Portable Shelter Benefits – Why They’re the Right Option

Portable Garage

Homeowners often look at all their options when they’re trying to find the right way to protect their personal property. Those who travel to craft shows, trade shows, and outdoor festivals usually try to find the best way to stay out of the sun and rain and still sell their products. For both of these people and for many more, a portable shelter or a portable garage is an option that simply can’t be overlooked. While there are plenty of different choices out there, a quick look at some of the things that a portable shelter can provide will help you understand why you may need to take a closer look at what they can do for you.

For those looking for a structure at their home, they’re a much more inexpensive option than building a standard shelter or storage building. Setting up a permanent structure involves a lot more than many people realize. You’ll have to pour concrete, frame walls, build the roof, add siding and roofing material, install doors and other hardware, and much more. While the economy is slowly crawling back out of the dark hole it’s been in for some time, building is still expensive. Concrete costs alone can really surprise you. But a portable shelter requires none of these expenses and still delivers protection from the elements that you can rely on.

A portable shelter also saves you a huge amount of time and energy. Think about all the labor hours that go into a building project. You may have as many as ten workers during the course of building a shelter. If not, and if you’re building on your own, you’ll probably have to wait ten times as long for the building to be completed. A portable shelter goes up quickly, and with the help of one other person you can usually finish its construction within a day or less. Some of them can even be set up by you on your own.

They’re not permanent, either. If that big oak tree on the corner of your property suddenly dies, you’ll be able to move your portable shelter before you cut it down. This keeps your investment safe. No matter what the reason, you can move the shelter quickly and take care of whatever issue has necessitated its removal. You’ll be able to set it back up in the same spot or move it elsewhere as needed. That’s something a permanent structure just can’t offer, and one thing that is often overlooked.

Anyone looking for a structure to take with them to trade shows and other outdoor events will benefit from what these portable shelters offer as well. Things like the aforementioned easy setup and take down help them stand out, but there’s another area that should be looked at here. Many who set up at trade shows or festivals prefer to use a cheaper ‘outdoor canopy’ type structure. This is usually a cheap frame that holds up a roof and nothing more. While it may be inexpensive, it’s not really worth it if you’re serious about going to these festivals.

For starters, it will only protect from the sun and rain in certain instances. Get caught in a heavy rain with wind, for example, and you and your products will get drenched as the water blows in from the side of your structure. If the sun moves to a certain spot in the sky it can still hit you directly. A portable shelter will shield you from all these problems without worry and make it easy to stay protected when you’re selling your goods.

It will look a bit more professional as well, since it creates a kind of store-front feel that customers can come in and browse through. That helps attract them, and can boost the number of eyes that look over your merchandise which in turn boost the number of potential sales you get in a day. In other words, you could actually get a boost in business by looking professional on the festival grounds. And since easy assembly is a hallmark of smaller portable structures, it is usually a snap to get set up and looking great.

Durability is the final consideration to remember, and it applies to home users as well as to festival users. For festival users, you’ll be taking down and setting up your portable shelter frequently. You need something that actually lasts and won’t fall apart after a few setups. For home users, you’re probably protecting some very expensive items with your portable shelter. Knowing that it will stand up to the sun, to rips, and to rain will help you rest easy knowing that your items are protected. In both cases, the durability of a quality portable shelter stands out as a true benefit.

There’s no question that a portable shelter could be exactly the answer you’re looking for. They’re not for everyone, and some people will simply have to build a permanent structure to satisfy their needs. But for many of us, these are an investment that can deliver huge rewards over the coming years and provide a real solution to numerous problems. At the very least, they’re worth a closer look when you need shelter for any reason at all.

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