How to Install Shade Cloth Fabric

How to Install Shade Cloth Fabric

Installing Shade Cloth Fabric Like a Pro

Pergolas are great for providing shade at certain times of the day. But if the sun is coming straight down on your pergola or coming in at an angle to where it is shining through your beams or rafters, Shade Cloth is a perfect solution for obtaining shade any time of the day. We offer shade cloths with UV protection from 70% to 95% or more. Installing Shade Cloth or Shade Fabric is very simple and easy to work with.

Here is what you need for the installation of Shade Cloth:
  • Rolled shade cloth to cover area
  • Hammer or a staple gun
  • Tape measure
  • Safety goggles
  • Box cutters (or a sharp knife or other sharp cutting instrument)
  • Attachment hardware: screws, nails, or 3/4 or 1" staples (or a heavy duty staple gun with 3/4" staples or larger)

Heavy-Duty Staples
Heavy-Duty Staples
Use Heavy-Duty Staples,
Nails or Screws with
Washers to attach the
shade cloth to your
Screws with Washers
Screws with Washers

Use Shade Cloth to cover
your Pergola, Arbor
or other structures
Roll out the shade cloth
across your structure and
loosely pull it into
position. Leave
at least 8-12 inches of
overhang on all sides.
Loose Shade Cloth
Loose Shade Cloth
Attach against the house first
Attach against house first
Attach the shade cloth to the
long side against the house
first. Start and pull on one
end with enough pressure to
get the wrinkles out and
fasten down about
every 12".
Next fasten a short end
and the other long side
away from the house
and the final short side.
Place the edge of the cloth
in from the outside edge
of the board or beam.
Staple down outer edge
Staple down outer edge
Straight Edge Stapled
Straight Edge Stapled
Trim off the edges straight
and fasten cloth about with
nails, staples, or screws with
washers. Try not to overlap
edges when seam have to
break the same beam.
The shade cloth blocks
70% to 95% of UV rays.
Protection from the sun
and cooler temperatures
can be enjoyed with shade
cloth on your pergola, arbor
or other outdoor structures.
Covered Pergola
Covered Pergola


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