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Keep Your Pool Warmer This Summer the Natural Way

Solar Pool Cover

Have you ever wanted to save energy and money by turning off your swimming pool heater, but haven’t done so because of the inevitably colder water temperatures you’d experience?  It is possible, though, to reduce your pool heater usage this summer and still swim in comfortably warm water.  The easy money-saving and energy-saving solution is the solar pool cover.

Solar covers, also known as solar blankets, significantly reduce the amount of energy you use as well as reducing the amount of water that evaporates from your pool. Solar covers raise your pool’s water temperature by an average of ten degrees by absorbing sunlight during the day and keeping that heat in the pool at night.

Additionally, a solar cover will reduce your water and chemical evaporation by up to 70 percent which can save many, many gallons of water each month. If you… Continue reading

Safety Cover Repair Program Makes Peace of Mind Easy

Weather can take a tremendous toll on our outdoor furnishings, which is why using protective covers for patio furniture, gas grills, and anything else you wish to preserve is so vital.  But, what happens when the cover itself becomes damaged?  I’m referring specifically to the most important cover a homeowner uses if the home includes a swimming pool in the backyard.

Pool safety covers offer homeowners, especially those with children or pets, some peace of mind because the job of a safety cover is to prevent accidental submersions and drownings in the swimming pool.  Many homeowners choose to cover their pools with a safety cover for the winter season rather than a winter pool cover because safety covers offer that additional element of safety.  If a child or animal wanders onto a properly installed safety cover, it will protect that child or… Continue reading

What Is a Winter Pool Cover?

Winter pool covers are used mainly to protect a swimming pool from winter weather and to keep limbs, leaves, dirt, and other debris from falling into the pool. For an in ground pool, a winter cover is held in place with water bags placed around the edge inside sleeves which are attached to the cover. An above ground pool uses the same type of winter cover, but it is held in place by a combination winch and cable assembly that runs through grommets in the cover. Inflatable air pillows rest on the water under the winter cover to make stick and leaf removal easier, and they also help water to run off the cover. Additionally, a winter cover blocks sunlight to inhibit algae growth.

A winter cover is an important part of winterizing your pool, and it makes opening your pool in the spring much easier and less expensive.

In Ground Winter Pool Covers    Above Ground Winter Pool Covers

Which Type of Swimming Pool Cover Is Right For You?

Pool Safety Cover

Swimming pool covers are a necessary accessory for pools because they provide primarily two essential functions. First, they can reduce your pool’s maintenance cost, and second, a safety cover, in particular, can prevent pool related accidents. The four main types of pool covers are Solar Covers, Winter Covers, Leaf Nets, and Safety Covers. Understanding the basic purpose of each type should help you decide which is best for your backyard pool.

Solar covers, also known as solar blankets, significantly reduce the amount of energy you use as well as reducing the amount of water that evaporates from your pool. Solar covers raise your pool’s water temperature by an average of ten degrees by absorbing sunlight during the day and keeping that heat in the pool at night. Additionally, a solar cover will reduce your water and chemical evaporation by up to 70 percent which can save many, many gallons… Continue reading

Solar Pool Covers – A Cheap and Green Way to Heat a Swimming Pool

Swimming in a Cold Pool

Taking a dip in a frigid swimming pool is not most people’s idea of relaxing, unless you happen to be a polar bear.  Running the pool heater non-stop is not the most cost-effective or environmentally friendly idea, though, for warming up the water.  Many pool owners find that Solar Pool Covers offer the best of both worlds.

Solar Cover or Solar BlanketA solar pool cover, sometimes referred to as a solar blanket, looks like an enormous sheet of bubble wrap.  It lies on the surface of the pool water and absorbs heat from the sun.  The solar cover transfers that heat to the pool water, increasing its temperature by as much as 10-15 degrees.  When in place during day or night, the solar cover keeps heat from escaping the pool and significantly decreases water evaporation.  This results in water that stays warmer and chemically balanced for longer periods.  Pool owners save money on water, chemicals, and energy while… Continue reading

Heat Your Pool the Solar Way

Solar Pool Cover
Solar power is fast becoming the method of choice for powering things around the homes of the environmentally conscious. You can use solar power to provide light both inside and outside your home. Did you know that you can also use solar power to heat your swimming pool? Solar pool covers are a great way to warm you pool faster, keep it warm longer, and cut down on evaporation which leads to costly chemical loss. Solar covers float freely on the surface of your pool and do not require weights or tie downs. This makes putting on and taking off the covers a very easy task. Your water temperature can be raised by 10-15 degrees with regular use! All you need is the sun. The sun’s rays capture heat and transmit it into the pool via bubbles on the cover’s surface. It is an inexpensive and effective way to heat… Continue reading

Leaf Nets Keep Your Pool Cover Covered!

Leaf Nets
Autumn is a beautiful time of year! Crisp, cool afternoons and falling leaves make for many picturesque scenes. However, the same falling leaves that look beautiful in the air and on the ground can make a not so beautiful mess on your winter pool cover! The leaves accumulate and gather moisture, becoming a wet, decaying disaster on your pool cover. Not only is it unappealing in a sensory way, it will also make removing your winter cover in the spring very messy and difficult. Leaf nets offer the perfect solution! You simply stretch the leaf net over your existing cover and its lightweight, mesh design will catch all of the leaves that land on your pool cover. It it easy to remove and will bring all of the leaves with it. It will make opening your pool in the spring a breeze!

Winter Pool Cover Accessories


Cover PumpCover Clips

Even though the temperatures are soaring right now, it will be time to close your pool before you know it. If you already have a pool cover, you have made a wise investment that will keep your pool fresh and protected until next spring. There are several accessories available to help keep your cover in place and functioning properly. Swimming pool cover pumps are designed to remove water from your pool cover. They are available in manual or automatic models and will ensure that your cover does not sag and pool from rain/snow water. Cover clips are another important accessory to make sure your above ground pool cover stays in place for winter. They work like a clothes pin to hold your winter cover on tight. They reduce the wear and tear on your cover so that it will last years to come. These, as well as… Continue reading

Solar Pool Covers Can Extend the Swimming Season

 Solar Pool Cover

With fall quickly approaching, the hot days will begin to turn cool and pools all over the country will be closing. Why not invest in something now to extend your swimming season? Solar pool covers are the perfect option. Solar covers, or blankets, are like big pieces of bubble wrap that work to catch heat and transmit it to your pool water. They also help to retain heat overnight to add extra warmth to the pool. Placement and removal are a breeze because the cover floats freely on the pool’s surface and is not tied down. Available in round or rectangular, they can all raise your pool’s temperatures up to 15 degrees with daily use. Let yourself and your family enjoy your pool longer into the fall with an inexpensive and useful solar blanket.

Safety Covers for Drowning Prevention

Mesh Safety Cover


While pools are fun and can be a great addition to any home, they can also be dangerous if precautions are not taken to prevent drowning. According to the CDC, drowning is the second leading cause of death for children ages 1 to 14 years old. Additionally, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has found that 75% of the children involved in swimming pool submersion or drowning accidents were between the ages of 1 to 3 years old. These can be scary statistics if you have a pool. Children seem to be naturally drawn to water. While adult supervision is always the best way to prevent drowning, accidents can still occur. In addition to installing alarms on any doors leading to the pool and in the pool itself, swimming pool safety covers are the very best method of drowning prevention.

Safety covers are specifically designed to withstand high amounts… Continue reading