weren’t expecting. It seems easy enough to select a cover, but once you start looking at the different options it can be tricky. There are a few things to think about when you start shopping for a cover, and keeping a few points in mind could help you tremendously.

For starters, be sure you shop somewhere that actually gives you options. There’s a big difference between different pool covers, and you need to find a store that really has plenty of options. We offer such a wide variety of covers that it can sometimes be overwhelming.… Continue reading

Tips for Finding Your Pool Cover – Things to Know

Rayner Mesh Safety Covers

Buying a swimming pool cover is a good idea. When cooler weather starts to roll in, the time’s drawing close to shut down your pool for the year and adding a swimming pool cover to your shut down process will help save you money, reduce the time and energy you spend maintaining and opening the pool next year, and could even help give you peace of mind if you add a safety pool cover to the pool. But while deciding to use a pool cover isn’t hard to do, actually buying the right cover for your needs can be a little bit trickier. There are a lot of covers out there, and we want to make sure that you find the right cover quickly. There are a few things to remember that will help you track down the perfect pool cover.

To find the best pool cover for your pool,… Continue reading

Safety Pool Covers or Winter Pool Covers?

Solid Safety Pool Cover

If you’re like most people, your family’s swimming pool is one of the most important parts of your home. It doesn’t matter what size or what type of pool it is, either. Kids and adults appreciate having a place to relax, have fun, and escape from the heat. But a pool needs to be taken care of. That goes beyond things like chlorine and pool skimming. You need to invest in a quality swimming pool cover as well. While there are plenty of considerations to make when you start looking into your pool, one of the first things to think about is whether to go with a regular winter cover or a safety pool cover.


Regular winter pool covers are just what they sound like. They’re designed to stretch over the pool and keep leaves and other debris from collecting in the pool. They’ll also help reduce algae growth… Continue reading

Closing Down the Pool – Don’t Forget The Pool Cover

Solid Safety Pool Cover

When it comes to your swimming pool, the fun in the sun that it gives you will often be overshadowed by the responsibility that comes with it in the spring and fall. When you have to close down the pool for the year and reopen it when spring rolls back around, the process can take a good bit of effort. Pool owners have to balance the PH, keep chemical levels where they need to be, keep the filter and pump in good working order, and more. The battles against algae, dirt, debris, and more can be a huge pain as well. But whether you’re shutting down a pool for the fall and winter or getting it back to working order for spring and summer, pool covers make a huge amount of difference in simplifying the process.

That war against algae that you’re always fighting? Putting a pool cover on eliminates… Continue reading

Keep the Cats Out with Custom Sandbox Covers

Custom Mesh Sandbox CoverEveryone knows the biggest peril of the sandbox: when the neighborhood cats mistake it for a litter box. You can’t blame kids for wanting to play in the sand. It’s fun. However, when there’s a risk of playing in a cat’s bathroom you might not want to let them play in it. With a good custom sandbox cover you can keep the neighborhood cats out for good and make sure that your children can really enjoy their sandbox whenever they want to play.

Some sandboxes come with covers. That’s helpful for keeping animals and weather out from the start. If your sandbox is custom built or didn’t include a cover, now is the time to get one. You need to make sure that you look at your options and get a cover that suits your needs.

Here are some tips:

-Make sure that you are looking at the different styles… Continue reading

Custom Shade Cloth for Pergolas

Shade Cloth for Pergolas

Pergolas are beautiful pieces of woodwork. However, they can become hot and unpleasant in the months when temperatures are rising. They can also be limited in their enjoyment because of rain or unpleasant weather. Although there are sometimes when you just won’t be able to enjoy yours, you can improve the odds of using it by investing in a custom shade cloth for pergolas that will fit yours and keep the harsh sun and rain out. This gives you more days that you can spend outdoors and gives you more ways to enjoy your pergola.

Shade covers for pergolas are all about helping you get more from your outdoor living space. They can be taken on and off with ease so that you can have shade and protection when you want it and have an open top when you don’t. That’s the beauty of a pergola, after all, is that… Continue reading

Protect Historic Vehicles with Car Covers


Historic vehicles are a lot of fun. People who love cars often find themselves falling into classic car hobbies with ease. There are so many different events and parades where you can show off these cars. You can even just restore them and take them for a ride around town. No matter what type of historic or collector vehicle you have, car covers are going to be a must. Not only will they save you from showing off your prized possession at home where someone might be able to take it when you’re not around, but they will give you the chance to protect your car from the elements.

Car covers that are designed for protection are usually made of a vinyl or plastic material. This helps keep the weather out and gives the car protection from rain, dirt, wind, and other elements. The backing is usually going to… Continue reading

Keep Your Children Safe with Play Set Canopy Tarps

Custom Vinyl Canopy Tarps

Play set canopy tarps are often included on play sets of a larger scale. This makes them great for playing in the sun or even the light rain without getting affected by the weather. Smaller play sets and ones that are designed to be simple often don’t have canopies. That can make them less accessible and create a situation where kids can’t play like they want to because they can’t get protection from the sun, rain, or other elements.

If you are looking for a canopy to add to your child’s play set, you don’t have to look far. There are no big trips to fancy outdoor stores or play set builders. You just have to get online and start searching. In no time, you’ll find all kinds of tarps that fit various play sets. There are different styles and designs to choose from and there is truly something different… Continue reading

Buy Shade Sails Online for Better Selection and Pricing

Shade Sails on Beale Street

Shade sails are stylish, fun ways to decorate your backyard and keep the sun out. There is so much to choose from and you should have no trouble getting everything that you need. Take the time to explore all of your options and figure out what you want from something like this. Because shade sails are newer, it can be hard to figure out how they work and what you need. Shopping online gives you the chance to find the best selection and pricing on these types of shades. It can also connect you with specialty companies that know what they are dealing with.

If you are looking for better selection or prices, the internet is always the place to go. You have to make sure that you’re doing everything that you can to get more out of your investment, no matter what you have in mind. Take the time… Continue reading

Spa Covers – Vital for Performance

Walk On Hot Tub Cover

A spa or hot tub is one of the most relaxing items you can add to a home. It gives you a place to relax, can help with aches and pains, and can even add property value to your home. There are a couple of things you’ll need to keep your hot tub working properly. These include the right chemicals, a good filter, and a quality hot top cover. When you own a hot tub or spa, the spa cover is one of the single most important components to your spa. It provides a lot of different benefits and when you get right down to it, your spa won’t even work without one.

Basically, most spas and hot tubs function just like a huge crock pot. The water passes through the system and is heated gradually. The water continues to cycle that way until the right temperature is reached. But… Continue reading

Custom Sandbox Covers are Easy to Find Online

Custom Boat Sandbox Covers

When you are looking for custom sandbox covers, it might not always be easy to find what you want. Fortunately, you can take the time to explore different styles and products online to get a lot more for your purchase. Custom and stylish covers are plentiful and you can even have custom designs made, giving you the chance to protect your child’s sandbox no matter what the issue might be.

There are a lot of reasons to shop for something like this online. Not only will it give you the chance to get the purchase that you need with ease, but you can save a lot of money, too. Forget trying to find outdoor stores and other places that might have these covers. When you shop online, it’s all right in front of you and you can get prices that will surely amaze. Give yourself the chance to check… Continue reading

The Benefits of Sandbox Covers

Commercial-95 Sandbox Cover

When you have a child’s sandbox without a sandbox cover, you know how it can quickly become a lot of things for a lot of other creatures. Bugs like to live in it. Cats like to go to the bathroom in it. It’s a free-for-all and you need to do what you can to stop that so that you can keep your child’s sandbox neat and clean. That is where a cover comes in handy. If the box didn’t come with one, you can buy one online to keep the sand protected and clean no matter what. You can also keep out the rain that could turn it into quicksand and the sun that could make it scorching hot.

There are a lot of different sizes and shapes to choose from when you are in the market for sandbox covers. It will be up to you to take… Continue reading

How to Choose the Right Motorcycle Cover

Motorcycle Covers

There are a lot of different motorcycle covers out there that you can choose from today. Some people immediately buy whatever they can find at the dealership or their local supply store, not realizing that there is much more selection online. If you are looking for the perfect cover for your bike, you have to make sure that you look at everything that you have to choose from. Here are some tips to help you choose the best cover for your bike, no matter what you have in mind:

-Shop by model or style if you can. Most covers are sold with the fitting information for various brands and styles of bikes. Some go by model number while others focus on a general style. You need to have an idea of the size of your bike so that you can get the right cover.

-Make sure that you check… Continue reading

Prep Your Course with Golf Cart Covers

Golf Cart Covers and Enclosures

Every golf course needs all the tools for a good game. Part of those tools include protective gear for the carts. Golf cart covers and enclosures are a bigger investment than you might realize, but they do give you the chance to protect your carts and give your players more to appreciate. Make sure that you take the time to check out all of the styles that you have to choose from so that you can get what you need. It’s all about sprucing up your course and showing off your accessories when other courses are lucky to have carts for players.

The trick is to shop online. When you do that, you can find custom covers and enclosures that will fit your carts perfectly. You can also find the best prices on these accessories so that you can get everything that you need. There’s no guarantee as to how… Continue reading

Get the Perfect Fit with Snow Blower and Covers

Snow Blower Cover

When you need something a little extra for your outdoor machines, the internet has everything that you need. Snow blower cab enclosures and covers, for example, are two tools that allow you to have a more pleasant time taking care of the snow and keeping your machine in tact over the years. You can find a lot of different styles and sizes to choose from to fit your machine, no matter what you have in mind. Just make sure that you take the time to check out your options and find what you want.

If you need custom work done, you can even find reputable companies that will create custom covers and enclosures for your needs with a few measurements and a little extra money for the custom labor. You’re still shopping online, of course, so it’s still a lot cheaper than many of the options that you have… Continue reading

Shade Sails for Every Need to Protect Your Investments

Shade sails

Shade sails are a great way to spruce up your backyard and get more enjoyment out of the outdoor living space that you have. There is something for just about everyone and you have to make sure that you get what you want. These innovative shades are all about protecting your patio and your outdoor furniture, no matter what you are trying to do. Whether you want more time outside or to keep your pool from getting too hot or dirty, these sails will help.

When you shop online, you can find a wide selection of shade sails to choose from. No matter how much you have to spend, it will be easy for you to get the best shades for less. There is so much that you can choose from and you can even get custom designs made today that will protect your family and your outdoor belongings so… Continue reading

How to Choose a Tractor and Mower Covers

Tractor and Mower Covers

When you are shopping for tractor and mower covers, you have a lot to choose from. You might think that a cover is a cover, but there’s actually a lot of selection. From different sizes and styles to various materials and colors, you can get just about anything that you want when you are looking for covers. Of course, you should always shop online to find the best selection and find quality cover specialists that know how to make the best products without charging you a fortune.

Buying the right tractor and mower covers is mostly about getting what you want. Beyond that, it’s all about looking at the details and figuring out what your options are. For starters, you will need to think about your budget. You should never spend more than you want because you just don’t have to. There are affordable options out there for everyone… Continue reading

Spend Less and Get More with Boat Covers Online

Lunex Boat RS2 Covers

Boating is a popular hobby but the biggest issue that people face is when they don’t live near the water. There are a lot of people who enjoy boating but live inland. They travel to the coast or to various lakes during boating season to get on the water and have a good time. Of course, keeping their boats in good shape can take a lot of work because they have to think about getting the supplies that they need and keeping things in good order when they’re not at the water’s edge.

Whether you store your boat at home or in a storage facility by your favorite body of water, you need to make sure that it’s protected. The off season can be harsh for boats that aren’t properly cared for and you deserve to keep yours looking its best. Boats aren’t cheap, by any means. It’s all about… Continue reading

How to Choose a Shade Cloth for Pergolas

Shade Cloth for Pergolas

There are a lot of different types of shade cloth that you can find for your pergola that will make it more accessible and enjoyable throughout the year. It doesn’t matter what you have to spend or what type of pergola you have because there are all kinds of shade cloth for pergolas out there. You will have to take a minute and think about your needs so that you can buy the perfect shade cloth, regardless of what you have in mind. Here are some things to think about:

-What kind of pergola do you have? You need to know the measurements and shape so that you can get fabricated shade cloth that fits appropriately. If your pergola is round, find a round cover. If it is rectangular, you need a cover that matches. It’s basically common sense.

-Look at the materials and colors of the shade cloth that… Continue reading

How to Buy Shade Sails

Shade Sails

Shade sails are a newer shade product that will give you the chance to get more for your money when it comes to protecting your backyard. These stylish shades are strung to poles, creating a unique and geometric sail-type design. This adds a touch of décor. They are also available in many different colors and styles so that you can pick and choose what you want. These can help reduce a lot of the UV rays on your patio and even in your home if they’re close enough, giving you more ways to enjoy the outside without the dangers or the heat.

If you are shopping for shade sails, you need to know what you are doing. You can’t just buy these like any other shade and hope for the best. They need to be measured for size so that they cover the space appropriately. They also need to… Continue reading

Do you really need High-Quality ATV and UTV Covers?

ATV and UTV Covers

There are a lot of benefits to buying covers for your utility vehicles. ATVs and UTVs aren’t cheap, after all, and there’s no sense in leaving them unprotected when you have options for ways to give them the protection that they deserve. A lot of people buy tarps or generic ATV covers for their machines because they’re cheap and easy. There are high-quality covers, however, that you can buy for your quads if you want them. You just have to decide if they’re worth the expense and whether they are in your budget.

You’ll be happy to know that when you shop online, you can find ATV and UTV covers for a lot less than you expect. Whether you’re planning on spending a certain amount or you are just checking to see what’s out there, it’s not hard to find everything that you need. Make sure that you do what… Continue reading

Find Affordable Snow Thrower Cab Enclosures

Snow Thrower Enclosure

Snow thrower cab enclosures and covers are going to make it easier for you to manage the cold and snowy weather. Of course, these accessories aren’t all that cheap so you will have to make sure that you take the time to get the best deals that you can find. That starts with shopping online. No matter what you have in mind, the internet is a great source to get all the things that you need for less.

When you shop online, you get access to the best companies that are selling these accessories and other covers that will give you the tools that you need. These companies are reliable and know what they are doing. They are also popular because they have affordable prices when you shop online. Local stores will charge a small fortune for accessories like this. Companies online give you better quality products for a fraction… Continue reading

Custom Furniture Covers Protect Your Investment

Custom Patio Furniture Covers

If you live anywhere that there are significant weather changes, your outdoor furniture is a concern. It is a lot of work to pack things up and put them in the garage. Not to mention that you might not even have room for storage like you’d want. There is another option, of course. If you choose custom patio furniture covers, you can keep your furniture outside all year long and cover it up to protect it from the weather.

There are a lot of generic and general use covers out there in the market today. Every home and garden store has some type of generic selection of covers that will fit “most” patio furniture. This can be effective enough in some cases but if you really want to protect your investment you need to consider custom patio furniture covers. These can be made to the exact specifications of… Continue reading

Find Play Set Canopy Tarps Online for Less

When you arPlay set Canopy Tarpe looking for play set canopy tarps, you can head to your local play set dealer or outdoor store. They might have something to offer. Of course, you’ll probably also spend a small fortune by shopping with them. If you choose instead to get your canopy tarps online, you can get better prices and selection. It’s never been easier to find affordable tarps for outdoor protection. You can even get custom styles for a lot less than you might expect. It doesn’t matter who you’re trying to protect or what from because there is something for everyone.

When you shop online, you are getting access to better selection from specialty dealers that know all about covers and tarps and how to make the best products. You are also getting the chance to get lower prices because online stores have less overhead. It’s going to give you… Continue reading

Shade Cloth for Pergolas Makes the Outdoors Enjoyable

Shade Cloth Fabric for Pergolas

When you are considering a shade cloth for pergolas, you will have to think about what you want and need. This can give you a chance to enjoy the outdoors more and get more from your furniture and fixtures. There are a lot of different ways that you can get shade in the backyard and everyone seems to have the next best thing to offer. A standard shade cloth that goes over the pergola, however, might be perfect for your needs.

This shade cloth will provide cover from the outdoor sun and give you a chance to get more time outside. It will also offer protection from rain and other elements and give you a chance to spruce up your backyard with small changes that can make a big difference. There’s truly something for everyone when you’re in the market for a shade cloth like this. You just have to… Continue reading

Leaves, Covers and Your Swimming Pool

Winter Pool Cover

Almost everyone enjoys hanging out at the pool, and swimming pool owners are incredibly lucky to have access to so much fun and relaxation in their backyard. But one thing that can ruin a pool quickly is unsanitary conditions. And while chemicals, filters, and skimming tools all help keep a pool clean there’s no doubt that a pool cover is important as well. Not only that, but most will agree that leaves are among the biggest issue that a swimming pool owner can deal with once the hot summer months dwindle into the fall.

There are plenty of swimming pool owners out there who don’t bother covering their pool at all. They simply add chemicals to their pool when needed over the fall and winter, skim out leaves and debris as needed, and then open up the pool the next spring. Maybe they don’t think that a cover is a… Continue reading

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Spa Cover? – Things to Consider

Walk On Spa Cover

A hot tub, when treated properly, can give you years of relaxation, therapy, comfort, and fun. For many, their hot tub is the key feature of their home and one of the most widely used things they own. If you’re a spa owner, you already know the benefits of regular maintenance. Adding chemicals, checking and changing filters, balancing pH levels, and cleaning the hot tub are all important steps in maintaining a hot tub. But the spa cover is an often overlooked component of a hot tub, and knowing when it’s time to replace or maybe even upgrade a hot tub cover is important. It’s not always easy to know when your cover is fading away, but a few things can help suggest that it’s the case.

Probably the easiest way to figure out if your spa cover is due for a replacement is just to look at it. Damage… Continue reading

Winter Pool Cover Accessories – A Closer Look

Winter Pool Accessories

Closing down your swimming pool for the season is a process that requires several steps and more than a couple of tools. Among the most important things you’ll need to use is a quality winter pool cover. When it comes to keeping out debris, light, and more, a winter pool cover is one part of the shutdown process you simply can’t ignore. But while it’s fairly easy to track down the right pool cover, it’s important to take a look at all the different accessories that accompany your pool cover. Take a few minutes to find the right pool cover accessories and you could have a much easier time where your seasonal shutdown, maintenance, and spring startups are concerned.

To begin with, take a look at the different cover accessories that actually help your cover get in place and stay in place. For above ground pool covers, these include things… Continue reading

Solar Blanket Basics – A Quick Overview

Solar Pool Cover / Solar Blanket

Your swimming pool is one of those things that get plenty of use throughout the year, and it’s also something that benefits from a little maintenance and from the use of additional tools and accessories designed for it. Things like swimming pool covers are chief among the fall maintenance tools, but when you plan on opening up your pool next year you’ll want to plan ahead. A solar pool cover, sometimes called a solar blanket, is an investment worth making no matter what time of year it may be. These devices are perfect for keeping your pool at that just-right temperature and for increasing the warm-up time needed for comfortable swimming next spring.

Before getting into the specifics of a solar blanket it’s worth answering the question that’s probably on your mind – why should you worry about a solar pool cover if it’s fall? The basic answer is… Continue reading

Pool Covers and Uninvited Guests – Furry or Human

Solid Safety Pool Cover

When it comes to pool maintenance, few things make as big a difference as a swimming pool cover. Sure, chemicals and filters are the most obvious things that people think of when they begin to consider pool care, but those who actually own a pool can attest to the fact that adding a pool cover helps eliminate leaves and debris, makes it easier to set up a pool when the spring comes, and slows algae growth. It can simplify your entire maintenance process and also reduce chemical costs. But there’s another area that adding a swimming pool cover really helps, and that’s with uninvited guests, whether they’re two or four legged, furry or human, or something else entirely.

A swimming pool is almost like an unavoidable magnet for your family. It pulls your family towards it when the warm months arrive, giving them plenty of fun and enjoyment. But there… Continue reading

Use A Jet Ski Cover After Winterizing

Jet Ski Covers

Jet skis can provide some of the most exciting fun you can have on the water. Whether you take your personal watercraft to the ocean or to a lake, there’s no question that they deliver a lot of fun in a smaller, more affordable package than a boat. But the fact is that just like boats, they’re a serious investment and one that you need to take care of. As the days get cooler and the summer turns into the fall, the time to properly winterize and store your watercraft is drawing near. There are plenty of things you need to do and plenty of reasons to do them, from a deep clean to the application of a good jet ski cover.

To start with, you really need to give your jet ski a good cleaning. This is especially true if you use your watercraft in the ocean since… Continue reading

How to Buy a Hot Tub Cover – The Basics

Walk On Hot Tub Cover

There’s no question that a hot tub cover is one of the most important components of your spa. While the filter, chemicals, and other aspects of it are all important as well, a hot tub cover provides a lot of different advantages like lower operating costs, better safety, more even water temperatures, and more. There are plenty of different reasons to add a hot tub cover or to upgrade your existing one, but the fact is that many people just do a quick online search, find the first spa cover they see, and buy it. Taking the time to actually track down the perfect cover is a much better way to go about this, however, and is easier to do than you probably think.

The first step in buying a hot tub cover is knowing what you want and need. The most obvious issue here is size, and it’s important… Continue reading

Winterize your Boat, Then Protect with a Boat Cover

Stellex Boat Covers

Nothing beats a day on the lake, skipping over the water and letting the family take turns water skiing or just trolling to and from your favorite fishing holes. One day on the water helps remind you just why you invested your hard earned cash in a boat. But no matter what you actually use your boat for, or what kind of boat you have, you’ll want to take steps to protect your investment. It doesn’t matter if you have a fishing boat or a pontoon, a john boat or a canoe, taking a little time to store your boat properly when the winter comes is important.

It’s also a bit easier than most people realize. Winterizing a boat and getting it ready to be stored doesn’t have to be a huge time investment. It will take a few hours to do it properly, but when you consider just how… Continue reading

Everything You Wanted to Know about Safety Pool Covers

Custom Safety Pool Cover

Cool weather’s coming, with the leaves starting to change their colors and the nights growing longer. That means it’s time to start shutting down your swimming pool for the season. And while there are plenty of steps you should take during this process, installing a pool safety cover is one that could be a lifesaver – literally. Safety pool covers are designed differently from standard covers and they accomplish much more. They’ll still help keep debris out of your pool and reduce chemical expenses, but these covers also help protect your family from accidental drowning. If you’re wondering if a safety pool cover  is right for you, taking a closer look at what it offers is a step well worth taking.

Basically, safety pool cover are made from a much tougher material than traditional types of pool covers. It’s worth mentioning now that if you have an above ground… Continue reading

Playset Maintenance 101 – An Overview

Playset Canopy Tarp

If you’ve got kids there’s a good chance you have a playset in the backyard. Whether it’s a huge, elaborate one or just a basic swing and slide one, it’s probably one of your kid’s favorite things. And it’s likely one of yours, as well – few things are able to stimulate a child’s mind and body quite like a playset, so it’s always good to see them up and moving. But you can’t just buy a playset and then ignore it. From the playset canopy to the slide, the anchors to the monkey bars, you have to perform a little routine maintenance to keep it in top shape.

There are a few basic things that go into the maintenance of a playset, and understanding each of them is important. Some things are very obvious while others – like the playset canopy tarp – are easy to overlook. Maintaining your… Continue reading

Pergola Shade Cloth – Getting a Little Extra Shade

Pergola Shade Cloth

A pergola may be a great way to enjoy a few hours outside without too much sun, but let’s be honest – the only way they’re really effective is when the sun is in that perfect spot. When it’s hitting your patio or deck full on, the odds are that the pergola isn’t really going to do much for you in terms of blocking out the sun. That’s where pergola shade cloth can come into play. By adding a simple shade cloth fabric to your pergola you can escape from the dangerous UV rays and enjoy being outside any time of day no matter where the sun is hanging in the sky.

Essentially, shade cloth used for pergola shade is just what it sounds like. There are several different types of shade cloth available and it can be custom fit for your pergola, patio, gazebo, carport, playground, or any other… Continue reading

Snowmobile Covers – Staying Mobile

Snowmobile Covers

For some people, a snowmobile is basically a way to have fun and enjoy some time out in a winter wonderland. For those living in colder climates that are a bit more isolated, it could be a primary means of transportation. No matter what it’s used for, a snowmobile is a machine, and all machines need to be taken care of in order to work their best. This is true during use and during periods of time when it’s not being used, and there’s no doubt that something as simple as a snowmobile cover could have a huge impact on the overall longevity of your snowmobile.

There are obviously a few steps that need to be taken along with the use of a snowmobile cover, but anyone can agree that it’s a vital part of the process. For starters, anytime you’re not using your snowmobile you should take a… Continue reading

Shade Sails – Buying Your Patio Covers

Shade sails

There’s no doubt that enjoying some fun in the sun is part of what summer is all about, but there’s a lot to be said about blocking off the sun’s rays. With plenty of reports out there discussing the dangers of UV rays and the simple fact that it can be uncomfortable for your skin and eyes to sit in the sun, adding a little measure of shade to your patio, deck, or even your pool area is a good idea. And it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, adding these covers is always a good idea. One of the most unique types of patio covers available today are shade sails, and adding these quality covers to your outdoor areas will have a big impact in how your family enjoys your space.

Basically, shade sails are a type of patio cover that look interesting and are a… Continue reading

Playset Canopy Buying Guide – Steps to Remember

Custom Vinyl Canopy Tarps

A child’s playset is one of the most important investments you’ll make in their youth. Playsets encourage physical activity in a time when obesity and sedentary lifestyles are becoming commonplace. They also stimulate little minds by encouraging imagination and provide a level of fun that most other toys can’t compete with. Today, most playsets feature at least one canopy in their design and many feature multiple canopies. These canopies help protect your kids against excessive UV rays, provide shelter from rain, and increase the longevity of the wood beneath them by blocking some of the harsh elements from it. But canopies wear out, and in some cases they may just not have the look you want. That’s when buying a new one becomes a top priority.

Luckily, buying a playset canopy is a pretty simple process. As long as you follow a couple of basic steps you’ll be able… Continue reading

Jet Ski Covers – The Basics

Jet Ski CoversYour jet ski is an investment that pays out big in terms of fun, excitement, and pure pleasure. But the fact is that you have to protect that investment, and when you’re not using your jet ski the best way to keep it safe is to use a jet ski cover. They’ll protect your jet ski from the sun and other weather elements that can really damage your watercraft, from debris, and even from bird droppings or other animal related issues. In short, they’re a minor investment that protects your major investment and no jet ski owner should be without one for their jet skis, even if they usually store their watercraft in an area that is already sheltered.


Jet ski covers are available in two different grades and in the right size for your watercraft. Most standard covers are made from… Continue reading

Hot Tub Cover Benefits – More Important than you Think

Hot tub cover

Your hot tub is probably a lot of things to you. A place of refuge, a therapeutic tool, a fun place to relax for a bit – all of these things and more are things a hot tub can provide. When you ask most people to list some of the most important components of a hot tub, they’ll usually say things like the motor, the chemicals, the filter, and even the water. The one thing that is often ignored and taken for granted is the hot tub cover. The simple truth is that a hot tub cover has a huge impact on your hot tub. Even if your spa already has a hot tub cover, upgrading could be a good idea as well.

Because it’s so often overlooked, reviewing the benefits a hot tub cover provides is a good idea. There are plenty of things you may be surprised… Continue reading

Utility Equipment Covers – Ready for the Season

Utility Equipment CoversNo matter what time of year it is, there’s always a need for different utility equipment. Anyone who owns property will likely be aware of the different seasonal requirements when it comes to their equipment. As fall approaches, wood splitters and leaf blowers become important. Winter and spring often bring storms that require wood chippers, generators, or snow blowers, and as spring begins to warm up the world it’s time to break out the lawnmowers and rototillers. In short, there’s a tool for every season and if you’ve owned your property for any length of time there’s a good chance you’re gradually accumulating different tools for use outdoors.

But each of those items is a major investment, one that you need to really take care of. A quality generator alone is enough to set you back five hundred dollars or more – and that’s for a cheap one. You need… Continue reading

Why Quality Watercraft Boat Covers Matter

Boat Cover

Drive through most parts of the country – especially those near lakes or the ocean – and you’ll start to notice plenty of boats or jet skis in driveways, carports, and yards. And depending on the time of year you’ll probably notice that those watercrafts are covered. Covering up your investment offers peace of mind and the protection that it deserves. But there are usually two types of covers you’ll spot. In most cases you’ll see a quality, form-fitting boat cover or jet ski cover stretched over the boat and held in place by secure straps. But in some cases you’ll see cheap tarps or pieces of plastic tossed over a watercraft, held in place by bits of string, bungee cords, or even nothing at all.

It’s obvious which watercraft owner values their boat or jet ski more in these cases, and it should also be very obvious why actually… Continue reading

Tractor and Mower Covers – Perfect no Matter the Time of Year

Tractor and Mower Covers

If you own a home with any amount of property with it, odds are you have a lawnmower. And if you’re one of the millions who own a good sized parcel of land, you probably own a tractor or riding lawnmower. For many, that mower or tractor is one of your key possessions. It not only makes mowing a lawn much easier to do, but it also offers a way to get other projects done. With dump beds and other attachments available it can fill a lot of roles on your property. That’s why keeping it in great shape is so important.

Using a lawnmower cover when you’re not using your tractor style mower is one of the very best things you can do. Yes, you need to keep filters changes, tires inflated, and oil changed as well, but few steps can have such a major impact on your mower’s… Continue reading

Powersport Covers – Protecting All of your Rides

Jet Ski CoversSnowmobile CoversStorage-Black-ATV

While most of us own a vehicle, there are plenty more who own additional rides. Things like motorcycles, scooters, ATVs, and even snowmobiles are all investments that help give you multiple ways to travel and can make a big difference in your life. But just like your car, all of these vehicles need to be taken care of in order to really be worth your investment. They’ll need engine maintenance, oil changes, tire changes, brake work, and all the other things that make a vehicle work properly.

They’ll also need to be stored properly, and most of us don’t have huge garages that we can park dozens of items inside of. Even if we do, a little extra protection can go a long way. Powersport covers are one area of preventative maintenance that really needs to be focused on. Whether you need an ATV cover to keep your ATV safe… Continue reading

Creativity and Imagination in your Backyard

Commercial-95-SandboxSandboxes are as popular today as they were 50 years ago, despite the influence of television and video games. They are a sanctuary where children can escape into their very own fantasy worlds. It’s the very simplicity of sand and sandboxes which allows the imagination to run wild. Children are free to engage their creative ideas to the fullest because there is nothing about sand that suggests to children how they should play with it. It comes with no instructions and is utterly, wonderfully uncomplicated.

Additionally, it doesn’t matter whether children have access to elaborate sand tools, or cups and spoons from the kitchen, or just their hands and feet, a sandbox can transform into anything they can imagine. Will it be a construction site where skyscrapers, roads, and tunnels come to life? Or, perhaps a medieval kingdom with castles, moats, and a dragon’s lair? The only tools required are… Continue reading

How to Choose a Car Cover, and Why It Matters


To the average automobile owner, car covers may seem like an unnecessary luxury used mostly by car collectors or by the enthusiastic young adult male who just invested in his first set of wheels. But, practical reasons abound for using car covers, and any automobile owner can benefit from using them on a regular basis.

Protection from Natural and Human Influences

One of the more obvious reasons for using car covers is to protect a vehicle from environmental damage. Depending on where you live, your car takes a multitude of abuses just by sitting on a driveway, along a street, or in a parking lot. Wind blown sand, sea salt, tree sap, bird droppings, dirt, dust, falling twigs or other debris, and weather conditions like rain, ice, and snow can take an expensive toll on a car’s exterior.

Additionally, car covers protect your car’s interior from sunlight. Interior temperatures… Continue reading

Choosing an RV Cover – Steps to Remember

RV Covers - Superior Protection From the Elements

Why do you need a RV cover? Your RV is responsible for giving you and your family lots of fun, togetherness, and can usually reduce the overall cost of your vacations. But studies have found that families really only use their RVs for an average of around 26 days a year. That leaves more than three hundred and thirty days each year that you actually don’t even use your RV. So while it’s parked, it needs to be protected. Things like the sun, wind, insects, and more can all have a huge impact on just how long your RV lasts. You already get oil changes, check tire pressure, and so on, but many people ignore this method of protection. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when you start shopping for an RV cover.

For starters, you’ll want to match up the RV cover to your… Continue reading

The Advantages of Shade Sails Add Up to an Ideal Shading Solution

Highlander Shade Sails

All that’s needed to create a shady spot in an outdoor living area is one of the many available shading options. A few of these options include patio umbrellas, awnings, shade canopies, and shade sails. Patio umbrellas are a popular choice for shading the small area occupied by a dining table or cozy seating area. Awnings are another shade option that allow homeowners to shade most or all of a patio or deck. Unfortunately, many homeowners do not prefer the look of awnings, which can appear old fashioned and clash with more contemporary decor. Shade canopies are a third shading option for outdoor spaces, but they are intended for temporary, rather than permanent, use. All of these shading options have their place, but when it comes down to it, they leave little room for creativity, and they don’t offer the right solution for spaces with non-traditional shapes and sizes.

Shade… Continue reading

The Easy DIY Guide to Shade Cloth Installation

Pergola Shade Cloth

Shade cloth, also known as shade fabric, is an ideal solution for creating shade under pergolas and other open air structures, whether they are freestanding or attached to a home or place of business. Many homeowners opt for installing shade fabric themselves, rather than hiring a professional installer, because installation is relatively straightforward and easy, as home improvement tasks go.

How to Select Shade Cloth

When choosing shade cloth for your project, be sure to insist on the highest quality fabric. Paying more up front for the best product will save you money in the long run. Inferior fabrics will fade and suffer damage from ultraviolet rays as well as harsh weather conditions. You’ll end up paying more later when you have to replace the inferior fabric. Superior shade fabrics should be able to block 90 percent or more of ultraviolet rays, but they should be breathable as well,… Continue reading

How to Buy a Replacement Play Set Canopy

Custom Swing Set Tarp Colors

Maintaining a backyard wooden play set means many things: tightening bolts, sanding and re-staining the wood after a few years of wear and tear, ensuring that any damaged components are removed and replaced. One of the most frequently overlooked features of wooden play sets is the canopy tarp that is most often found providing shelter over the clubhouse portion of the equipment. A play set canopy can last many years, but over time and when harsh weather conditions come into play, it can become damaged and require replacement.

Wooden play sets come in all shapes and sizes, so obtaining the right replacement play set canopy can be a challenge. There are more features to consider than simply color and size. With a little guidance and preparation, though, you will know exactly what information is needed when it’s time to purchase a replacement play set canopy. Here’s what to know:… Continue reading

Sandbox Cover Basics – A General Overview

Custom Sandbox Cover

Whether it’s a part of a play set, playground, or just a freestanding unit, a sandbox is one of the best places for your children to enjoy themselves and be creative. They’re also relatively easy to maintain. Really, when you invest in a quality sandbox cover you’ll have nearly all of the maintenance requirements taken care of. Unlike other types of covers – furniture, boats, or even spa covers – sandbox covers are as important for sanitation as they are for anything else. When it comes right down to it, they’re probably more important for good sanitary conditions than they are for anything else.

Basically, a sandbox cover will help keep your kid’s sandbox free from debris like leaves, pine needles, grass, and more. But the main advantage they provide is one some people just don’t want to think about. Even if you don’t own a cat, a sandbox will… Continue reading

Shade Sail Ideas – An Abundance of Uses

Sun Sail

Having fun in the sun is a big part of what the great outdoors is all about. But with the dangers of UV rays becoming all too familiar, it’s important that you take the steps to protect your family from the sun. Sunscreen is a necessity when you’re enjoying time outside, but for many, deciding to utilize shade sails around their outdoor areas is a solution that will really help make a difference in your family’s safety and enjoyment of Mother Nature. Basically, shade sails are a type of shade cover that can be used to shield certain areas from the sun and from rain. They’re an attractive, stylish option in a sea of bland ones and can solve a number of problems.

The most common use for shade sails is to simply shield high-use areas from the sun. Things like patios, swimming pools, and decks are the most common… Continue reading

Storing Your RV – A Basic Guide to RV Covers

RV Covers

Your RV probably logs a lot of miles if it’s anything like most people’s. An RV vacation can give you and your family the ‘together time’ that is so hard to find these days. It can also save you money since staying in an RV park is much cheaper than renting a hotel room for the night. They are also great for tailgating at sporting events. But as much as you probably love your RV, you don’t use it as much as you’d like. Most people only get their RV on the road for about twenty six days out of the year. That means that your recreational vehicle is parked for more than three hundred days every single year. While it doesn’t sound like a big deal, storing your RV improperly can cause some very significant problems to develop.

Problems with RVs often occur during their downtime. Basic issues like… Continue reading

Motorcycle Covers – An Overview

Motorcycle Cover


Why are buying quality motorcycle covers or scooter covers so important?


When it comes to travel, expenses are adding up quickly. But plenty of people are turning to scooters and motorcycles to reduce their overall travel bills. With great fuel mileage and lower overall maintenance bills, these are some of the cheapest rides your money can buy. Not only that, but they’re a lot of fun to ride. But most people agree that riding a motorcycle is an experience unlike anything else. But just because they’ll reduce your overall costs, that doesn’t mean that you should just purchase a bike. You must not neglect its overall care. In fact, most people take more pride in their motorcycle than they ever would in a car or truck.

Benefits of  Motorcycle or Scooter Covers.

Basically, motorcycle covers provide a level of protection that you wouldn’t… Continue reading

Car Covers – An Overview

Car Covers

Your car may very well be your pride and joy. Lots of automobile owners purchase a car and look at it as a work of art, or at the very least as an investment that they need to put forth plenty of effort in protecting. And even for those who park their vehicle in a garage or under a carport, there’s still a good chance that the car can get a little bit of slight damage. But with the help of quality car covers, that’s an issue that doesn’t usually arise. If you want to keep your car in pristine shape, a car cover is probably a good idea.

 Car covers offer a lot of protection from a lot of different things. Leaving a car out in the elements will cause UV damage, for example. There’s no escaping the sun unless you shield your vehicle from it, and it… Continue reading

Golf Cart Covers and Enclosures – Play The Right Way

Golf Cart Covers

 Golf is a great way to get out and enjoy the sun, the scenery, and get some exercise. But sometimes nasty weather is just par for the course. Whether you’re out on the links or your cart is parked, taking a closer look at golf cart covers and enclosures is a good idea. They’re a very minor upgrade to your golf cart that can make a huge difference. Individuals who own their own golf carts are buying them constantly these days, and plenty of golf courses and country clubs are making serious investments in their golf cart’s reliability and longevity by buying covers and enclosures. If you’re unsure of whether or not they’re worth it, here’s a closer look.

We’ll start with a look at golf cart enclosures. These are just what they sound like – canvas and vinyl products that enclose your golf cart. They feature clear… Continue reading

Boat Cover Basics – Protecting Your Investment

Boat Covers

 There’s an old saying that goes “a boat is just a hole in the water you throw money into”. While it’s true in that a boat can be an expensive investment, a hole in the water never can be as much fun as a boat. Your boat is a great way to enjoy the great outdoors, and for many it’s important to keep it in great shape. In fact, that saying loses a lot of its punch when you consider that just protecting and maintaining your boat properly will help you avoid constantly spending the money that so many people seem to complain about. And as the warmer months wind down, no single purchase for your boat is as important as a quality boat cover.

Boat covers are designed to fit each boat perfectly, but they’re often available in pre-made sizes that fit most boats. You can usually… Continue reading

Pool Cover Shopping Simplified – A Quick and Easy Guide

Safety Cover

Your swimming pool demands a bit of maintenance in order to keep it clean and ready for your family to enjoy. And that maintenance doesn’t stop when the weather turns cold and your family trades in bathing suits for snow coats. You’ll still need to keep your pool in the right shape, and the right swimming pool cover is an important part of that. But finding the right pool cover and shopping for a cover can be overwhelming to many people. Luckily, it’s a little bit easier than most think. By just following a couple of easy steps you’ll find the cover you want quickly and get back to enjoying the fall.

For starters, figure out what kind of cover you want. The two options will be a winter pool cover or a safety pool cover. Both will keep out debris, leaves, and small animals as well as block… Continue reading

Playset Canopy Tarps Basics – Enhance Their Playground

Swing Set Canopy

A kid’s playground is their castle, their fortress, and anything else their mind can transform it into. It can also be a bit of an investment, with most playsets costing hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Of course, it’s an investment that nobody will really complain about since it delivers so much fun and stimulates physical activity in your child. With that in mind, protecting your playset with a little regular maintenance is always a good idea. Among the different steps you’ll need to take, maintaining that playset canopy tarp cover is one that can’t be ignored.

A playset canopy tarp does a lot more than just add to the appearance of a playset. It helps provide a bit of shade for your kids, shields them from rain, and helps their imaginations flourish even more than they normally would. But most canopy tarps that are included when you buy a… Continue reading

Portable Shelter Benefits – Why They’re the Right Option

Portable Garage

Homeowners often look at all their options when they’re trying to find the right way to protect their personal property. Those who travel to craft shows, trade shows, and outdoor festivals usually try to find the best way to stay out of the sun and rain and still sell their products. For both of these people and for many more, a portable shelter or a portable garage is an option that simply can’t be overlooked. While there are plenty of different choices out there, a quick look at some of the things that a portable shelter can provide will help you understand why you may need to take a closer look at what they can do for you.

For those looking for a structure at their home, they’re a much more inexpensive option than building a standard shelter or storage building. Setting up a permanent structure involves a lot more… Continue reading

RV Cover Basics – A Closer Examination

RV Cover

Do you know what has been around for over one hundred years and in that time has always provided families with fun, adventure, and the ability to make a vacation even more affordable? The answer is Recreational Vehicles. RVs have been on the roads for more than a century and are still going strong, helping cut vacation costs, create a more meaningful bond with your family, and more. There are plenty of RV owners who are retirees, traveling the country and enjoying the sights in style. There are also plenty of owners who are younger families looking for a cheaper way to stay while they’re taking their vacation. No matter who you are, taking care of your RV is important.

Everyone takes care of the basics in their RV – things like the tires, oil changes, and so on. But when your RV is parked you can’t afford to ignore… Continue reading

Custom Safety Pool Covers – Getting the Perfect Fit

Custom Safety Pool Cover

Your swimming pool is one of the best features of your home. Whether it’s an above ground swimming pool or an in ground one, pools add value to a home, give your family a place to play and enjoy time together, and more. And while a standard pool is perfect for any family, there’s something to be said for a pool that stands out. Unique shapes and sizes on a pool can help yours be a little bit more fun for your family. But those sizes can also make it harder to pick the right swimming pool cover when the time comes to close down your pool.


Closing down your swimming pool for the season is important, and using a safety cover is one of the best options when you have children or pets. Safety covers provide the same benefits of other covers in that they help guard against… Continue reading

Ready Your Pool Covers – Preparing for the Shutdown

Pool Cover


Fall weather means football, Halloween, and that it’s time to start shutting down your pool for the year. As much as we’d all like to skip that bit of work and relax on the couch while our favorite team plays, your swimming pool needs to be properly winterized in order to keep it in good shape for next year. Failure to winterize a pool could lead to pump damage, liner damage in the case of above ground pools, and a huge amount of cleaning when spring finally rolls back around. In other words, you need to make sure that you’ve taken the steps needed to really keep your pool in good shape.

Don’t just stop with a heavy round of chemicals and a pump and filter shutdown. You need to use a swimming pool cover to get the most from your pool. Most pool owners are already aware of… Continue reading

Benefits of Shade Sails – Why They’re Better

Shade Sail Gallery

Relaxing around the house is one of those things we all wish we could do more often but that we don’t always have the time to do. So when you actually do have the opportunity to enjoy some time at home, it’s important that everything is perfect. For most, relaxing outside is one of the better choices. You’ll get fresh air and much more, but it’s important that you stay protected. Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, a pool area, a deck, or a patio, cover is important due to the dangers of the sun’s UV rays and the constant risk of an afternoon rain shower. There are plenty of different options out there for cover, but among them shade sails are one of the best.

Shade sails are a different kind of shade cover. While patio umbrellas are good for small areas, and while awnings are often the first thought,… Continue reading

ATV Covers – Protecting your ATV

 ATV Covers

ATVs have become extremely widespread throughout the country, and with good reason. There are few products on the market that can help in so many different ways. Whether it’s used for work on a farm, for transportation during events or other large scale operations, being used for hunting trips, or just taken out for a fun off-road ride, an ATV can handle a lot of different things. But while they’re rugged and durable, it’s still important to take good care of your ATV. This is especially true when you’re not using your ATV. A little proper care and a quality ATV cover will make a huge difference in the lifespan and reliability of your all-terrain vehicle, as well as its overall appearance.

ATV covers are usually available in a couple of different colors and in a few different styles. Basic covers are used for general purpose storage and fit over… Continue reading

Closing Down your Pool – A Basic Guide – Pool Covers

Pool Cover

Pool owners usually love their pool and what it does for their family. Pools give you fun, exercise, and a place to be together without having to take expensive vacations or spend your days bored out of your minds. But when fall and winter roll around, most pool owners face the worst part of owning a swimming pool – the winterizing process. Luckily, closing down your pool for the winter isn’t really that difficult to do if you know what to expect. A solid half-day is the most it should take in most cases, from the moment you begin to the moment when the winter pool cover is in place and you walk away for the season. Here’s a quick rundown on the process.

First of all, you need to make sure that your pool’s chemical levels are perfectly balanced. While the obvious reason is to help prevent algae growth… Continue reading

BBQ Gas Grill Covers – All You Wanted to Know About Them

Grill Cover

For plenty of people, a gas grill is a major component in their life. From entertaining guests to just cooking dinner for the family, a grill is one of those things that some people just can’t live without. With that said, it’s important to keep your gas grill protected. It’s an expensive investment and you want to make sure that it lasts for years instead of falling to pieces before it’s time. As a result, buying a quality gas grill cover is an important investment and one that you should really make as soon as you purchase your grill. If you leave your grill on an uncovered deck, patio, or anywhere else the elements can impact it, you need a cover.

Don’t make the mistake of just throwing a sheet or a piece of plastic onto your gas grill, either. Plastic won’t provide a good fit and will blow off… Continue reading

Buying Patio Furniture Covers – Finding Yours

Outdoor Custom Patio Furniture Covers - For Maximum Protection

If you’re one of the millions who enjoy entertaining guests or just spending some quiet time outside on your deck, veranda, patio, or gazebo, then the odds are that you’ve invested in your patio furniture. There is an entire industry that has sprung up where patio furniture is concerned, and it offers the chance for homeowners to select from a huge range of different furniture options and find the one that matches their taste and style perfectly. But once you’ve invested in quality patio furniture, you need to keep it protected. This is important no matter the time of year, but when the days turn cooler it’s even more vital since your furniture won’t be getting the same amount of use it normally would.

Patio furniture covers are the answer here, and they’re available for anyone looking to keep their furniture safe and protected. But like anything else, there’s a… Continue reading

Beyond the Pool Cover – Accessories and Specialties

Pool Cover Accessories


A swimming pool cover is one of the most important tools you can have when you own a pool. Yes, you read that right – tools. It’s a tool because it helps get a lot of different jobs done. It prevents dirt and debris from building up in your pool, reduces algae growth, and simplifies fall and winter maintenance while making it easier to open the pool next spring. But it doesn’t really do all of this alone. Along with your work putting it on and taking it off, there are other accessories worth taking a closer look at and a couple of other types of covers worth pondering as well.

The most important accessories you can get for your pool cover are simply the attachments. In most cases covers will come with some method of securing it to the pool, but it never hurts to get extra or… Continue reading

Patio Furniture Covers – More Important than You Think

Outdoor Custom Patio Furniture Covers

Plenty of people enjoy more time on their deck, patio, or outdoor hangout area than they do inside their home. Whether it’s relaxing around the pool during the summer, sitting around an outdoor fireplace in the fall, or having a spring cookout, patio furniture is one of those things that most people have but that many don’t really give much thought to after purchase. But when you buy a quality set of patio furniture, you’ll be making an expensive investment that you need to keep in good shape. As a result, it’s important to take the steps needed to maintain your patio furniture. Patio furniture covers are one item well worth thinking about.

The main reason that buying patio furniture covers makes so much sense is obvious. No matter what time of year it is, outdoor furniture takes a lot of punishment from good old Mother Nature. The same sun… Continue reading

A Closer Look at Safety Covers – Right For You?

In Ground Safety Pool Cover

   Any pool owner who’s dealt with a spring setup following a fall and winter with their pool uncovered can attest to the fact that a pool cover will have a huge impact on maintenance costs and effort as well as on the spring setup of a pool. But when you’re closing down the pool this season, it could be time to invest in an upgrade and purchase a safety pool cover. If you’ve got children or pets, it’s well worth doing. But before you decide, just take a closer look at what safety covers are all about and how they’ll help your pool. It should help you decide whether or not they’re worth it for you.

Basically, safety covers are heavier duty covers than the standard ones people put on their pools. They also use a much different attachment system. While most winter pool covers are fixed… Continue reading

Portable Shelters Offer Superior Protection

Portable Garage
Our incredibly strong Rhino portable shelters will keep all of your outdoor possessions, from lawnmowers to campers, safe and protected from Mother Nature. All of our shelters feature heavy duty galvanized steel frame and 24 mil thick rip-stop fabric that features UV protection and an inner black scrim for a lasting, heavy duty protection. All of our portable shelter garages come with a two year warranty, free double zipper doors, and cable anchors. They are very easy to install. Whether used for storage of lawn equipment, motorcycles, automobiles, boats, or campers, you will love the solid protection that comes with strength of Rhino shelters!

On commercial job sites, temporary shelters provide valuable space for a minimum cost, they help to reduce delays caused by weather, and increase contractor profits. Use one of our temporary structures as a Party Tent! Provide reliable shelter for parties, weddings, sporting events, outdoor vendors, and… Continue reading

Spa Covers Keep Your Hot Tub Safe and Warm

Walk-On Spa Cover
Our spa and hot tub covers and accessories will ensure that you can enjoy your hot tub year round in comfort. We offer two grades of cover. Our regular thermal guard cover is great at offering protection. It features a 4” – 2” taper to make sure that rain drains away, protecting the integrity of your cover. It is UV treated and features strong handles and tie downs. The foam core offers not only stability, but also insulation. Your water will stay warmer and have less chemical evaporation.

Our walk-on thermal cover features all the great benefits of the regular cover with added safety features. The inside features FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastic) which makes it able to hold several adults without collapsing. It also features straps with lock and key for further protection. This cover will prevent unauthorized access to your hot tub and keep it ready to use at… Continue reading

Golfing in Any Weather Using Golf Cart Covers

Golf Cart Cover
Golfing is a great past time, and we have everything you need to protect and preserve your golfing equipment. Our protective golf cart covers will keep your entire cart clean and secure during off seasons and non-use. They will prevent dust, dirt and weather conditions from soiling your cart. When its time to golf, our cabin covers and removable windshields will offer comfort and luxury. Our seat blankets, available in tan, plaid, and pink, will keep your seat covered and protected and provide you with a warm and comfortable blanket when needed. We also carry fleece and padded seat covers. Organizers keep your tees, balls, and personal belongings stored away and organized. Rain hoods even keep your clubs dry and protected. With our golfing accessories, you can play a round comfortable, no matter what the weather conditions are.

Golf Cart Enclosures attach easily to carts and come in a number… Continue reading

Custom Swing Set Tarps for Your PlaySet

Swing Set Canopy Tops

Are you looking for a custom swing set tarp but don’t know what size you need? We can help you get the most accurate measurements and ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for. Visit our site to view our custom canopy order form. It guides you through, step by step, making your choices to get the ideal tarp. We show you diagrams to understand your measurements and ensure a perfect fit. Still have questions? Give us a call and we will be glad to help you out!

Vinyl Tarps and Canopy Tops from MightyCovers.com are made of heavy marine grade vinyl with standard fasteners which are either brass grommets or stainless steel snaps. We offer stock sizes and custom made canopy tops in any size needed. This marine grade vinyl is a heavyweight 15oz. laminated material with UV protection and mildew retardant added. THE STRONGEST AND… Continue reading

Our Jet Ski Covers Protect and Preserve!

Personal Water Craft Cover
Take care of your jet ski with a cover that will protect against damage from UV, rain, wind, and other environmental factors. We offer two grades of cover, each coming in two sizes. Our regular heavy-duty trailerable and travel covers come in 200 denier gray fabric with water-resistant backing. They feature a two year warranty and are available in up to 124” L size and over 124” L size. If you are looking for something better, we also offer a deluxe jet ski cover. It comes in black and gray Protek™ Plus 300 denier fabric with a two year warranty. It has an integrated trailering system with built-in quick adjusting straps. The deluxe model even has and integrated storage bag and zippered fuel tank access on both sides of the cover for easy filling without removing the cover. Either of these great covers will keep your jet ski ready… Continue reading

Sandbox Covers Required at Daycares and Schools

Sandbox Cover
Sandbox covers are a great way to protect your children from dirty and contaminated sand, but did you know that they might be REQUIRED in your state? Most daycare and school centers must make sure that their sand is protected when not in use. Cats and other animals will often use sand as a litter box, making it extremely unsanitary. Many states have taken action and set minimum requirements for all sandboxes. Most of these minimum requirements include a sandbox cover. Check with your local officials and make sure that you are staying legal! We offer custom sandbox covers of any shape and size and several high quality materials.

Custom Sandbox Covers are an important step in preventing cats and other animals from making your children’s play area their outdoor litter boxes. Covers also help keep the sand clean and free of leaves, rocks, pine needles, grass, insects, and other… Continue reading

Customizable Shade Sails for Every Home

Sunbrella Shade Sail
Shades sails are completely customizable to your backyard. We have equilateral and right angle triangles, rectangles, and squares. You can also choose your fabric: Coolaroo, which blocks approximately 90% of UV rays; Commercial 95, which blocks 96-98% of UV rays; and Sunbrella, which blocks 96-98% of UV rays and is nearly waterproof. We have stock sizes, but if you can’t find what you are looking for, we can make a custom sail for you. Let us know what you need for your shade and Mighty Covers can get it done.

Shade sails are an innovative and aesthetically pleasing way to create shaded spaces outside of the home or business. At home, they allow you to cover your patio, swimming pool area, gardens, children’s play areas, cars and other vehicles, and virtually any outdoor area that you would like to be protected from the sun. Businesses find shade sails valuable for… Continue reading

Clean your Boat then protect with a Boat Cover

Boat Cover

Boating is one of the most enjoyable experiences that you can have on our beautiful lakes, rivers, and oceans. Boats require a good deal of cleaning and maintenance, though, which is often time consuming and not always enjoyable. Some boat owners spend as much time, if not more, cleaning their boats than they actually spend using them on the water. While keeping your boat clean and maintained is important, there is no reason that you should spend a majority of your time cleaning and polishing. With the proper equipment and cleaning products, you can save time while maintaining your boat’s beauty and protecting it from the harsh marine elements. You can also reduce the time and effort of cleaning your boat by cleaning it routinely as and by using boat covers when it is not in use.

Cleaning Your Boat’s Exterior: Choosing the Right Equipment

The type of boat you… Continue reading

Proper Vehicle Maintenance Saves Money – Car Covers

Automobile Cover

Car Covers and Truck Covers Are an Important Way to Protect Your Vehicle. How is your transportation affected during these tough economic times? With the unemployment rate at record highs and the threat of more layoffs and business closings to come, new cars sales are way down. Even if you are lucky enough to have a job now, are you willing to take on a 48 or 60 month car note? Buying a new or used vehicle may not be a viable option at this time, so taking care of the one you have now is the best bet.

Take care of the big issues first. If your car or truck is not as dependable as you need or want it to be, you should consider investing in the maintenance of the engine, power train, transmission, and other mechanical parts. If there are already mechanical problems, you should definitely have… Continue reading

Boat Accessory Covers For Seat and More!

Boat Seat Cover
In addition to our extensive line of boat covers, we also carry boat accessory covers to provide you with complete protection for all of your boating needs. Here is a list of all of the covers that we carry to make sure that every inch of your boat is covered! Whether you need to protect your whole boat or specific parts, we’ve got you covered!

  • Center Console Covers
  • Bucket, Folding, and Pedestal Seat Covers
  • Outboard Motor Covers
  • And boating accessories, such as a boat cover support pole and a marine safety kit!

Utility Equipment Needs Covering, Too!

Log Splitter Cover
Whether you use it often or very rarely, you probably own some type of utility equipment. Pressure washers, rototillers, generators, and log splitters are all useful tools to have around your home. Make sure that you keep them protected with utility equipment covers. The provide the ultimate protection against sun damage, dirt, bad weather, birds, and tree sap. By using a high quality material to cover your equipment, you can make sure that it stays in tip top shape so that it is ready for use when you are.

Air Conditioner Covers Keep The Cool Air Coming

Air Conditioner Cover
The extremely hot temperatures that we are currently experiencing will remind you just how precious your air conditioner can be!  It is important during the colder winter months to protect your central air conditioning unit with air conditioning cover. They serve several purposes. First, they prevent heat that escapes from your units and vents. They also block drafts and reduce noise. The block UV that can cause excessive wear and tear on your unit. Be sure to protect your air conditioner during the winter to keep it performing at its peak during the summer.

Protect Your Boat Year Round!

Boat Cover
Boat covers are a great way to protect your watercraft year round. Even during the summer when you are using your boat frequently, it still gets exposed to harsh elements. The sun, rain, wind, and other environmental factors can all affect the surface of your boat. Whether it is docked in the open or in a covered structure, these elements can scratch or chip your boats finish. We have boat covers to fit every type of boat: fishing boats, ski boats, pontoon boats, and more. We even sell covers for all of your boat parts, including the motor. Make sure that you are protecting your investment in the best possible way, year round.

Solar Swimming Pool Covers Heat Up!

Solar Swimming Pool Covers
Have you opened your pool yet? Whether you have or not, you are probably ready to start swimming as soon as possible. A solar swimming pool blanket is a great way to warm your pool quickly. Using the power of the sun, a solar blanket traps heat and transfers it directly to your water, warming it 10-15 degrees in a short period of time. We have solar covers in every shape and size that you can imagine, for in ground and above ground pools. You can add a solar cover reel to make putting on and taking off the cover incredibly simple. In addition to heating your pool before the initial use, solar covers can also be used at night to retain heat that is generated during the day. Solar blankets are also affordable, making them a small investment with a big return!

Shade Sail Options Abound

Shade Sail

Stock and Custom Shade Sails of Superior Quality at Competitive Prices.

Shade sails offer a beautiful and customizable option in shade solutions. Customers like that they are available in several materials, shapes, and sizes so you can create a stylish and functional retreat in your outdoor area. Below are the three brands of shade sails available at Mighty Covers. Knowing and understanding each type of material will help you choose the shade sail that is perfect for you.

  • Commercial 95 shade sails are available in standard sizes, as well as custom options. The standard sizes come in square, rectangle, equilateral, and right angle triangle shapes and a variety of sizes. Commercial 95 cloth is made of high density polyethylene fabric, offers 96% – 98% UV block, and has a 10 year fabric warranty. The material is a breathable fabric which is unaffected by moisture and temperature extremes. Commercial… Continue reading

Fishing Float Tubes Are Not Just for Fishing

Fishing Float Tubes

Despite what the name suggests, fishing float tubes are not just for fishing. In fact, there are so many alternate uses for a fishing float tube that you could spend every weekend this spring and summer using it on the water without ever setting up your fishing pole. Here are just a few of the different ways they can be used:

Fun and Games

When everyone brings along their fishing float tubes, an endless variety of creative games can happen. Play “bumper floats” or a floating version of Marco Polo. Tie float tubes together in a circle and play a game of toss or hot potato. Race float tubes using only the power of swim fins. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Sun Worship

A fishing float tube can become a personal island on which you sit back and soak up the warm rays of the… Continue reading

Details Make the Difference in Patio Furniture Covers

Furniture Cover Features  Furniture Cover Features  Furniture Cover Features  Furniture Cover Features

Winter weather conditions, heavy rains, and even exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays can shorten the lifespan of outdoor furniture dramatically. Woods, metals, and resins can become discolored, weakened, and damaged over time, and replacing patio furniture can be expensive. The ideal solution for protecting outdoor furniture is to use patio furniture covers.

Unfortunately, purchasing any random set of patio furniture covers does not guarantee that the furniture will be effectively protected. Poor quality covers fall apart quickly when exposed to temperature and weather extremes, and cheaper materials can even damage patio furniture surfaces. By paying close attention to the details when purchasing patio furniture covers, homeowners can ensure that they are choosing high quality covers that will do a proper job of protecting their furniture.

Stitching and Seams

Details that homeowners should focus on first when looking at patio furniture covers are the stitching and… Continue reading