Hot Tub Cover Benefits – More Important than you Think

Hot tub cover

Your hot tub is probably a lot of things to you. A place of refuge, a therapeutic tool, a fun place to relax for a bit – all of these things and more are things a hot tub can provide. When you ask most people to list some of the most important components of a hot tub, they’ll usually say things like the motor, the chemicals, the filter, and even the water. The one thing that is often ignored and taken for granted is the hot tub cover. The simple truth is that a hot tub cover has a huge impact on your hot tub. Even if your spa already has a hot tub cover, upgrading could be a good idea as well.

Because it’s so often overlooked, reviewing the benefits a hot tub cover provides is a good idea. There are plenty of things you may be surprised to learn. For starters, we’ll touch on the more obvious things it does for you. Your spa cover is vital for keeping your hot tub at the right temperature. Without an insulating cover on top of it, your hot tub will have to work ten times as hard to keep the water warm. It’s possible, but it will be wildly inefficient and depending on the time of year your hot tub may not be able to maintain the right level of temperature.

A good, heavily insulated hot tub cover actually reduces the overall costs of running your hot tub because of that very reason. When the heaters are running in your spa, you’re using up much more energy than you normally would. That means that you have to pay more to keep your hot tub hot. There’s another area that you’ll save money in, too, and that’s in the chemicals and water. Water evaporates, and even when the sun isn’t hitting it your hot tub will evaporate water and chemicals when it’s uncovered due to the heat of the water. Step back from an uncovered spa for a second and look at it. See that steam rising off it? That’s all water and chemicals that you’re losing. When you leave your hot tub uncovered, you’re losing water and chemicals.

That means you’ll have to continually add more water and more chemicals than normal to your hot tub when it’s uncovered. Keeping a cover over it reduces evaporation and keeps your hot tub working efficiently. In fact, overall maintenance costs are lowered over the years thanks to a cover. When a hot tub heater is working overtime it’s more likely to break down. By reducing its workload with a cover, you’ll improve its longevity and eliminate the need for maintenance.

Your filter benefits as well when you have a hot tub. Spa covers reduce dirt, debris, and other items from falling into the water. This means your filter needs to be changed less frequently and you don’t have to spend as much time cleaning your hot tub water. In short, you’ll save a huge amount of time, money, and energy by using a hot tub cover on your spa.

There’s also one more reason that a hot tub cover makes sense, and that’s pure and simple safety. If you have pets or kids, a hot tub cover can quite literally save lives. Today’s best spa covers are strong enough to walk on even while they’re installed on the spa, and they prevent accidents from happening thanks to this fact and the fact that they use clasps on the sides of the hot tub for locking the cover in place. It’s easy for an adult to remove the clasps, but very hard for children and impossible for pets. Make putting on and taking off a lot easier with a Low-Mount Cover Lift for Spa Covers.

If you want to make sure your hot tub is functioning at its best, adding a hot tub cover to it is one thing you simply can’t afford to ignore. It’s an affordable option that will save you money over the lifespan of your hot tub and help keep it in top shape year round.

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