Spa Covers for Ultimate Safety

Spa Cover

Hot tub and spa covers are not all created equal.  One particular variety of spa cover that is recommended for homes with children and pets is called a walk on spa cover.  Standard spa covers, while they look perfectly sturdy, may not be able to support a child if he or she decides to use the top of the hot tub as a play area.  Children and pets can be injured or may drown if a spa cover gives way and falls into the water below.  Walk on spa covers, on the contrary, can bear the weight of a child as well as the child’s entire family.  They come with a locking mechanism, too, so the cover cannot be lifted or moved from the hot tub.

Even if you don’t have children or pets, walk on spa covers are a useful option if you live in a snowy area.  Accumulated snow can be quite heavy, especially if it is wet snow, as opposed to dry, powdery snow.  If that heavy snow is not removed from standard spa covers very frequently, those covers can be damaged.  Walk on spa covers can easily handle the weight of many feet of accumulated, heavy snow.

Whether you decide to buy a standard spa cover or a walk on spa cover depends on your personal situation and location, but covering your spa or hot tub whenever it is not in use is a significant factor in taking care of it properly.

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