Keep Fishing Trips Filled with Good Surprises

Do you like surprises?  Fishing has a fun element of surprise in that you never know what’s going to tug on your line.  But, what about surprises that ruin your fishing trip?  When you’re fishing in an inflatable pontoon boat or an inflatable fishing float tube, any number of unwelcome surprises can arise to end your day earlier than expected.  Some surprises, though, can be remedied or prevented with just a bit of preparation prior to your outing. 

Before you head out on your next fishing adventure with your inflatable watercraft, make sure you are prepared with the following necessities:

  • Air Pump — A hand-held air pump specifically designed for inflatable watercraft comes in handy for keeping your fishing vessel in the best shape during your fishing expedition.  Most inflatable watercraft air pumps are lightweight and easy to store in your vehicle, so you always have it when it’s needed.
  • Boat Repair Kit — When it’s least expected is exactly when you will need a repair kit.  No matter how ruggedly constructed your inflatable watercraft might be, it isn’t impervious to wear and tear over time.  Repair kits come in a handy pouch, so you can keep one with you when you’re out on the water.
  • Fins — It may sound obvious that fins should not be forgotten, but how many times have you accidentally left your fins behind when you’ve set out to your favorite fishing spot?  You’re not the only one.  It’s a little tough to effectively maneuver an inflatable fishing float tube without fins on your feet, so keeping them in your vehicle at all times is a good way to never forget them. 

Preparing yourself with these few essentials before you embark on each fishing excursion will ensure that the kinds of surprises you encounter will be the fun kind, rather than the ones that send you home disappointed.

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