Portable Garages: The Inexpensive Storage Solution

Portable Shelter

Extra storage space is not always readily available, but homeowners increasingly need more space as work requirements, hobbies, or home dynamics evolve. Spending the money required to build a new workshop, spare garage, or storage building is not possible for many homeowners. Permanent structures are costly to build and maintain, and they may eventually lose their convenience as time goes on and needs change. An ideal solution for lack of storage is  portable garages.

Temporary structures like portable garages have a number of advantages over permanent structures:

  • Multiple Sizes — Portable garages come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so the homeowner’s individual needs for space can be met easily;
  • Location — Portable garages can be placed anywhere on a property that will work most conveniently for the homeowner;
  • Mobility and Versatility — Portable garages can be moved, taken down, or replaced at any time if the homeowner’s needs change;
  • Money Savings — Portable garages cost significantly less to purchase and maintain than a permanent structure.

Some homeowners may be reluctant to purchase a temporary structure like a portable garage because of its appearance. Portable garages are utilitarian in nature, and are not intended to “dress up” a property. If curb appeal is a concern to homeowners, portable garages can be easily hidden from the view of the main road by placing them in the back of a home or in a part of the yard where visibility is blocked by trees or fencing.

When looking for a suitable portable garage to provide extra storage, homeowners should look for the following features to ensure that they are choosing a superior quality product that will adequately protect whatever will be stored inside:

  • Frame — Strength and longevity are key when it comes to the frame. Steel tubing is an ideal material for the frame because of its strength and durability. The steel should also be treated so that it will not corrode or rust over time. A frame should come equipped with wind brace supports to keep the structure safe on particularly windy days.
  • Outer Fabric — Just as important as the frame is the fabric that covers it. The fabric on any portable garage must be strong and rugged and should fit tightly over the frame. Fabric should be waterproof and fire retardant to fully protect the contents of the portable garage, and it should be treated to resist damage from the sun’s UV rays. Fabric that is not properly treated to resist UV rays quickly fades, weakens, and deteriorates.
  • Double Door Flaps — Door flaps in front and back that zip securely closed and roll neatly out of the way when open add value to portable garages. Doors ensure privacy and additional protection for interior contents from wind and weather, but a door at each end of the structure gives homeowners easier access to large items, like vehicles and machinery.
  • Easy Assembly — While not always available, the promise of easy assembly makes the purchase of a portable garage even more attractive.

When additional storage area is needed, or if expanded outdoor workspace is required, temporary structures like portable garages can offer a fast, functional, and inexpensive solution. For many homeowners, portable garages are preferable to more permanent structures. Insisting on superior quality features, though, is important for ensuring satisfaction and reliable protection for the structure’s contents.


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