Generator Covers - X-Large

Keeps Dirt, Debris, and Weather Out of the Motor

Protect your Generators with Utility Equipment Covers from Our covers provide all-season, heavy-duty protection from sun and UV damage, bad weather, dirt, birds, and tree sap.

Whether you use your generator frequently or only a couple of times each year, keeping it covered and protected with a rugged Utility Equipment Cover ensures that it will stay clean and ready for use when needed. Taking proper care of your equipment not only keeps it in top shape, but it can extend the life of the equipment and give you many years of dependable service.

  • Fits Generators to 15,000 Watts
  • 37"L x 25"W x 27.50"H
  • Fast protection when storing or on the job
  • Protects against rain and snow, sun damage, dust, tree sap, and birds
  • Elastic shock cord in bottom hem for a quick, custom fit
  • Integrated stuff sack
  • Heavy-duty fabric won't shrink or stretch
  • Rip-and-grip closures on the back
  • Additional handle cutouts for generators with handles
  • Fabric is coated for maximum water resistance and repellency
  • 1 year warranty
  • Color - Black
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