Portable Garages: The Inexpensive Storage Solution

Portable Shelter

Extra storage space is not always readily available, but homeowners increasingly need more space as work requirements, hobbies, or home dynamics evolve. Spending the money required to build a new workshop, spare garage, or storage building is not possible for many homeowners. Permanent structures are costly to build and maintain, and they may eventually lose their convenience as time goes on and needs change. An ideal solution for lack of storage is  portable garages.

Temporary structures like portable garages have a number of advantages over permanent structures:

  • Multiple Sizes — Portable garages come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so the homeowner’s individual needs for space can be met easily;
  • Location — Portable garages can be placed anywhere on a property that will work most conveniently for the homeowner;
  • Mobility and Versatility — Portable garages can be moved, taken down, or replaced at any time if … Continue reading

Fore! Handy Golf Accessories That Offer Protection

As any avid golfer will tell you, there’s nothing quite like being out on the course, and the best of them will be out there in all but the most treacherous of weather conditions.  Golfers and expensive gear can get cold, wet, and dirty pretty easily on not-so-sunny days, so adequate protection is paramount to keeping equipment (and golfers) in top shape.

Golf Cart Enclosures attach easily to carts and come in a number of configurations to meet each golfer’s individual preferences for protection.  Cart enclosures not only protect the interior of golf carts, but passengers, too, who can get splattered or splashed on the journey to the next hole.

Club Car® Precedent<br> Enclosure  Deluxe 3-Sided Golf Enclosures

Golf Cart Storage Covers are specifically designed to cover and protect golf carts when not in use.  They withstand exposure to harsh weather conditions and keep golf cart interiors and exteriors free from dirt, debris,… Continue reading

Simple Steps for Sandbox Safety

Sandbox Covers

Kids don’t need complicated, technologically advanced toys in order to tap into the powers of their creativity and imagination. All that’s needed to get kids’ creative juices flowing are open-ended basics that can be found easily and inexpensively. One popular example of this kind of toy is a sandbox. A big box or pit of sand and a few simple tools can keep kids occupied for hours.

Making sure that the sandbox stays in good shape, though, is essential to ensuring that it remains a safe and healthy place to play. Unfortunately, the backyard sandbox is often overlooked when it comes to play area maintenance. Here are four quick and easy tips for maintaining your backyard sandbox:

1. Replace the sand.

Over time, the sand in outdoor sand pits or sandboxes gets dirty and needs to be replaced. Generally speaking, replacing sand every year or two should be adequate,… Continue reading

Keep Your Pool Warmer This Summer the Natural Way

Solar Pool Cover

Have you ever wanted to save energy and money by turning off your swimming pool heater, but haven’t done so because of the inevitably colder water temperatures you’d experience?  It is possible, though, to reduce your pool heater usage this summer and still swim in comfortably warm water.  The easy money-saving and energy-saving solution is the solar pool cover.

Solar covers, also known as solar blankets, significantly reduce the amount of energy you use as well as reducing the amount of water that evaporates from your pool. Solar covers raise your pool’s water temperature by an average of ten degrees by absorbing sunlight during the day and keeping that heat in the pool at night.

Additionally, a solar cover will reduce your water and chemical evaporation by up to 70 percent which can save many, many gallons of water each month. If you… Continue reading

How to Extend the Life of Your Recreational Vehicle

Recreational Vehicle Covers

Preventative maintenance is just one of the ways to keep your RV in top shape for the long haul.  The other way is equally effective, but often neglected — RV Covers.  Here’s how to make the right choice…

There’s a proper RV cover to fit just about every kind of RV, from Class A, B, and C to 5th wheel RVs, travel trailers, truck campers, and folding campers. Be sure to select the appropriate cover for your particular RV to ensure the best fit. RV covers can be custom made, too, for those who want an even better fit or special features.

Just any kind of RV covers won’t do, though. RV covers should be constructed of a rugged, but breathable material. You’ll want a material that can endure harsh weather conditions, but at the same time, prevent moisture from becoming trapped and turning… Continue reading

The Right Way to Cover a Car

Car Covers and Vehicle Covers

Using a car cover seems self-explanatory, but there is actually a correct way to do it to avoid accidental surface damage to your vehicle’s exterior.   It’s a natural instinct to cover and uncover a vehicle by sliding the car cover across the vehicle’s surface. Sliding a cover on and off is an efficient way to do it, but it’s also a potential cause for some of the mysterious surface scratches and abrasions that car owners may find on the vehicle.

Dirt or debris on the car’s exterior is usually to blame. Any dirt or debris on the car’s exterior or on the car cover itself can cause surface abrasions as the cover slides across the finish. Instead of sliding car covers on and off, drivers should roll or fold them as they go. Doing so can prevent damage from occurring.

Material Matters with Replacement Playset Canopies

Playset Canopies

Maintaining a backyard wooden playset means many things: tightening bolts, sanding and re-staining the wood after a few years of wear and tear, ensuring that any damaged components are removed and replaced.

One of the most frequently overlooked features of wooden playsets is the canopy that is most often found providing shelter over the clubhouse portion of the equipment. A playset canopy can last many years, but over time and when harsh weather conditions come into play, it can become damaged and require replacement.

When it’s time to replace your children’s playset canopy cover, consider choosing one that is constructed from a higher quality material so you can depend on it to last for many more years ahead.  A standard tarp from the hardware store is not recommended since the flimsy material cannot withstand constant exposure to the sun’s UV rays and harsh weather conditions.

Higher quality canopy… Continue reading

A More Sophisticated Shade Solution

Shade Sails

As you think ahead to spring and summer, you may want to consider an alternative means of providing your family with shade on sunny afternoons.  Patio umbrellas, awnings, and shade canopies are some of the more traditional shading options, but shade sails bring a more sophisticated and custom look to outdoor areas.

Shade sails offer homeowners an updated and versatile means of shading outdoor living spaces. They are readily available in standard shapes and sizes, but custom shade sails can be made to meet custom needs. Rectangles, squares, and triangles in a variety of appealing colors give homeowners the creative freedom to design the look of their outdoor spaces and create as much or as little shade as desired. A unique architectural and artistic effect can be achieved with careful planning and placement of two or more shade sails.

Because of their versatility, shade sails are… Continue reading

Will Your Mower Be Ready for Spring?

Lawn Mower Cover

Yes, it’s the middle of winter, but that first spring mow will be here before you know it.  Is your mower ready for the job?

Most homeowners wait until the last minute to tune up the mower and make sure its components are functioning properly, but that’s usually when problems are found.  Problems mean delays, and the grass can get out of hand quickly.

Here are some tips for getting your mower ready for the first use this spring.  Keep in mind that where you live will determine when you follow these guidelines.  If you live in a warmer climate, you’ll need to prepare your mower sooner; if you’re still planning to be knee-deep in snow for a while, keep this list handy for when you can see the grass again.

  • Clean the engine housing.  This should be an easy job if you already cleaned… Continue reading

A Better Way to Fly Fish

Fly Fishing

For many fly fishermen, standing in a stream or river wearing waders and trying to coax an enormous trout onto the fishing line is the only way to spend a day. Some rivers, though, are not easily accessible to fly fishermen who would normally wade out into the waters to fish. Rivers can be too deep for wading, or too wide. Because of this, the best spots for wading can become overrun with fly fishermen and overused. Another common problem fly fishermen face is the sheer fatigue and discomfort that comes with wearing waders in briskly moving water for an extended period of time. The constant rush of cold water around and between legs that are covered in floppy waterproof pants can be extremely tiring. The solution for all these problems is to get out of the waders and into a boat. On a boat, it’s easier to find quieter… Continue reading

Birds Like Naked Cars — Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Car Covers Prevent Dirty Cars

To the average automobile owner, car covers may seem like an unnecessary luxury used mostly by car collectors or by the enthusiastic young adult who just invested in his first set of wheels. But, practical reasons abound for using car covers, and any automobile owner can benefit from using them on a regular basis.

One of the more obvious reasons for using car covers is to protect a vehicle from environmental damage. Depending on where you live, your car takes a multitude of abuses just by sitting on a driveway, along a street, or in a parking lot. Wind-blown sand, sea salt, tree sap, bird droppings, dirt, dust, falling twigs or other debris, and weather conditions like rain, ice, and snow can take an expensive toll on a car’s exterior.

Additionally, car covers protect your car’s interior from sunlight. Interior temperatures are reduced to a more comfortable… Continue reading

When Spa Covers Require Special Consideration

Spa Covers

Covering your spa or hot tub whenever it is not in use is a significant factor in taking care of it properly.  Special consideration should be taken, though, for homes with children and pets as well as for homes located in snowy climates.

One particular variety of spa cover that is recommended for homes with children and pets is called a walk on spa cover. Standard spa covers, while they look perfectly sturdy, may not be able to support a child if he or she decides to use the top of the hot tub as a play area. Children and pets can be injured or may drown if a spa cover gives way and falls into the water below. Walk on spa covers, on the other hand, can bear the weight of a child as well as the child’s entire family. They come with a locking mechanism, too,… Continue reading

Finding the Purr-fect Fit with Custom Car Covers

Why are custom car covers important? Customizing a vehicle can be as easy as directing a dealer to upgrade the available features during the purchase of that vehicle. Insisting on the most current technological innovations and the newest convenience features are the more common ways that a vehicle can be customized by the buyer. Customization can mean much more, though. With the right tools and a little know-how, vehicle owners can do the job themselves. Lift kits, special tires, performance parts, enhanced sound systems, and body alterations that give the vehicle a unique look are among some of the customizations that handy vehicle owners can accomplish themselves.

Regular hand washing and waxing will keep the exterior sparkling, but nothing protects more effectively than a proper vehicle cover. A custom vehicle requires a custom cover. Standard car covers, truck covers, motorcycle covers, and ATV covers are fine for standard vehicles.… Continue reading

Prepare Now for Winter Power Outage

With bitter cold temperatures dominating much of the country’s weather reports, the last thing you want is to be unprepared should your power get knocked out by snowy, icy, or windy weather conditions.  Here are some tips for preparing for a winter emergency:

  • Keep plenty of clean, warm blankets on hand for each member of the family, including pets.
  • Stock up on firewood in case the fireplace becomes your only source of heat during a power outage.
  • Pack a box or bin with bottles of water and pre-packaged food that requires no heating or refrigeration.
  • Make sure your generator is filled with fuel, and have extra on hand.  Also, protect your generator with a generator cover when it’s not in use so you can rely on it to work properly when you need it most.

If you do experience a power outage this winter, hopefully it will… Continue reading

Catch the Big One in 2018

He needs a fishing float tube or a pontoon boat!

Does improving your fishing experience in the coming year mean upgrading your equipment?  Not necessarily.  Finding a new spot to fish could be the answer.  How about finding a more remote spot to fish?

The fish are out there — you can feel it — but getting to those more remote areas is tough when you can only go so far in your waders, or when your existing fishing boat is too big or too noisy to be of any benefit.  This is when it’s time to consider an inflatable fishing float tube or an inflatable pontoon boat as your means of penetrating those remote areas of the lake or stream where the fish seem to congregate in masses.

The advantages of Inflatable Fishing Floats and Inflatable Pontoon Boats are many.  They’re extremely durable, but light and easy to… Continue reading

Clever Holiday Storage Solutions for Every Decoration

Once the holiday season wanes, the time for packing away lights and decorations comes quickly.  While taking all the seasonal decorations out at the beginning of the holidays is always a fun time full of reminiscing, putting everything back again into storage boxes at the end of the holiday season is often a dreaded chore.

The key to making the decoration storage task less of a hassle, no matter which side of the holiday season you’re on, is using the right kind of storage bins.  Cardboard boxes attract pests and can get easily lost among all of the other storage boxes in your attic or crawl space.  Plastic bags don’t offer the kind of protection needed to keep decorations safe year after year.  The best solution is the collection of storage bins and duffels made by Seasons.

The Seasons Decorations Storage Bins and Duffels… Continue reading

Snowmobiles and Snow Add Up to Adventure — Unless…

Protect with Snowmobile Covers

…that is, unless your snowmobile isn’t working properly because it’s covered in dirt and gunk.  Whether you’re transporting your snowmobile to the next adventure, or just storing it away until the snow falls again, keep in mind the importance of protecting it with a Snowmobile Cover.  Maintaining a snowmobile properly means ensuring that all of its components stay in good working order, free from dirt, dust, and environmental exposure.  An unprotected snowmobile suffers damage from wear and tear more quickly than one that is covered when not in use.

Keep your snowmobile ready for that next big snow fall and your next outdoor adventure!

Snowmobile Covers

Escaping Winter? Don’t Forget to Cover Up – RV Covers

Planning to escape winter this year?  Those of you lucky enough to own a recreational vehicle know that liberating feeling associated with being able to simply pack up and go whenever the mood strikes.  For many, that mood strikes once the white flakes start falling from the sky.

How RV enthusiasts choose to spend their time away from home can vary greatly.  What’s your preference?  Do you like to drive to parts unknown, exploring new and warmer climates until it’s time to head back north?  Or, do you prefer to find a lovely spot to park your home-on-wheels for the duration of the season?  No matter.  Anyway you do it is the right way.

Whether you’re parked for the night or parked for the season, keep in mind the importance of protecting your home-away-from-home with a rugged RV cover.  RV covers… Continue reading

How to Make Snow Throwing Your Favorite Winter Activity

Using the Snow Thrower

Have you had much snow yet?  Here in Chicago, the weather has been unseasonably mild, but I can feel it coming.  Snow, and lots of it, will be here sooner than we all probably expect, no matter where we live.  That’s why I feel compelled to share with you my absolute favorite snowy wintertime activity.  Using the snow thrower. 

No, I’m not crazy.  In fact, using the snow thrower was on the top of my “I’d rather do anything else in the world” list until I found a handy helper that makes the job kind of fun.  I used to avoid my turn with the snow thrower because my face, hands, torso, and everything else would suffer from icy winds and flying, freezing snow.  The entire experience was more than a little unpleasant and left me in a terrible… Continue reading

Safety Cover Repair Program Makes Peace of Mind Easy

Weather can take a tremendous toll on our outdoor furnishings, which is why using protective covers for patio furniture, gas grills, and anything else you wish to preserve is so vital.  But, what happens when the cover itself becomes damaged?  I’m referring specifically to the most important cover a homeowner uses if the home includes a swimming pool in the backyard.

Pool safety covers offer homeowners, especially those with children or pets, some peace of mind because the job of a safety cover is to prevent accidental submersions and drownings in the swimming pool.  Many homeowners choose to cover their pools with a safety cover for the winter season rather than a winter pool cover because safety covers offer that additional element of safety.  If a child or animal wanders onto a properly installed safety cover, it will protect that child or… Continue reading

Fore! Four Essential Extras for the Golfing Guru

If you know and love a golfer, then you know how dedicated they can be when it comes to their game.  Some will spend hours upon hours on the course working to improve their skills and lower that score.  Ensuring that your golf guru stays comfortable during those long days on the links means providing him or her with a few essential extras.

1.  Golf car seat blanket — keep the seat warm and dry, or use it to cover up on chilly days when traveling to the next hole.

Golf Car Seat Blanket

2.  Golf Cart Organizer — multiple compartments hold extra balls, tees, and personal items like cell phones, maps, and more.  This handy helper keeps all the important stuff in one convenient spot.

Golf Car Organizer

3.  Golf car enclosures — unless there’s lightning, many golfers brave the elements to finish the… Continue reading

How Do I Protect My Pegasus?

Or for that matter, how does one protect any kind of custom sculpture, whether it is a marble winged horse, an abstract iron structure, or even a custom bird bath?  Outdoor sculptures and structures are intended to be exposed to the elements, but there are times when protection from severe weather and damaging environmental conditions is necessary.

Throwing a tarp over an unusually shaped piece of art will not usually succeed in complete coverage.  Plus, the material from which tarps are constructed does not provide adequate protection for whatever lies underneath.  The answer to the question, “how do I protect my Pegasus” can be answered simply… Call MightyCovers.

The skilled and experienced hands at MightyCovers.com can make any kind of protective cover for any thing that requires coverage.  It’s simple, really.  Just provide digital photos and dimensions to the… Continue reading

A Gift for the Grill Master with Team Spirit

Team Logo Grill Cover

Does your favorite grill master insist on grilling out no matter the season or weather?  Does he or she take a break only to sneak a peek at the game score?  Appeal to your sports-loving grill guru’s two favorite pastimes this season by presenting him or her with a new grill cover adorned with a favorite team logo.

Outdoor Protective Sports Team Grill Covers are made with durable and weather-resistant heavy-duty reinforced vinyl fabric with a flannel backing that protects your grill’s finish from wind, rain, snow, sun, and dirt. These covers include an adjustable drawstring to ensure a snug and secure fit. This exclusive collection of grill covers can withstand even the harsh, cold winter elements, and they resist cracking. That’s a gift to cheer about!

Protect Your Air Conditioner This Winter

Evaporation Cooler Covers
Air conditioning units can be a life saver during the sweltering summer heat. During the harsh months of winter, though, they can take a beating. Make sure that they are working properly when the temps soar by using air conditioner covers. Keep leaves, dirt, debris, and moisture out of your motor. They help block drafts and reduce noise. Many come with vent panels to reduce inside condensation and wind lofting. They offer the perfect protection and insulation for your air conditioning unit. Don’t go another winter without one!

The Ever-Versatile Fishing Float Tube Is Not Just for Fishing

Fishing Float Tube

Despite what the name suggests, fishing float tubes are not just for fishing. In fact, there are so many alternate uses for a fishing float tube that you could spend every summer weekend using it on the water without ever setting up your fishing pole. Here are just a few of the different ways they can be used:

Fun and Games

When everyone brings along their fishing float tubes, an endless variety of creative games can happen. Play “bumper floats” or a floating version of Marco Polo. Tie float tubes together in a circle and play a game of toss or hot potato. Race float tubes using only the power of swim fins. The options are limited only by your imagination.

Sun Worship

A fishing float tube can become a personal island on which you sit back and soak up the warm rays of the sun. A portable music player,… Continue reading

Protect Your Lawn Mower from Winter Weather

Portable Garage

Ready to store your lawn mower for the winter? There are several ways to make sure that it is protected to the max! Protective lawn mower covers are a great way to provide heavy-duty protection from sun and UV damage, bad weather, dirt, birds, and tree sap. They are easy to put on and take off and are perfect if you are looking for easy, seasonal protection. If a more long-term storage solution is required or you have simply run out of room in the garage, consider a portable garage. They are constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel frames and long-lasting covers featuring 24 mil thick rip-stop fabric. They stand up great to wind, rain, sun, and all other elements. They are a perfect way to create more storage space around your home, for your lawn mower or any other tools that need a safe, dry home when not in use.

Lawnmower Cover

Spa Covers for Ultimate Safety

Spa Cover

Hot tub and spa covers are not all created equal.  One particular variety of spa cover that is recommended for homes with children and pets is called a walk on spa cover.  Standard spa covers, while they look perfectly sturdy, may not be able to support a child if he or she decides to use the top of the hot tub as a play area.  Children and pets can be injured or may drown if a spa cover gives way and falls into the water below.  Walk on spa covers, on the contrary, can bear the weight of a child as well as the child’s entire family.  They come with a locking mechanism, too, so the cover cannot be lifted or moved from the hot tub.

Even if you don’t have children or pets, walk on spa covers are a useful option if you… Continue reading

Protection For All of Your Favorites This Winter!

Car Cover
Making sure that all of your prized possessions are protected this winter is easy with protective covers. Covers are available for all of your assets that are stored outdoors and will protect them from snow, ice, and other environmental factors. Car covers offer outstanding protection to your automobile. They reduce damage to your paint job and maintain a clean, dry surface. Boat covers offer the same protection for your boat during the off-season and ensure great conditions in the spring and summer. Motorcycle covers, RV covers, and even lawn mower covers are also available to shield your favorite outdoor items from the damage of mother nature. If you can’t find the cover that you are looking for, you can check out custom covers which can be made to fit any size and dimension.

‘Tis the Season for Your Snow Thrower

Snow Thrower Cover

Do you get the feeling that your snow thrower is going to come in handy this winter?  I know I do. Those of us who have already had to clear snow this season know that there are many long, cold, and frosty months ahead of us.

One of the worst things we can do when we rely so heavily on equipment, like snow throwers, to help us maintain our home and property is to neglect that equipment.  In order to take proper care of the snow thrower, it’s important to follow the instructions for regular maintenance that can be found in the owner’s manual.

It’s also a good idea to take that extra step of covering the snow thrower with a protective snow thrower cover when it’s not in use.  When we take proper care of our equipment, we can be sure… Continue reading

Soak Up Some Extra Time, Effort, and Money with Spa Covers

Enjoying a relaxing evening in a hot tub or spa after a tiring day is one of life’s ultimate luxuries. What happens to your spa, though, when you are finished with your toasty soak? Do you keep your hot tub covered? If not, here’s why you should:

  • Spa covers and hot tub covers significantly reduce evaporation, saving you money on water and chemicals. Maintaining the proper balance of chemicals in your hot tub is less time consuming when a spa cover is used regularly.
  • Spa Covers also insulate the water and keep heat from escaping. Keeping the hot tub’s water warm when not in use makes heating the water faster the next time you want to take a soak. Not only do you save energy, but your hot tub heater lasts longer because you use it less often and for a shorter length of time.
  • Covers keep excess dirt… Continue reading

Prevent Windshield Scraping This Winter

Auto Windshield Cover

As much as we may not wish to think about it, snow is coming.  Maybe not tomorrow; maybe not next week.  But, it’s coming, and the worst thing to do is to watch it arrive unprepared.

If you park your vehicle at any time of day or night in an uncovered parking area — the driveway, a parking lot, the side of a road — you know the hassle that can arise from having to scrape, scrape, scrape the ice and snow off of your windshield before you are able to safely drive.  Scraping is a time consuming, cold, wet, and miserable task, but it doesn’t have to be.

One smart and affordable solution is an Auto Windshield Cover that lies on top of your windshield blocking the formation of ice and keeping snow off of the glass.  Be sure to… Continue reading

What Is a Winter Pool Cover?

Winter pool covers are used mainly to protect a swimming pool from winter weather and to keep limbs, leaves, dirt, and other debris from falling into the pool. For an in ground pool, a winter cover is held in place with water bags placed around the edge inside sleeves which are attached to the cover. An above ground pool uses the same type of winter cover, but it is held in place by a combination winch and cable assembly that runs through grommets in the cover. Inflatable air pillows rest on the water under the winter cover to make stick and leaf removal easier, and they also help water to run off the cover. Additionally, a winter cover blocks sunlight to inhibit algae growth.

A winter cover is an important part of winterizing your pool, and it makes opening your pool in the spring much easier and less expensive.

In Ground Winter Pool Covers    Above Ground Winter Pool Covers

Car Covers Are Only One Step in Preventing Scratches


Car Covers and Truck Covers


Three Common Problems and Three Easy Solutions

Many vehicle owners who use car covers often find themselves in a curious and frustrating situation — no matter how well they care for their car, they still find scratches and abrasions that mar the otherwise flawless finish. Chances are, too, that these minor damages appear in unusual places on the car that cannot be attributed to parking lot incidents or driving mishaps. Surprisingly, many abrasions and scratches are unwittingly the fault of the car owner. By understanding some of the more common reasons for these surface damages, though, a car owner can easily prevent many of them from occurring in the first place.

Covering a Dirty Vehicle

Even if drivers use car covers to protect their vehicles, regular washing is still required to keep the surface of the car clean. Dirt, leaves, or other debris that may be present on… Continue reading

Which Type of Swimming Pool Cover Is Right For You?

Pool Safety Cover

Swimming pool covers are a necessary accessory for pools because they provide primarily two essential functions. First, they can reduce your pool’s maintenance cost, and second, a safety cover, in particular, can prevent pool related accidents. The four main types of pool covers are Solar Covers, Winter Covers, Leaf Nets, and Safety Covers. Understanding the basic purpose of each type should help you decide which is best for your backyard pool.

Solar covers, also known as solar blankets, significantly reduce the amount of energy you use as well as reducing the amount of water that evaporates from your pool. Solar covers raise your pool’s water temperature by an average of ten degrees by absorbing sunlight during the day and keeping that heat in the pool at night. Additionally, a solar cover will reduce your water and chemical evaporation by up to 70 percent which can save many, many gallons… Continue reading

Where Is Your RV on the Other 339 Days?

Do you ever wonder what happens to RVs when they are not out on the road? A 2005 University of Michigan study commissioned by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) discovered that RV owners are on the road an average of only 26 days each year. This leaves approximately 339 days when the RV is not in use. Where does the RV “live” when its owners are not taking a vacation?

While an enclosed garage or storage area is the best place to store an RV for extended periods of time, most owners don’t have access to such a facility. More often than not, an RV stands idle on a homeowner’s property or at an outdoor RV storage facility. Harsh weather, moisture, sun, insects, birds, dirt, and other debris can take a heavy and expensive toll on an RV, so the best way to protect an RV is with… Continue reading

The Safest Spa Cover

Spa Cover

Most hot tub and spa owners know the importance of using a proper hot tub cover when the spa is not being used — a cover saves water, chemicals, energy, and money.  But, for families who also have children and pets, a standard hot tub cover may not provide the level of safety upon which parents can rely.

One particular type of spa cover that is recommended for homes with children and pets is called a walk on spa cover. Standard spa covers, while they look perfectly sturdy, may not be able to support a child if he or she decides to use the top of the hot tub as a play area. Children and pets can be injured or may drown if a spa cover gives way and falls into the water below. Walk on spa covers, on the other hand, can bear the weight of a… Continue reading

See All That Mighty Covers Has to Offer!

Mighty Covers Logo
We give you a lot of information about the covers that we offer for your automobile, watercrafts, campers, and motorcycles. What you might not know is that Mighty Covers also offers some very cool accessories to improve or aid our covers and make your life a little easier. Below is a list of some of the “other” supplies we offer. Even if you’re not in the market for a “cover”, Mighty Covers might STILL have you covered. Check it out!

Do You Plan to Protect Your Patio Furniture?



Outdoor Custom Patio Furniture Covers


Before winter comes, and before ice and snow threaten to cause damage to your backyard patio furniture, think about what you plan to do with that furniture.  Essentially, you could take one of three approaches to protecting your patio furniture from the harsh weather that is around the corner.  You could do nothing; you could put your furniture in storage; or, you could cover it with patio furniture covers.

Doing Nothing

Some homeowners may choose to do very little, if anything, to protect their outdoor furniture. Protecting the outdoor furniture is often low on the list of priorities for many busy homeowners. Unfortunately, neglected patio furniture deteriorates at a much more dramatic rate than protected furniture. The lifespan of woods, metals, and resins shortens greatly with constant exposure to the elements. The result is furniture that looks beaten up and weathered, and that… Continue reading

Preparing Your Jet Ski for Winter Storage

Jet Ski Covers
It’s time to put your Jet Ski away for the winter. Storing it properly now will ensure that its condition does not deteriorate over the winter months.

  1. Drain the engine. Be especially sure that it is free of all water from the last ride.
  2. Wash the exterior of the jet ski.  Clean away any dirt, debris, or algae that might have accumulated over the season. You should also dry the exterior thoroughly. For best results, wax the exterior prior to storage.
  3. Make sure that the gas tank is full and add gas stabilizers.
  4. Remove the spark plugs.
  5. Disconnect the battery and store it indoors for the winter month
  6. Use a jet ski cover to keep dust, weather, and animals off your jet ski during the winter months.

Plan Ahead: Budget for Accessories, Too

Grill Covers and Accessories

If you’re anything like me, you budget for a new purchase but forget to budget for all the stuff that goes along with it.  The bills start to rack up when I realize that I need accessories in order to make my original purchase work.  Case in point…my new gas grill.

I recently set aside a certain amount of money for the purpose of buying a new gas grill, on which I’ve been anxious to cook a number of recipes I learned from watching the food channels on television.  When my local hardware center advertised a special on gas grills, I found the one of my dreams.  Lucky me, it cost just under what I had budgeted.

I was feeling pretty proud of myself until I realized that I did not have enough left in the budget after the purchase for vital… Continue reading

Generators Provide Peace of Mind For Homeowners

Generator Covers

During hurricane season, homes along coastal regions are often without power for extended periods of time. High winds, pounding rains, falling trees, and flying debris are several of the many disasters that can knock out power lines during these damaging and deadly storms. Generators are essential in areas that are constantly in a hurricane’s path. They are gas powered engines that can provide electricity to your homes during times of power outages. Air conditioners and heaters, home security alarms, refrigerators and freezers, telephones, and lights can all be run with a gas powered generator. As you can see, these machines are often VERY important to the welfare and sanity of people in a hurricane’s wake. During the months that are not in hurricane season, make sure that you keep your generator dry, protected, and ready to go in the case of an emergency. Be sure to store them in a… Continue reading

The Portable Garage as People Protector

Portable Garage as Portable Shelter

This third and final installment in the series of posts about portable garages focuses on another fun and practical way that a portable garage can be used.  Besides storing vehicles in a portable garage, you can use that space to store other household items, and you can even use it as expanded workspace.  Take everything out of the portable garage, though, and it can be easily used as a shelter for people, too.

Portable garages make an ideal shade structure in any number of situations.  Host an outdoor party and use the portable garage as the party tent.  Set up the outdoor patio table and chairs in the protective area inside a portable garage and never worry about too much sun or rain ruining your meal.  Create a safe and shady play area for children inside the protection of a portable garage.  Provide… Continue reading

Party Shade Sails Offer an Affordable Alternative

Coolaroo Party Shade Sail

If you are interested in the unique look of shade sails but are not quite ready to spend a large amount of money to buy one, party shade sails might be the perfect option. They come in five vibrant colors – red, blue, orange, yellow, and green. Made by Coolaroo, one of the leading manufacturers in shade sails, this lost cost alternative is great for adding shade or festive decoration to your next outdoor event. They are also great in children’s play areas. The material blocks 90% of the sun’s dangerous UV rays while “breathing” to allow air to circulate. This keeps the environment underneath much cooler and reduces temperatures under the sail by up to a third. With its breathable design, Coolaroo fabric will also allow water to filter through. It is easy to clean and resists mildew and mold. At the super affordable price of $24.95, you can… Continue reading

Collegiate Patio Furniture Covers

Ole Miss Cover
Fall is coming, and it will soon be time to cover your patio furniture. A great way to ensure protection AND cheer for your favorite team is to try Collegiate Patio Furniture Covers. They protect against tough weather conditions like ice, snow, and heavy rain and come in round and rectangular shapes with various sizes. You team’s name and logo are prominently displayed for everyone to see. Which team will you choose?

Expand Workspace with a Portable Garage

Extra Workspace in a Portable Garage

Portable garages have so many more uses besides storing vehicles.  Last week, I posted about the benefits of using a portable garage for extra storage space that’s affordable and reliable.  One of my husband’s favorite ways to use a portable garage is as extra workspace.

Additional workspace is often on homeowners’ wish lists. Workshops and art studios can be expanded into a greater area with the addition of a portable garage. Since these structures have a door on both ends, getting large tools, machines, and works of art into and out of the space is easy. Two doors allow the people inside more natural lighting and flexibility of movement, and two doors provide unbeatable ventilation, which is vital when paints or other chemicals are being used. Also, you can take advantage of space heaters in winter so that work can continue year round. Before setting up… Continue reading

Portable Garage: A Most Versatile Structure


Portable Garage Storage Shed

One of the best alternative uses I’ve found for a portable garage is as extra storage space.  Homes without basements or available space inside can benefit from a portable garage. Instead of taking those extra boxes and do dads to a storage facility that charges for its services, you can instead choose to store your stuff in a portable garage. It is conveniently located on your own property, so accessing items in storage requires only a short walk outside rather than a lengthy drive to an external facility. The only feature that portable garages lack is climate control. So, any items that need to be stored in a climate controlled area would be better off inside your home or at a traditional storage facility.

Portable garages also make excellent alternatives to traditional sheds. Lawnmowers, garden supplies, and miscellaneous tools can be stored reliably year… Continue reading

Have You Checked the Sandbox Lately?

Sandbox cover

You probably began the spring and summer right by preparing your kids’ sandbox for another season of play.  Have you taken a look at the sandbox since then?  Checking on the sandbox periodically through the summer is a task that can be easy to forget.  Summer activities keep us busy, and there’s not always a lot of leftover time to accomplish everything we wish we could.

Now that I’ve placed the bug in your ear, take a moment today to check out the sandbox and make sure it’s still safe for the kids:

  1. Inspect the Sand Toys — Look for any broken or otherwise damaged toys and toss them in the recycling bin or garbage can.  This is also a good time to look for any lost kitchen utensils or missing shoes.  I’m often surprised at what treasures I find buried… Continue reading

Choosing a Proper Car Cover Makes Good Sense

Deluxe PolyPro III SUV/Pickup Covers

What is the best kind of car cover to choose? Comparing the available materials is an important first step. If your vehicle is kept outdoors for most or part of a day, look for a cover made with breathable material. Breathable car covers allow condensation to escape from underneath. Over time, moisture that is unable to evaporate from under car covers can cause mildew or corrosion and discoloration. Look also for a car cover that offers excellent protection from weather. The best materials are the newer, high-tech, multi-layered materials that that are lightweight, rugged, breathable, and can handle extremes in temperature and weather conditions. These materials will protect more effectively than cheaper materials like plastic or vinyl.

A car cover that fits properly is another important factor when it comes to choosing the right one for your vehicle. Covers that are too large for the vehicle can fill with… Continue reading

How to Clean and Care for Wood Patio Furniture

Wood Patio Furniture

No matter what kind of wood your patio furniture is made from, it should be cleaned once a year to keep it in top shape.  Here’s a simple recipe:

  • Mix one tablespoon of bleach, five tablespoons of a gentle dishwashing liquid, and a gallon of water, and softly rub the surface of your wood furniture with a soft bristle brush. Wash the solution from the furniture, and allow it to dry completely in the sun.
  • Repainting or restaining wood furniture could be indicated at this time to cover and protect any worn or damaged areas.

Patio Furniture CoversCaring for wood furniture goes beyond giving it an annual scrub down, though.  All woods are susceptible to rot and decay if left in damp, humid, and shady areas for a long time. Wood that becomes saturated with rain water is more likely to warp and rot, so using protective Outdoor… Continue reading

Beautiful Shade Sail Installations to Inspire

Shade sails can be a beautiful addition to any backyard or outdoor area. They are a perfect patio or pergola cover. Shade sails are available in several different kinds of fabric (Commercial 95, Sunbrella, and Coolaroo) and can be stock or custom sizes to fit any space. They also come in an abundance of colors. Try layering or arranging different sizes or shapes of shade sail to create a custom look. Here are some examples of shade sail installations. Call Mighty Covers at 888-246-6909 to find out how to create these custom looks.
Sun Sail Installation

Sun Sail Installation

Sun Sail Installation

Sun Sail Installation

Sun Sail Installation

Cool Relief from Stifling Summer Heat

Boating and Boat Covers

Where do you go for relief on days when the heat, humidity, and intense sun threaten to chase you indoors?  If you own a boat, you most likely head for the water.  Boating offers a refreshing retreat from sweltering summer days.  Your boat can take you over cool waters to shady and private, tree-lined nooks along the banks of a favorite lake or river.  Perhaps you drop anchor, slip the snorkeling mask over your head, and jump in for a little underwater exploration.  Or, do you prefer to crank the motor on high and feel the cooler air wash over your face as you skim the water’s surface? 

Boat CoversDo you use your boat every so often?  Every weekend?  Every day?  Whatever the frequency, you can maintain a cleaner boat that withstands harsh weather conditions better if you consistently use a Boat… Continue reading

The Best Places to Fish Across The US

Fishing expeditions are a great way to spend your summer vacation. Enjoying the tranquil waters while casting your reel is the ultimate in relaxation. Whether you have a ski or bass boat, fish from the bank, or opt for an inflatable pontoon boat to help you get closer to the water, make sure that you add these ultimate fishing destinations to your list!

  • Clear Lake in Lake County, CA – Known for their “monster bass”, many annual fishing tournaments are held at Clear Lake. It is often called the “Bass Capital of the West.” Other abundant fish include rainbow trout, catfish, bluegill, and crappie.
  • Lake Erie, Ohio – With its picturesque setting and year round opportunities, Lake Erie is not just for summer. Walleye, perch and smallmouth bass are plentiful year round and peak in the summer months. For a different experience, try frozen lake fishing in the winter! A… Continue reading

Jet Ski Safely This Summer!

Jet Ski Fun
Jet ski accidents happen too frequently and have been the subject of much media coverage lately. While jet skis are a great way to have fun and enjoy the water this summer, they also should be operated with the utmost care. Be sure to follow these safety precautions and tips to maximize your fun while minimizing your risk.

  • Don’t operate a boat or jet ski after you have been using alcohol or drugs. They impair reaction, timing, and judgement.
  • Make sure that your jet ski is in good working order prior to taking it into the water. Check fuel levels, make sure that there are no cracks or other abrasions in the body of the craft, and make sure that you are experienced in the operation of the vehicle. Take the off-season to study the mechanics of driving and use a jet ski cover to protect from damage.

Safety Tips for Your Next Canoeing Trip

Traveling down river in a kayak or canoe has become a popular summer recreation across many areas of the country. It offers just the right balance of relaxation and exercise, which exposing you to some of the most beautiful scenery that our country has to offer. If you are planning a canoeing expedition this summer, be sure to follow these safety tips from the American Canoe Association (ACA).

  • Always wear a life jacket! You should expect to capsize at some point during your trip and swift river waters and deep oceans and lakes can make that hazardous without a personal flotation device.
  • Planning is important. Make sure that you are prepared and have your trip planned before departing. Know your route, find stopping points for breaks and lunch before hand, and let people know where you will be. Designate one person to notify the proper people if you are not… Continue reading

Avoid Excessively Expensive Lawn Care!

Many cities and communities have ordinances that require residents to keep their lawns managed and presentable. In some places, these laws are strictly enforced. Can you imagine the city charging you if they have to take matter into their own hands and trim your lawn? Can you imagine them charging you $650 for this one time service? This recently happened to a home-owner in Phillipsburg, NJ. After neighbors complained about the unruly lawn, the city presented the home with a notice to get the lawn in order. When they didn’t, the city did. They were charged for the overtime labor of two city workers and well as the charges for use of the town’s trucks. That is one expensive day of landscape maintenance! Don’t let this happen to you. Check with your local government or community program to make sure that you are following lawn maintenance restrictions. Keep your lawnmower… Continue reading

The More Comfortable Alternative to Camping

June is National Camping Month!  While camping sounds like a lot of fun, not everyone likes to pitch a tent and camp while sleeping on the hard, bumpy ground.  Likewise, not everyone prefers “camping” in the posh grandeur of a Class A motorhome, which is more like a hotel room on wheels.  The best way to camp out, in my opinion, is to hitch the pop-up camping trailer to the back of a vehicle and head to a favorite camping site.

Pop-up camping trailers offer the best of both worlds when it comes to camping.  These recreational vehicles have soft sides like a tent, and the screening over the windows allows fresh air to circulate throughout.  Like a tent, pop-up campers are light on the amenities — bathroom features are limited, and fancy additions you might find in a… Continue reading

What You Need to Choose the Perfect Swing Set Tarp

Swing Set Canopy
Looking for a new canopy for your children’s swing set? Choosing the correct swing set canopy can involve more than you realize. Below is a break down of the possible options that you will have. Researching and deciding exactly what you are looking for before purchasing will ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for!

  • Canopy Dimensions – You will need to know what size canopy you need to order. Measure the length and width in inches and have that information handy. You will also need to know the square footage of the tarp that you need. In order to calculate square footage, use the following equation:  multiply length x width in inches, then divide that total by 144. This will help to quote a price for your tarp and provide the manufacturer with exact specifications.

Canopy Measuring Example

Dads Go to Extraordinary Measures to Save a Buck

Saving Money Using Extraordinary Measures

Who can deny that one of Dad’s favorite activities is saving money?  Your dad, my dad, the kids’ dad… it doesn’t matter — most of these guys really get jazzed about saving a buck or two.  Any dad will tell you, too, that the surest way to save money is to take care of the stuff you already have.  That way, you don’t have to shell out any dough to replace any stuff until it absolutely falls apart.

Lawn Tractor CoverEnter my husband, who happens to be a dad, too.  He’ll do anything to avoid replacing what he feels is still functional.  His work boots are falling apart, but to him, “they have character.”  His weed whacker is held together with duct tape and spit, and he argues for its extended life by telling me — “hey,… Continue reading

Keep Cool While Golfing!

Golf Cart Seat Cover

The FedEx St. Jude Classic is currently underway at TPC Southwind. Golfers of all levels have descended upon Memphis in the form of pro players and weekend warrior fans. The greens are looking beautiful, and the weather has been perfect, although very hot. If you are not able to make it to Memphis this weekend to witness golfing at its finest, you can hit your local fairway for some golfing of your own. Make sure that you are protected from extreme heat and make your game more comfortable with golf cart enclosures. They will shield you from the sun while you are traveling from hole to hole. Don’t want to cover your whole cart? Try a Golf Cart Seat Blankets to avoid the dreaded hot seats that the sun can create on traditional leather or vinyl seats. Additionally, whether you are watching or playing, make sure to drink plenty… Continue reading

Toy Haulers and Critters Make an Unhappy Combination

Toy Hauler Screen

Recreational vehicle lovers know that the best way to take their favorite toys — such as ATVs, snowmobiles, or jet skis — out on the open road is to bring them along in a Toy Hauler.  A toy hauler can be a 5th-wheel RV, a motorhome, or a travel trailer, but what they all have in common is the addition of a “garage” in the back.  Toy haulers are usually divided into two parts — the living area is in the front, and the storage area for toys is in the back and is easily accessible thanks to a back door that doubles as a ramp.

When it’s time to take the toys out of the RV for use, or when working in the toy hauler’s garage, the RV’s back door sits wide open.  Bugs… Continue reading

Keep Your Spa Safe This Summer

Walk On Spa Cover
With high temperatures plaguing the country, you might not be using your hot tub or spa regularly during the late spring and summer months. Many people choose to leave their hot tubs filled for occasional use. Did you know that hot tubs, even when covered, represent a drowning risk to young children? Traditional spa cover are not made to support weight and can allow children to fall through. If you have a hot tub at home, you should consider covering it with a walk-on spa cover. Double strength FRP (or Fiber Reinforced Plastic) make these covers incredibly strong. They can support the weight of up to six adults, giving you peace of mind that it will protect your children. Available in twelve different colors, they can also be a stylish addition to your spa. Your walk on cover will be made specifically for your hot tub or spa so… Continue reading

Fuel-Free Summer Boating Ideas

Fuel-Free Boating

Unless you drive an electric vehicle or live on the banks of a river or lake, you’ll have to use a little fuel to get to your destination.  It’s not perfectly fuel-free, I’m sorry to say, but once you get to the water, you can leave the world of high-priced fuel behind and simply enjoy the quiet splendor of nature. 

Whether your preference is to catch fish, snap photos, or just enjoy a relaxing outing on the water, you can find plenty of fuel-free fun in one of the following human-powered boats:

  • Jon Boats are ideal if fishing is your preference.  This basic, no frills boat allows you to safely keep yourself and your gear dry while you lure fish after fish toward your line.  Be sure to leave the outboard motor at home and opt for the oars.  This… Continue reading

Party Shade Sails Create Instant Shade When You Need It

Party Shade Sails and Sun Shades

Sometimes, all that’s needed is temporary shade.  Whether you’re at the park or in the backyard, shade is not always where you need it most.  Making your own shade is simply a matter of hanging up a Party Shade Sail.

Party shade sails are triangular in shape and constructed from Coolaroo’s well-known UV resistant fabric.  Party sails are generous in size, measuring close to ten feet long on each side.  Additionally, they block up to 90 percent of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, so you and your family stay protected.  Party shade sails are intended for temporary use, though, so they are much less expensive than permanent shade sails, and they require only three nearby fixing points for installation.  Tie each corner of a party shade sail to trees or… Continue reading

Installing Shade Cloth: A Complete How-To

Shade Cloth on Pergola
Shade cloth is a great medium to provide sun protection and shade to your porch, pergola, or patio. It is very versatile and can be used for countless purposes so get creative and let your imagination be your guide. For installation, let Mighty Covers be your guide!

What you will need to apply shade cloth to your pergola or patio:

  1. Rolled shade cloth – enough to cover your area, plus 25% more.
  2. Box cutters or other sharp cutting instruments
  3. Attachment hardware – screws, nails, or 1″ staples.
  4. Tape Measure
  5. Safety Goggles
  6. Hammer
  • Roll out your shade cloth across the structure you are planning to cover and pull it loosely into position.   Leave at least 8-12 inches of overhang on all sides.
  • Attach shade cloth to one of the longest sides first. Start at one end and pull with medium pressure (enough to get the wrinkles out and just… Continue reading

Solar Pool Covers – A Cheap and Green Way to Heat a Swimming Pool

Swimming in a Cold Pool

Taking a dip in a frigid swimming pool is not most people’s idea of relaxing, unless you happen to be a polar bear.  Running the pool heater non-stop is not the most cost-effective or environmentally friendly idea, though, for warming up the water.  Many pool owners find that Solar Pool Covers offer the best of both worlds.

Solar Cover or Solar BlanketA solar pool cover, sometimes referred to as a solar blanket, looks like an enormous sheet of bubble wrap.  It lies on the surface of the pool water and absorbs heat from the sun.  The solar cover transfers that heat to the pool water, increasing its temperature by as much as 10-15 degrees.  When in place during day or night, the solar cover keeps heat from escaping the pool and significantly decreases water evaporation.  This results in water that stays warmer and chemically… Continue reading

Remember Your Service Men and Women This Month

Even though we should take time everyday to thank our military for their dedicated service, there are several upcoming holidays dedicated to our armed forces. Memorial Day is May 30th, 2011 (annually, the last Monday of May). Memorial Day commemorates U.S. soldiers who died while in the military service. You can observe this day by visiting cemeteries or memorials to remember our fallen soldiers. May 21st is Armed Forces Day. This is a day to salute all service men and women, especially those in active duty now. Take some time this day to thank our military. Treat the special military person in your life to a special gift to express your gratitude for their dedication. Whether military related (such as flag and medal cases or branch-specific merchandise) or general, useful gifts (gift cards to their favorite store, team specific grill covers for their favorite pro team, or jewelry for women),… Continue reading

Unexpected Shade Solution Keeps Kids Outside on Summer Days

Summer Kids

The best place for kids in the summer time is outside.  Fresh air and sunshine keep kids healthy and active.  Finding shelter, though, is sometimes necessary, especially when summer sun is at its harshest and summer rains threaten to send kids indoors to waste time with the television or video games.   Providing a safe and convenient source of shade and protection is the most sensible solution.

Portable Garage ShelterOne of the most unexpected sources for outdoor summer shade is a portable garage.  Portable garages are useful for more than just storing vehicles — they serve as sturdy UV and water-resistant shelters for people, too.  Kids can use a portable garage as a play house or as a covered play area for their sandbox or swimming pool.  Portable garages also make convenient shelters for gatherings of family and friends,… Continue reading

Sleek Comfort for Your Lawnmower Seat

Spring is here and plants are thriving. Unfortunately, this includes your grass! Your lawnmower is probably getting plenty of action right now. Improve the look and comfort of your riding mower seat with a deluxe tractor seat covers. Seat covers offer year round protection against sun and UV damage, bad weather, dirt, birds, and tree sap. If your seat is faded, ripped, or cracking, seat covers will make them appear new again. If you seat is new, keep it protected to prevent wear and tear. Out seat covers are also cushioned, adding extra comfort to your ride. Available in different sizes, you will find exactly what you are looking for for your riding lawn mower or tractor.
Deluxe Tractor Seat Cover

Motorcycles Need Protection from Outdoor Elements

Motorcycle Cover

Whether you ride your motorcycle for leisure or whether it’s your main mode of transport, you’re probably out and about more often now that winter is officially over.  Spring flowers, warm air, and bright sunshine make riding around a true pleasure. 

Using your motorcycle more, though, means that it gets dirty faster.  When you’re not out on the road, the best defense against dirt is to use proper protection.  Motorcycle Covers do the best job of protecting motorcycles from dirt, dust, rain, pollen, birds, and other kinds of environmental exposure when you’re parked in a parking lot, on the street, or in the driveway. 

Motorcycle covers are easy to put on and can be stashed away quickly, so there’s no hassle involved.  They go a long way in keeping your bike clean while extending the life of its components.

  Deluxe Protective Covers for Motorcycles

Checklist for Boating Necessities

Memorial Day weekend is traditionally considered the opening of the boating season, with many areas of the country starting as early as May 1st. Are you ready for boating season to kick off? Below is a handy check list of what you will need to start boating season. Get ready now and you can hit the water at the first sign of summer!

  • Clean your boat, including waxing, windows, and all surfaces.
  • Make sure your registration is up to date and on board. Make sure that your numbering is visible and legible.
  • Check battery, motor, and all electrical systems for problems prior to getting on the water.
  • Make sure that you have a sound signaling device, heaving line, waterproof flashlight, and other emergency devices. You can purchase a marine safety kit to stow on board for convenience.
  • Make sure that distress signals, life vests, fire extinguishers, compass, and first aid… Continue reading

Considering RV Travel? Think Small!

Recreational Vehicles

Toying with the idea of RV travel?  When it comes to recreational vehicles, the best approach may be to start small.  Class A monster-size motorhomes are certainly tempting, offering enough amenities and space to serve as a second home.  But, when first venturing into the vast and varied world of RVs, starting small is a safe and affordable way to get a taste of RV living.

Among the variety of towable recreational vehicles, the teardrop trailer is the smallest and, arguably, the cutest.  Dating all the way back to the 1930s, the teardrop trailer has a charming retro look and plenty of cozy comfort for two travelers.  Teardrop trailers are ideal for weekend get-aways.

If towing an RV doesn’t sound inviting, then try a class B motorhome instead.  Class B RVs are the smallest motorhomes available.  Essentially, class… Continue reading

A Sexy and Energy-Saving Home Improvement Project – Shade Sails

Shade Sails

While new windows, tankless water heaters, and energy-efficient appliances can be exciting improvements for any homeowner, they aren’t what many would describe as “sexy.”  One home improvement project that offers “sexy” visual appeal as well as the benefits of  energy efficiency is shade sails.

Shade sails are a stylish solution for outdoor shade where traditional awnings and umbrellas won’t work or simply won’t do.  They provide artistic and architectural flair while blocking up to 98% of the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays and allow homeowners to create cool and comfortable outdoor living areas, and they prevent the sun from penetrating nearby windows and heating up the home’s interior.  Cooler inside temperatures mean less time running the air conditioning on warm summer days.

Shade Sails are made with durable and breathable Sunbrella fabric that helps to keep… Continue reading

Fishing Float Tubes Aren’t Just for Fishing

Fishing Float Tube

When you think of a Fishing Float Tube, what activity comes to mind?  Fishing, of course — but, fishing for what?  With a little creativity, it’s not hard to think of any number of uses for a fishing float tube.  Here are just a few:

  • Go fishing for fish!  Let’s just get the most obvious one out of the way first.
  • Go fishing for fun — A fishing float tube adds a new dimension of fun to outings on the lake or pond.  With two float tubes, you and a friend can race or play a floating version of Marco Polo.
  • Go fishing for the sun — Take along some cold drinks, a good book, and plenty of sunscreen when you use your fishing float tube as a personal island dedicated to sun worship.
  • Go… Continue reading

Innovative Storage Solutions for ATV Riders

ATV Rack Bags
ATV riding has become an increasingly popular activity for outdoor enthusiasts across the country. Many are starting to hit the rugged landscape in search or camping or hunting spots or just an afternoon of fun. One problem that many ATV riders complain of is not having anywhere to store necessary items for day or overnight excursions. A standard three or four wheeler has little to no area for storage. ATV rack bags offer an affordable, simple, and sleek option to solve this dilemma.  They are made of shock absorbing material and can attach safely and securely to make sure that your cargo will get where you are going. Perfect for tools, clothes, food, and other needed gear. You can even find ATV storage bags in a camouflage print that is perfect for blending in with the forest. Have everything you need safe and protected at your fingertips!

The Color Blue: A Non-Toxic Wasp Deterrent?

Rumor has it that wasps and hornets won’t build a nest under any structure that is blue in color.  The logic goes that the blue color mimics the color of the sky, and the insects will avoid nesting there.  Whether this is true or not, I cannot say — I have not tested this theory personally.  That is, until now.

My child’s wooden swing set in the backyard has been a hot spot for wasp and hornet nest buildinVinyl Canopy Topg for the past two years, and I’ve been reluctant to spray chemical poisons anywhere near his play area.  After much research on non-toxic wasp and hornet prevention, I found a few random references online to the use of the color blue as a deterrent.  This year, along with a few other non-toxic preventative measures, I plan to replace the green vinyl canopy top… Continue reading

How to Select the Best Patio Furniture Covers

Patio Furniture Covers

As the weather turns intensely cold in winter or hot in summer, enjoying time on your outdoor patio furniture can be unbearable. Before retreating inside for the rest of the season, be sure to protect your investment by covering your furniture with outdoor furniture covers, also known as patio furniture covers. Severe weather conditions like wind, rain, sleet, snow, hail, ice, and even blazing summer sun can significantly damage outdoor patio furniture over time. Covering your furniture with outdoor covers can significantly extend the life of your wood, metal, or all-weather wicker patio furniture. Not just any outdoor furniture covers will do, though. Selecting the best covers means considering the material with which the covers are made, the size of your own patio furniture pieces, and any special features you may desire. Here are some ways you can choose the best patio furniture covers.

Choosing Materials

Low-grade… Continue reading

Green RVs Save Resources and Money

Environmentally Friendly RV

There’s no doubt that oversized, gas-guzzling Recreational Vehicles exist.  But the RV industry is working hard to make greener, more environmentally friendly RVs to help conserve resources and to meet the needs of more earth-conscious (and money-conscious) travelers.  For example, lighter and smaller RVs reduce the need to fill up at the gas station as often, while hybrid and electric RVs and motorhomes make gas station visits rare or non-existent.

In addition, environmentally friendly features available in RV interiors add even more value.  Energy Star appliances, LED light fixtures, and eco-friendly textiles are just a few of the green components going into newer Recreational Vehicles.

RV vacations mean freedom for many travelers — freedom to go when and where you want, and to have the comforts of home along every mile.  Taking to the road feels even better when you… Continue reading

Heat Your Pool the Solar Way

Solar Pool Cover
Solar power is fast becoming the method of choice for powering things around the homes of the environmentally conscious. You can use solar power to provide light both inside and outside your home. Did you know that you can also use solar power to heat your swimming pool? Solar pool covers are a great way to warm you pool faster, keep it warm longer, and cut down on evaporation which leads to costly chemical loss. Solar covers float freely on the surface of your pool and do not require weights or tie downs. This makes putting on and taking off the covers a very easy task. Your water temperature can be raised by 10-15 degrees with regular use! All you need is the sun. The sun’s rays capture heat and transmit it into the pool via bubbles on the cover’s surface. It is an inexpensive and effective way to heat… Continue reading

4 Steps to a Safe and Healthy Sandbox

Covered Wooden Sandbox Kit - 5ft Square  5ft.Square Sandbox Kit Cover

Now that spring is officially less than a week away, it’s time to start preparing the backyard play area for another year of serious fun.  One piece of play equipment that parents often overlook, though, is the sandbox.  Whether you already own a sandbox or are planning to buy or construct one in the upcoming season, here are some important tips for maintaining a healthy sandbox for your kids:

  1. Replace old sand with new.  It’s a good idea to remove old sand from your sandbox every couple of years and replace it with new, clean play sand.  Play sand is preferable to ordinary building sand, which can contain clay and other materials that cause staining.
  2. Examine sand toys for dangers.  Digging, raking, scooping, and moving sand takes a toll on sand toys.  Even the best sand toys don’t usually… Continue reading

Hit the Greens with the Ultimate Protection


Time to make the most of this warm weather and get outside on the greens! The perfect time for golf is here. Shine up your clubs, stock your golf bag, and consider updating your golf cart. Golf cart enclosures offer protection on the course. No more worrying about rain or intense sun for you. Stay dry and comfortable, any time of year. Strong, clear windows and heavy-duty vinyl tops and sides make your cover last for years. They even come with a carrying case to store the enclosure away when you don’t need it. You can pick patterns and sizes and choose from several options. You can find the exact level of protection that you need to make this season of golf the best one ever!

Golf Cart CoverCarrying Case

Easy Tips for Maintaining Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought Iron Furniture

Wrought iron patio furniture brings a timeless, romantic quality to patios, decks, and porches.  If cared for properly, it can last an indefinite number of years.  If not properly cared for, though, wrought iron can chip, rust, and lose its original appeal.  While wrought iron furniture doesn’t require a lot of special treatment, it does need to be cleaned and checked periodically to ensure that it stays in the same good condition as it was when you first acquired it.

How to Clean Wrought Iron

  1. Using a clean rag or sponge, wipe down your furniture with a mix of mild dish soap and warm water.  This will ensure a gentle, but thorough, cleaning.
  2. If you encounter more stubborn dirt or minor rust, sand those areas lightly with a medium to fine grit sandpaper.  Wipe clean, and touch… Continue reading

Bid a Proper Farewell to Your Snow Thrower

Snow Thrower Cover

For many homeowners across the country, the time to store away the snow thrower is at hand.  Even if you hope to never see that snow thrower again — at least until next winter — resist the urge to push it to the back of the garage or shed and bid it a hasty farewell. 

To be sure that your snow thrower works just as well for you next winter as it did this winter, take a moment to prepare it for long months of hibernation by covering it with a snow thrower cover.  That one small step prevents months of dust and dirt from settling on your snow thrower and its components.  This, in turn, reduces the amount of time and effort it takes to maintain your snow thrower and ultimately extends its life.

An Exception to the Rule of Getting What You Pay For

Veranda Patio Furniture Covers

“You get what you pay for” is a familiar phrase that usually rings true.  Paying less money for something can often mean that you’re getting a poor quality product that doesn’t last.  In most cases, paying more on the front end for a better quality product actually saves money over time because that product lasts longer and doesn’t need to be replaced as often.  Luckily, there are exceptions to every rule — including the rule that “you get what you pay for.”

When it comes to protecting your outdoor patio furniture from harsh weather and extending its life, patio furniture covers are the key.  Better quality covers do a better job, but, of course, they are often more expensive than the cheaper varieties.  Keep in mind that most patio furniture covers that are cheaper in price are also cheaper in… Continue reading

Being Prepared Means More Than Wearing Clean Undies, Mom!

Be prepared!  Whether we learned this handy motto in the scouts or from our parents, it is relevant for every aspect of our lives no matter how old we are.  At its most basic level, it means that we should be ready in case something unexpected happens.  Being prepared can translate into Mom’s classic advice to always wear clean underwear, but it can also mean packing some extra snacks for a road trip, carrying a first aid kit in case of minor injury, or ensuring that you have some basic safety gear with you when you’re out boating on the water.   Marine Safety Kit

Keeping a marine safety kit close by when you go boating or fishing, even if you plan to be out for only a few hours, is good insurance against the unexpected.  Handy… Continue reading

Storage Solutions For Winter Tools – Spring is on the Way!

Snow Thrower CoverGenerator CoverSnowmobile Cover

Since Punxsutawney Phil failed to see his shadow on Groundhog’s Day 2011, we can only hope that his prediction is right: Spring-like conditions are on the way! Since the majority of the country has had a much harder than normal winter, even the thought of warmer temperatures is promising! With nicer weather comes the question of where to store your winter tools. Protective covers are a great solution. Generator covers offer all-season, heavy-duty protection from many environmental factors, including sun and UV damage, bad weather, dirt, birds, and tree sap. You can keep your generator in great shape and ready for next winter, while keeping it handy just in case of emergencies. Snow thrower covers offer the same protection to a tool that you will hopefully store away all summer long! Snowmobile covers keep your snowmobile clean, dry, and safe while not in use.  Rear air vents reduce inside… Continue reading

Keep Fishing Trips Filled with Good Surprises

Do you like surprises?  Fishing has a fun element of surprise in that you never know what’s going to tug on your line.  But, what about surprises that ruin your fishing trip?  When you’re fishing in an inflatable pontoon boat or an inflatable fishing float tube, any number of unwelcome surprises can arise to end your day earlier than expected.  Some surprises, though, can be remedied or prevented with just a bit of preparation prior to your outing. 

Before you head out on your next fishing adventure with your inflatable watercraft, make sure you are prepared with the following necessities:

  • Air Pump — A hand-held air pump specifically designed for inflatable watercraft comes in handy for keeping your fishing vessel in the best shape during your fishing expedition.  Most inflatable watercraft air pumps are lightweight and easy to… Continue reading

3 Reasons Why Hardcore Anglers Prefer Jon Boats

Fishing doesn’t require anything more than just standing along the banks of a stream with rod, reel, and bait.  Many anglers, though, prefer to get as close to the action as possible, which means getting out on the water in a boat.  A jon boat is the vessel of choice for many fishermen, and here are 3 reasons why:

  • Simplicity — There’s nothing fancy or fussy about a jon boat, and that’s how many hardcore anglers like it.  Jon boats are flat-bottomed aluminum boats that can be as short as 8 feet in length and as long as 20 feet.  They often come with bench seats and are usually powered by a basic outboard motor, although good old-fashioned rowing power is an option.  Sure, you can add custom features to a jon boat, like a… Continue reading

Take Your Spa Cover Off with Ease

Spa Cover Lift

Are you a spa or hot tub owner? Removing and storing your hard cover can be a chore. A low-mount cover lift for spa covers is the perfect solution to save you from a wet mess and a sore back. The lift is rust and corrosion resistant and will last for many years. It fits most square and rectangular hot tubs up to 8′ wide. It will make removing, lifting, and storing your cover nearly effortless, leaving more time for you to simply relax in your spa!

Custom Protection Means Better Performance and a Longer Life

In case you don’t already know, all ATVs are not built the same.  Lift kits, specialty tires, and upgraded exhaust systems are just a few of the custom “tweaks” owners can choose to achieve the ultimate in performance and power.  Customized All-Terrain Vehicles give riders the ability to race faster and look cooler in their own one-of-a-kind vehicle.

With so much time, effort, and expense put into building and maintaining a custom ATV, it makes no sense to leave that custom creation unprotected when it’s not in use.  Standard variety ATV covers can’t do a proper job of protecting a custom vehicle, so having a Custom ATV Cover made is the best option.  A custom ATV cover fits the vehicle perfectly, and it protects the ATV and all of its components from dirt and dust as… Continue reading

Custom Furniture Deserves More Than Standard Protection

Made by you or made for you, custom patio furniture is one-of-a-kind and deserves custom protection so that you can enjoy it for years ahead.  Custom patio furniture covers allow you to adequately protect your uniquely designed outdoor furniture in a way that standard covers simply cannot. 

Standard patio furniture covers are exactly that…standard.  They are constructed to fit the most common shapes and sizes of furniture, but they fall significantly short when it comes to custom furniture.  A proper fit requires a personalized approach.  With custom patio furniture covers, you provide the dimensions and indicate the desired material and features.  The result is a rugged, carefully made cover that protects your one-of-a-kind furniture creation against harsh weather and the premature aging that comes with prolonged exposure to the elements.

Find the Sandbox Cover That’s Right for You!

Custom Sandbox Cover
Keeping the sand in your child’s sandbox clean and free of debris can seem like a year round chore! In addition to keeping out trash (and neighborhood cats), you might also worry about keeping the sand as dry as possible. Choosing the right custom sand box covers can make sandbox maintenance a breeze! A custom cover can be made to fit any sandbox, and there are several materials available. Marine grade vinyl and  poured rubber are two options that offer maximum strength and protection. They are both waterproof and will keep sand fresh and dry.  Commercial 95, which is UV resistant, and vinyl mesh materials are not waterproof, but they are breathable and will keep debris out of your sand. With these materials, there is no chance of rain buildup on the top of the cover. The mesh covers allow you to view into the sandbox while the… Continue reading

Custom Protection Ensures a Future of Family Fun

Boat Covers - StormPro™ Pontoon Boat Covers

Whether you’re fishing casually with the family or out cruising on the water with friends, pontoon boats offer one of the most safe and comfortable boating experiences around.  Many pontoon boats come equipped with comfortable features like couch seating, lounge and swivel seats, and wide, spacious decks.  Thanks to twin hulls and a broad stance, pontoon boats are exceptionally stable.  This, plus the addition of side rails and gates, makes pontoon boats an ideal choice for families with smaller children.

To protect pontoon boats when they are not on the water, whether in storage or in transit, they should be covered with a high quality, durable boat cover specifically designed for pontoon boats.  Since pontoon boats range from 16 feet in length to 30 feet, and since they can be customized with shade… Continue reading

Shade Sail Solutions – Custom and Stock!

Shade Sails
If you are looking for a fun and unique way to get your backyard ready for warmer weather, shade sails are a great option. Patio shade sail are areas of fabric that are stretched tight to create shade to any area of your patio or other outdoor area. They can be attached to homes, trees, or columns, or they can be a completely free-standing structure supported by wood posts or steel columns. Shade sails are UV resistant to keep you from the sun’s harmful rays and some material are almost completely waterproof! There are many colors and shapes to choose from, but if you can’t find exactly what you are looking for, custom shade sails are available!

Eye-to-Eye Encounters with Nature – Kayak Covers

Experiencing nature up close and eye-to-eye is most easily accomplished from the cozy seat of a kayak.  Meander along waterways that are usually inaccessible by larger watercraft, and grab the opportunity to observe the abundance of shore-line activity that few human travelers get to see.  The quiet kayak allows you to glimpse animals and birds without disturbing them, and it gives you the chance to take in and appreciate the sounds of the natural world.

No matter the season or time of day, you can enjoy a unique natural experience each time you go out in your kayak.  When your kayak is out of the water, whether in storage or in transit, keep it protected from UV damage and harsh weather, and prevent it from becoming a home for creepy crawlers, by covering it with a Kayak Cover.  A… Continue reading

Portable Garages Double as Party Tents

Party Tents
I love entertaining outdoors during every season of the year. Sometimes, though, Mother Nature tries to interrupt my party plans. I am always on the lookout for a durable and affordable way to protect my guests from wind and weather. I recently discovered that portable garages can double as party tents! The same structure that I trust to protect my cars, boats, and recreational vehicles can also protect my party guests. They are available in a variety of styles and colors to fit into any outdoor surroundings. The materials are strong and durable. They are UV resistant and will block wind, rain, and other environmental forces. When the parties are over, use their ample space to store everything that won’t fit into your normal garage. From lawnmowers to RVs, you can fit almost anything inside. For such a reasonable price, you can’t go wrong with these double duty structures.

Gift Ideas for the Fisherman on Your List!

Inflatable Pontoon Boats
Looking for a great last minute gift for the outdoors man on you Christmas list? Inflatable pontoon boats are sure to please.  They are lightweight and easily portable. They can be stored in your camper or vehicle and used at a moment’s notice. These boats hold between 350-400 lbs. They have storage pockets for all the supplies that your fisherman want or desire. They are available in a variety of colors and 8 or 9 foot varieties. Inflatable boats are sure to be a hit for anyone on your list who loves fishing! Hurry and place your order before Christmas.

Winter RV Travel Offers Unexpected Delights

When is the best time of year to travel?  If you like crowds and long lines at popular attractions, then summer is the best time to take a vacation.  If, instead, you prefer quieter, less hectic travel experiences, then you should try a winter vacation.  After the holiday season is over, January and February are the perfect time to hop in the Recreational Vehicle and visit National Parks or other summer attractions that remain open all year.  

In your RV, you can avoid the hassle of air travel and meander across the country to catch the beauty of winter in unexpected places.  Wildlife and scenery are often dramatically different in winter, so even if you travel to some of your favorite summer spots, you are guaranteed a completely new experience.

Don’t forget to keep your RV protected when it’s… Continue reading

Snowmobile Covers Provide All-Season Protection

Snowmobile Covers

Whether you use your snowmobile for recreation or transportation, you are probably well aware of the importance of taking proper care of the snowmobile when it’s not in use.  Trudging through inches (or feet) of snow in bitter cold temperatures after experiencing a snowmobile breakdown in the middle of nowhere is not anyone’s idea of a good time.

One part of properly maintaining a snowmobile includes protecting it from damages that can occur when the vehicle is not in use.  Snowmobile Covers protect snowmobiles and their components from dust and dirt when the vehicle is stored in an enclosed garage or other storage area.  When snowmobiles live outdoors, snowmobile covers keep them clean, dry, and safe from harsh weather conditions and the sun’s damaging UV rays. 

Ensuring that your snowmobile will give you a safe and reliable experience means… Continue reading

ATV vs UTV – Do You Know the Difference?

ATV CoverATV Cabin CoverUTV Cover

You know that ATVs and UTVs are handy and fun vehicles to have around your home, but do you know the difference between the two? Make sure that you are getting the most possible use out of your recreational vehicle by understanding what they do and making sure that you have the right one to fit your needs.

ATV stands for all-terrain vehicle. ATVs, such as traditional three and four wheelers, are mainly used for recreation. They can make sharp, quick turns and travel at faster speeds than UTVs. They are usually windshield and roof-less. You can add additional protection to an ATV with an ATV cabin cover.

UTVs, also known as utility vehicles, are better equipped for handling heavy work loads. They allow not only more space to haul tools, but also more space for passengers because of the expanded seating. They are more steady and do not… Continue reading

Hot Tub Covers Solve 3 Common Problems

Hot Tub Covers

Hot tub covers provide an easy solution to a long list of problems that hot tub owners face, including the following:

  • Safety — Hot tub covers prevent easy access to the water, so kids, pets, and outdoor critters stay dry and safe.
  • Energy Use — A covered hot tub is an energy efficient hot tub.  When the heat stays in, the heater isn’t needed as often or for as long.  Saving energy is saving money.
  • Chemical Balance — Spa water that is chemically in balance keeps dangerous bacteria at bay.  Without a cover, a hot tub’s water evaporates quickly, changing the level of the water and taking the chemicals out of balance.  Likewise, heavy rain or snow can alter the water level and chemical balance in an uncovered hot tub.  Hot tub covers help maintain proper… Continue reading