Quality Rhino Brand Portable Garages, Shelters, and Sheds

Quality Rhino Brand Portable Garages, Shelters, and Sheds

Instant Garages, Portable Buildings, Party Tents, & Protective Enclosures

MightyCovers.com offers the very best in Rhino Brand Portable Garage Shelters, Garage Kits, Portable Buildings, Party Tents, and Protective Enclosures in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors. Our garages are constructed of heavy-duty galvanized steel frames and long lasting covers with 10 oz square yard (12 oz square meter) 24 mil thick rip-stop fabric complete with UV protection and an inner black scrim. Suitable for residential, agricultural, and commercial uses.

Short on storage space? Protect your belongings with a reliable, versatile, and totally affordable temporary shelter. Cover and protect cars, boats, RVs, campers, equipment, tools, or anything of value from wind and weather. Portable garages are also ideal for creating much needed workspace or for expanding your home workshop. On commercial job sites, temporary shelters provide valuable space for a minimum cost, they help to reduce delays caused by weather, and increase contractor profits. Use one of our temporary structures as a Party Tent! Provide reliable shelter for parties, weddings, sporting events, outdoor vendors, and trade shows. Our portable garages and temporary shelters offer endless possibilities!

All of our buildings are covered under a 2 year warranty.

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Cycle Cabana™<br>5ftWx10ftLx8ftH
Cycle Cabana™

Price: $888.00
Sale Price: $709.95
Storage Shed<br>8ftWx8ftLx8ftH
Storage Shed

Price: $931.00
Sale Price: $744.95
Storage Shed<br>12ftWx12ftLx8ftH
Storage Shed

Price: $1,221.00
Sale Price: $976.95
One Car Garage Round<br>12ftWx20ftLx8ftH
One Car Garage Round

Price: $1,507.00
Sale Price: $1,204.95
One Car Garage House<br>12ftWx20ftLx8ftH
One Car Garage House

Price: $1,507.00
Sale Price: $1,204.95
Extended Storage House<br>12ftWx24ftLx8ftH
Extended Storage House

Price: $1,757.00
Sale Price: $1,404.95
Extended Storage Round<br>12ftWx24ftLx8ftH
Extended Storage Round

Price: $1,757.00
Sale Price: $1,404.95
SUV/Boat - Round Style<br>14ftWx24ftLx10ftH
SUV/Boat - Round Style

Price: $2,237.00
Sale Price: $1,789.95
Barn Style<br>12ftWx20ftLx12ftH
Barn Style

Price: $2,875.00
Sale Price: $2,299.95
Barn Style<br>12ftWx28ftLx12ftH
Barn Style

Price: $3,518.00
Sale Price: $2,814.95
Barn Style<br>14ftWx30ftLx12ftH
Barn Style

Price: $2,857.00
Sale Price: $2,284.95
RV / Boat Garage<br>14ftWx36ftLx15ftH
RV / Boat Garage

Price: $5,000.00
Sale Price: $3,991.95
2 Car / Workshop<br>22ftWx24ftLx12ftH
2 Car / Workshop

Price: $3,862.00
Sale Price: $3,089.95


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