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Solar Blanket Basics – A Quick Overview

Solar Pool Cover / Solar Blanket

Your swimming pool is one of those things that get plenty of use throughout the year, and it’s also something that benefits from a little maintenance and from the use of additional tools and accessories designed for it. Things like swimming pool covers are chief among the fall maintenance tools, but when you plan on opening up your pool next year you’ll want to plan ahead. A solar pool cover, sometimes called a solar blanket, is an investment worth making no matter what time of year it may be. These devices are perfect for keeping your pool at that just-right temperature and for increasing the warm-up time needed for comfortable swimming next spring.

Before getting into the specifics of a solar blanket it’s worth answering the question that’s probably on your mind – why should you worry about a solar pool cover if it’s fall? The basic answer is… Continue reading

Pool Covers and Uninvited Guests – Furry or Human

Solid Safety Pool Cover

When it comes to pool maintenance, few things make as big a difference as a swimming pool cover. Sure, chemicals and filters are the most obvious things that people think of when they begin to consider pool care, but those who actually own a pool can attest to the fact that adding a pool cover helps eliminate leaves and debris, makes it easier to set up a pool when the spring comes, and slows algae growth. It can simplify your entire maintenance process and also reduce chemical costs. But there’s another area that adding a swimming pool cover really helps, and that’s with uninvited guests, whether they’re two or four legged, furry or human, or something else entirely.

A swimming pool is almost like an unavoidable magnet for your family. It pulls your family towards it when the warm months arrive, giving them plenty of fun and enjoyment. But there… Continue reading

Everything You Wanted to Know about Safety Pool Covers

Custom Safety Pool Cover

Cool weather’s coming, with the leaves starting to change their colors and the nights growing longer. That means it’s time to start shutting down your swimming pool for the season. And while there are plenty of steps you should take during this process, installing a pool safety cover is one that could be a lifesaver – literally. Safety pool covers are designed differently from standard covers and they accomplish much more. They’ll still help keep debris out of your pool and reduce chemical expenses, but these covers also help protect your family from accidental drowning. If you’re wondering if a safety pool cover  is right for you, taking a closer look at what it offers is a step well worth taking.

Basically, safety pool cover are made from a much tougher material than traditional types of pool covers. It’s worth mentioning now that if you have an above ground… Continue reading

Pool Cover Shopping Simplified – A Quick and Easy Guide

Safety Cover

Your swimming pool demands a bit of maintenance in order to keep it clean and ready for your family to enjoy. And that maintenance doesn’t stop when the weather turns cold and your family trades in bathing suits for snow coats. You’ll still need to keep your pool in the right shape, and the right swimming pool cover is an important part of that. But finding the right pool cover and shopping for a cover can be overwhelming to many people. Luckily, it’s a little bit easier than most think. By just following a couple of easy steps you’ll find the cover you want quickly and get back to enjoying the fall.

For starters, figure out what kind of cover you want. The two options will be a winter pool cover or a safety pool cover. Both will keep out debris, leaves, and small animals as well as block… Continue reading

Custom Safety Pool Covers – Getting the Perfect Fit

Custom Safety Pool Cover

Your swimming pool is one of the best features of your home. Whether it’s an above ground swimming pool or an in ground one, pools add value to a home, give your family a place to play and enjoy time together, and more. And while a standard pool is perfect for any family, there’s something to be said for a pool that stands out. Unique shapes and sizes on a pool can help yours be a little bit more fun for your family. But those sizes can also make it harder to pick the right swimming pool cover when the time comes to close down your pool.


Closing down your swimming pool for the season is important, and using a safety cover is one of the best options when you have children or pets. Safety covers provide the same benefits of other covers in that they help guard against… Continue reading

Ready Your Pool Covers – Preparing for the Shutdown

Pool Cover


Fall weather means football, Halloween, and that it’s time to start shutting down your pool for the year. As much as we’d all like to skip that bit of work and relax on the couch while our favorite team plays, your swimming pool needs to be properly winterized in order to keep it in good shape for next year. Failure to winterize a pool could lead to pump damage, liner damage in the case of above ground pools, and a huge amount of cleaning when spring finally rolls back around. In other words, you need to make sure that you’ve taken the steps needed to really keep your pool in good shape.

Don’t just stop with a heavy round of chemicals and a pump and filter shutdown. You need to use a swimming pool cover to get the most from your pool. Most pool owners are already aware of… Continue reading

Closing Down your Pool – A Basic Guide – Pool Covers

Pool Cover

Pool owners usually love their pool and what it does for their family. Pools give you fun, exercise, and a place to be together without having to take expensive vacations or spend your days bored out of your minds. But when fall and winter roll around, most pool owners face the worst part of owning a swimming pool – the winterizing process. Luckily, closing down your pool for the winter isn’t really that difficult to do if you know what to expect. A solid half-day is the most it should take in most cases, from the moment you begin to the moment when the winter pool cover is in place and you walk away for the season. Here’s a quick rundown on the process.

First of all, you need to make sure that your pool’s chemical levels are perfectly balanced. While the obvious reason is to help prevent algae growth… Continue reading

Beyond the Pool Cover – Accessories and Specialties

Pool Cover Accessories


A swimming pool cover is one of the most important tools you can have when you own a pool. Yes, you read that right – tools. It’s a tool because it helps get a lot of different jobs done. It prevents dirt and debris from building up in your pool, reduces algae growth, and simplifies fall and winter maintenance while making it easier to open the pool next spring. But it doesn’t really do all of this alone. Along with your work putting it on and taking it off, there are other accessories worth taking a closer look at and a couple of other types of covers worth pondering as well.

The most important accessories you can get for your pool cover are simply the attachments. In most cases covers will come with some method of securing it to the pool, but it never hurts to get extra or… Continue reading

A Closer Look at Safety Covers – Right For You?

In Ground Safety Pool Cover

   Any pool owner who’s dealt with a spring setup following a fall and winter with their pool uncovered can attest to the fact that a pool cover will have a huge impact on maintenance costs and effort as well as on the spring setup of a pool. But when you’re closing down the pool this season, it could be time to invest in an upgrade and purchase a safety pool cover. If you’ve got children or pets, it’s well worth doing. But before you decide, just take a closer look at what safety covers are all about and how they’ll help your pool. It should help you decide whether or not they’re worth it for you.

Basically, safety covers are heavier duty covers than the standard ones people put on their pools. They also use a much different attachment system. While most winter pool covers are fixed… Continue reading

Solar Swimming Pool Covers Heat Up!

Solar Swimming Pool Covers
Have you opened your pool yet? Whether you have or not, you are probably ready to start swimming as soon as possible. A solar swimming pool blanket is a great way to warm your pool quickly. Using the power of the sun, a solar blanket traps heat and transfers it directly to your water, warming it 10-15 degrees in a short period of time. We have solar covers in every shape and size that you can imagine, for in ground and above ground pools. You can add a solar cover reel to make putting on and taking off the cover incredibly simple. In addition to heating your pool before the initial use, solar covers can also be used at night to retain heat that is generated during the day. Solar blankets are also affordable, making them a small investment with a big return!