Portable Garage: A Most Versatile Structure


Portable Garage Storage Shed

One of the best alternative uses I’ve found for a portable garage is as extra storage space.  Homes without basements or available space inside can benefit from a portable garage. Instead of taking those extra boxes and do dads to a storage facility that charges for its services, you can instead choose to store your stuff in a portable garage. It is conveniently located on your own property, so accessing items in storage requires only a short walk outside rather than a lengthy drive to an external facility. The only feature that portable garages lack is climate control. So, any items that need to be stored in a climate controlled area would be better off inside your home or at a traditional storage facility.

Portable garages also make excellent alternatives to traditional sheds. Lawnmowers, garden supplies, and miscellaneous tools can be stored reliably year round. In addition, portable garages make ideal storage areas for seasonal items. In summer, it can house snow blowers, snowmobiles, and snow shovels. In winter, it can keep patio furniture, pool supplies, and lawn games protected until warmer weather comes again.

You don’t need an extra vehicle to justify owning a portable garage.  Portable garages serve very well as temporary or more permanent storage space.  They come in handy for any number of other reasons, too, which will be explored in future blog posts.  How would you use a portable garage?

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