Coolaroo® Coolhaven Right Angle Shade Sail -
9ft x 12ft x 15ft

Coolhaven Shade Sails With or Without Hardware Accessory Pack

Coolaroo® Coolhaven 9ft x 12ft x 15ft Right Angle Triangle Shade Sails are ideal for gardens, entry ways, children's play area, patios, and pools. Coolaroo's famous polyethylene-weave fabric blocks 90% of the sun's dangerous UV rays and "breathes" to allow air to circulate and keep the environment underneath much cooler. With its breathable design, Coolaroo fabric allows some water to filter through. The fabric is color fast and won't rot, mildew, or mold.

The perimeter of each Coolaroo Coolhaven shade sail is designed with a gentle curve inwards towards the center of the sail to control fabric tension. Shade sails have reinforced webbing around the perimeter and a stainless steel Delta ring (also known as a D-ring) at each corner. Each shade sail can be easily attached by its corner D-rings to structures or to ground-anchored steel or timber poles (not included). You also have the option to purchase the shade sail with or without the stainless steel accessory pack for installation. When properly mounted under tension, shade sails do not sag or flap in the wind.

Coolhaven Shade Sail fabric comes with a 7 Year Limited Warranty against UV degradation, 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty on Defects, and 60 Day Warranty on Missing Parts

Available Coolhaven Shade Sail Colors
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Heritage Green
Heritage Green

Optional Accessory Pack
Optional Accessory Pack

Installation Guide for Shade Sails

  • Dimensions - 108in L x 144in W x 180in H
  • 95% UV Block
  • 7 Year Warranty Against UV Degradation
  • High Tenacity Polyester Webbing for Maximum Strength
  • Resistant to Mold Growth
  • Coolaroo® Coolhaven Right Angle Shade Sail -
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