Motorcycle Covers – An Overview

Motorcycle Cover


Why are buying quality motorcycle covers or scooter covers so important?


When it comes to travel, expenses are adding up quickly. But plenty of people are turning to scooters and motorcycles to reduce their overall travel bills. With great fuel mileage and lower overall maintenance bills, these are some of the cheapest rides your money can buy. Not only that, but they’re a lot of fun to ride. But most people agree that riding a motorcycle is an experience unlike anything else. But just because they’ll reduce your overall costs, that doesn’t mean that you should just purchase a bike. You must not neglect its overall care. In fact, most people take more pride in their motorcycle than they ever would in a car or truck.

Benefits of  Motorcycle or Scooter Covers.

Basically, motorcycle covers provide a level of protection that you wouldn’t get otherwise. Sure, parking your bike under a carport or in a garage is a good idea. but you’ll still want to consider using a dust cover at the very least. Dust covers are the bare-bones level of motorcycle and scooter covers. They’re more lightweight than a normal motorcycle cover. They make sure that your bike isn’t caked in a nice layer of dust and grime when you get ready to ride. They’re a great option, but they’re not the best that you can find.

Buying a Motorcycle Cover…

A quality, durable motorcycle cover is a better option when you’re looking for a level of serious protection. These covers are made of heavy duty, fully breathable material. They’ll shield your bike against dirt, debris, rain, snow, bird droppings, animals, and the sun. The sun alone can cause serious damage to a motorcycle’s finish as well as to its leather and any other accessories attached to it. By covering your bike you’ll ensure that you don’t have to worry about what’s happening to your bike when you’re not on it.

To buy a motorcycle cover you’ll just need to match up your bike style with the right type of cover. If you have a cruiser or sport bike, for instance, there’s a specific cover for it. If you’re unsure, you can use easy to read charts and figure out exactly which type of cover you need without too much hassle. It’s easy to do and it only takes a few seconds to match up your cover with your bike. Once you do it, you’ll be able to protect your bike.

Short cuts can lead to less protection than you think.

It’s worth mentioning that plenty of bike owners skimp when it comes to covers. They’ll throw a bed sheet over their bike, put a tarp from the hardware store over it, or use some other cover to avoid paying a few extra bucks for a quality one. While that may work for them, if they actually tried a real cover and saw the difference they would never go for the ‘cheap’ option again. For starters, a bed sheet won’t really block any moisture from getting to the bike. And while tarps may, they don’t offer the level of breathability that a quality motorcycle cover would. This sets up mold, mildew, and rot and allows it to fester beneath the tarp. And since a strong wind can get under a poor fitting tarp and rip it away, they’re not really always effective anyway.

So what is your best option?

A better option is a motorcycle cover or scooter cover. They’ll look better when they’re on your bike, offer a much higher level of protection, and ensure that your bike stays in the best condition possible. You’ve invested a lot of money into your motorcycle. There’s no reason to let it get ruined by the weather or by anything else. Take the time to invest in a quality cover and you’ll be able to give your bike the level of protection that it deserves.

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