Expand Workspace with a Portable Garage

Extra Workspace in a Portable Garage

Portable garages have so many more uses besides storing vehicles.  Last week, I posted about the benefits of using a portable garage for extra storage space that’s affordable and reliable.  One of my husband’s favorite ways to use a portable garage is as extra workspace.

Additional workspace is often on homeowners’ wish lists. Workshops and art studios can be expanded into a greater area with the addition of a portable garage. Since these structures have a door on both ends, getting large tools, machines, and works of art into and out of the space is easy. Two doors allow the people inside more natural lighting and flexibility of movement, and two doors provide unbeatable ventilation, which is vital when paints or other chemicals are being used. Also, you can take advantage of space heaters in winter so that work can continue year round. Before setting up a heater, though, it’s important to be sure that the fabric covering the garage is fire retardant and that the heater is set up at a safe distance from the garage walls.

No matter what your work involves, using a portable garage to add a little extra work space can increase creativity as well as productivity.  Do you have other ideas for how portable garages can be used?  I’ll post another great idea next week.

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