Sunbrella Rectangle Shade Sails in Standard Sizes

Sunbrella Rectangle Shade Sails in Standard Sizes


Sunbrella Standard Rectangle Shade Sails are longer than the square shade sails, which can be used for covering patios and they are great for cars, boats, campers and RVs. They can be used to cover baseball dugouts and even animal shelter exercise areas. We keep in stock 8 of the most popular colors and we also offer 8 special order colors for an additional cost and it will add an extra week to the lead time of manufacturing the shade sail using special order colors.

Sunbrella® Shade Sails will give you maximum protection from the heat and UV's from the sun. This state of the art fabric is unaffected by moisture and extreme natural temperature. Sunbrella's solution dyed acrylic fabric is fade and water resistant. The near waterproof fabric also resists stains, mildew and rot. Since they are water resistant, you not only get protection from the sun, but also protection from when it rains or snows.

At Least 20° Slope Required
for Water Run Off

Shade Sail Size

Amount of Drop

10 Ft 3 Ft 7 In
12 Ft 4 Ft 4 In
14 Ft 5 Ft 0 In
16 Ft 5 Ft 8 In
18 Ft 6 Ft 4 In
20 Ft 7 Ft 0 In
22 Ft 7 Ft 10 In
24 Ft 8 Ft 10 In
25 Ft 9 Ft 4 In

A 20° Slope is about a 35%
difference of the high and
low mounting points

Sunbrella fabric is water resistant, and shade sails made from this fabric have to be installed with at least a 20 degree slope to allow water to run off and not pool on top of the sail. The chart at the right lists measurements for the amount of vertical drop recommended based on the size of the sail. Measurements are rounded.

Additionally, the perimeter of each sail is designed with a gentle curve inwards towards the center of the sail to control fabric tension. This inward curve will be approximately 6-8% of the length of each side of the shade sail. Therefore, when tension is placed on the shade sail, the fabric will not wrinkle or sag. Shade sails, when installed properly, do not sag or flap in the wind.

Due to manufacturing tolerances and fabric stretch, finished shade sail dimensions may vary 1.5" +/-.

Note: Due to the available Sunbrella fabric widths, and depending on the size ordered, your shade sail may have seams.

All standard size Sunbrella Rectangle shade sails are made to order. Therefore, all sales are final. No returns or refunds will be accepted.


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