Is It Time to Upgrade Your Spa Cover? – Things to Consider

Walk On Spa Cover

A hot tub, when treated properly, can give you years of relaxation, therapy, comfort, and fun. For many, their hot tub is the key feature of their home and one of the most widely used things they own. If you’re a spa owner, you already know the benefits of regular maintenance. Adding chemicals, checking and changing filters, balancing pH levels, and cleaning the hot tub are all important steps in maintaining a hot tub. But the spa cover is an often overlooked component of a hot tub, and knowing when it’s time to replace or maybe even upgrade a hot tub cover is important. It’s not always easy to know when your cover is fading away, but a few things can help suggest that it’s the case.

Probably the easiest way to figure out if your spa cover is due for a replacement is just to look at it. Damage and deterioration are easy to spot, and if you see any issues like tears, rot, or anything else then it’s time to shop for a new one. Damaged clasps may not be a major problem for you, but they could be a serious issue as well if you have children. Basically, use some common sense. If your hot tub cover looks like it’s barely survived a hurricane or like it’s been ran over by a train, odds are you need to get a new one.

But beyond the look of your cover, how can you figure out if you need a new one? Whether it’s a relatively new hot tub cover or one you’ve had for years, there are a few signs that an upgrade may be in order. Today’s hot tub covers provide a lot of benefits over older ones, so it’s a good idea to have a look at what may suggest an upgrade is something you should consider.

For starters, think about your water temperature. Is it harder to keep your water hot than it should be? Obviously this isn’t something you can usually tell just by looking at the water, but think about the amount of time your spa is in its ‘heating’ cycle. Usually the jets run at a different level when heating. If it seems like your spa is constantly in that heating cycle, your hot tub cover may be releasing too much heat. Your energy bill may increase as well due to the constant heating cycle. Either of these issues is indicative of a poorly insulated spa cover. Older covers are especially problematic in this case, and today’s covers are generally rated at an R-Value of around R-15. That means they’ll hold in the heat.

Another thing to think about is the evaporation level of your water. Again, this is hard to tell without really thinking about it but if you’ve owned your hot tub for a couple of years then you probably know about how long it will take before you have to add water to the spa. If it seems like your spa’s water levels are diminishing quickly, there’s a chance that your cover isn’t providing the protection it should be and that heat is escaping somewhere.

Both of these issues are somewhat archaic, but they do highlight the importance of a quality spa cover. In most cases you’ll know without even having to think about it since a hot tub cover is usually something you’ll be able to recognize as old and worn out. But if your cover is old, thin, or just doesn’t seem to be doing the job it should be doing then you may want to consider an upgrade. It’s fairly easy to find a quality cover at a fair price, and the benefits of a new, dependable, well-insulated cover far outweigh the price point. Take a few minutes to review your cover and think about its overall performance, and the odds are you’ll know whether or not it’s time for a new one.

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