The Portable Garage as People Protector

Portable Garage as Portable Shelter

This third and final installment in the series of posts about portable garages focuses on another fun and practical way that a portable garage can be used.  Besides storing vehicles in a portable garage, you can use that space to store other household items, and you can even use it as expanded workspace.  Take everything out of the portable garage, though, and it can be easily used as a shelter for people, too.

Portable garages make an ideal shade structure in any number of situations.  Host an outdoor party and use the portable garage as the party tent.  Set up the outdoor patio table and chairs in the protective area inside a portable garage and never worry about too much sun or rain ruining your meal.  Create a safe and shady play area for children inside the protection of a portable garage.  Provide an outdoor smoking shelter for employees.

In how many other situations can a portable garage be useful?  Come up with your own creative ideas, and please share!

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