Fishing Float Tubes Are Not Just for Fishing

Fishing Float Tubes

Despite what the name suggests, fishing float tubes are not just for fishing. In fact, there are so many alternate uses for a fishing float tube that you could spend every weekend this spring and summer using it on the water without ever setting up your fishing pole. Here are just a few of the different ways they can be used:

Fun and Games

When everyone brings along their fishing float tubes, an endless variety of creative games can happen. Play “bumper floats” or a floating version of Marco Polo. Tie float tubes together in a circle and play a game of toss or hot potato. Race float tubes using only the power of swim fins. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Sun Worship

A fishing float tube can become a personal island on which you sit back and soak up the warm rays of the sun. A portable music player, an engaging book, cold drinks, and plenty of sunscreen are all that you need to enjoy a relaxing summer afternoon on the water.

Star Gazing

Bring a flashlight, a life vest, and a healthy dose of bug repellant with you when you take your fishing float tube on the water for an evening of star gazing. It will be worth the effort because, when the sky is clear, the view from a remote pond or lake is hard to beat. Stars upon stars upon stars create a blanket of light above. Be prepared with a wish or two for the shooting stars that are sure to cross the sky in your presence.

Photo Opportunities

Fishing float tubes give photographers a unique vantage point for capturing natural scenery. Use a waterproof gear box to store cameras and photography gear while on the water.

Bird Watching

You try to be quiet, but walking through the woods to reach a remote bird nesting spot means stepping on twigs that crack and leaves that crunch. It’s far too easy to scare away the very creature you wish to observe. Approaching a nesting site near the water’s edge while in a fishing float tube gives you the advantage of coming close without disturbing the birds. These inflatable watercraft offer bird watchers the ability to use the quiet of the water to get closer than otherwise possible to birds of all kind who flock to shorelines and nearby wooded areas for food and shelter.

With some creative thinking, many more alternative uses for fishing float tubes can be discovered. Of course, they can be used for fishing as well. They’re ideal, in fact, for finding less-traveled fishing spots that are away from highly-fished areas easily accessible by foot. No matter how you choose to use a fishing float tube, though, you can be sure that a good time is ahead of you.

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