Spa Covers – Vital for Performance

Walk On Hot Tub Cover

A spa or hot tub is one of the most relaxing items you can add to a home. It gives you a place to relax, can help with aches and pains, and can even add property value to your home. There are a couple of things you’ll need to keep your hot tub working properly. These include the right chemicals, a good filter, and a quality hot top cover. When you own a hot tub or spa, the spa cover is one of the single most important components to your spa. It provides a lot of different benefits and when you get right down to it, your spa won’t even work without one.

Basically, most spas and hot tubs function just like a huge crock pot. The water passes through the system and is heated gradually. The water continues to cycle that way until the right temperature is reached. But without a spa cover, the right temperature will never be reached. A good hot tub cover is fully insulated. It holds in the heat as the water is warmed instead of letting it escape. With the cover removed, the water will begin to cool no matter how hot it is set. In short, you have to have a cover if you want your spa to work the way it’s supposed to.

But a spa cover goes beyond that and does a lot more. A good spa cover will also prevent any dirt or debris from falling into your hot tub. While a filter may remove a good bit of the debris, keeping it out of the water in the first place is important. Spa covers also help prevent against accidents. The best hot tub covers are thick enough and strong enough to actually stand on, and attach with locking clasps. This eliminates the risk of children or pets falling into the hot tub and potentially drowning. They’re functional as well as enhancing safety.

So what should you look for in a hot tub cover? For starters, you’ll want to match up the size and shape of the cover with your own hot tub. Most standard sizes are ready to go, but a custom cover can easily be made for different spas. Color matters to a lot of people as well, so don’t hesitate to look at all the different color choices. It’s pretty easy to find exactly the color you want for your hot tub thanks to the numerous options available today.

Take a look at the overall design of a spa cover as well, and look for those with a solid foam core that offers maximum heat retention. Foam cores can lower the overall heating costs of your water, maintain high levels of temperature, and will be a better quality product all around.

Also think about a spa cover lifter. These are usually mounted to the hot tub itself and eliminate the hassle of removing the cover. In some cases covers can weigh more than twenty pounds, and removing them isn’t always easy. This is especially true for older spa owners. A spa cover lifter makes it simple and effortless to remove the cover. Your hot tub can give you years of pleasure, but you have to take care of it properly. A good cover is key to that maintenance.

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