Vinyl Tarps and Canvas Canopy Tops

Vinyl Tarps and Canvas Canopy Tops

For Swing Sets, Playsets, and Playground Equipment

When playset replacement tarps are installed,
they must be properly tensioned.
If not, possible damage to the tarp could occur.
Properly Tensioned Tarp
Properly Tensioned Tarp
To the left are properly
tensioned playset canopy
tarps. The chance of excessive
rubbing is greatly reduced.
Notice that the tarp is tightened
allowing for little or no
movement by the wind on
the top rail of the playset.
To the right shows a damaged
tarp that was the result of not
properly tensioning the tarp.
The wind caused the tarp to
rub back and forth on the top
rail. This continual movement
can damage the best of fabrics.
Wind damaged tarp
Wind damaged tarp
We do not try to match existing snap or grommet
placements that are on your play set now.
However we send new snaps to screw into your playset
with a phillips head screwdriver.
Screw In Snaps
Screw In Snaps
Easy to install snaps.
The caps of the snaps are
installed in the cover and
the other parts attach with
a phillips head screwdriver.
Grommets are also available
Snaps are easy to install
and easy to use. Made of
stainless steel that resist
rust and corrosion.
Snaps are installed in the
covers 1/2 inch from the
Easy to use Snaps
Easy to use Snaps

Vinyl Tarps and Canopy Tops from are made of heavy marine grade vinyl with standard fasteners which are either brass grommets or stainless steel snaps. We offer stock sizes and custom made canopy tops in any size needed. This marine grade vinyl is a heavyweight 15oz. laminated material with UV protection and mildew retardant added. THE STRONGEST AND MOST DURABLE IN THE INDUSTRY!

The testimonial below is from our customer Deidre S. of Springfield Ohio with comments about a 3 striped Custom Vinyl Canopy Tarp she ordered for her play set:

I received our canopy today. I could not believe it! Only one week exactly since I ordered it. I couldn't wait to get it put up. It fit amazingly and was so easy to install. I was really nervous that my measurements would be off or that it would be difficult. The hardest part was getting the canopy over the top bar, because this thing is heavy!
Thank you again for everything!
Our 12 year old set is just gorgeous now!
Deidre S. can provide you with custom manufactured tarps and canopies in practically any size and color combination that you may need. Use these to protect and shelter your swing sets, playsets, playground equipment, and play forts. Only strong, durable, quality materials are used to make our tarps and canopies.

NEW! Sunbrella Canvas Swing Set Tarps and Canopy Tops! - Tired of looking at a glossy top? We now carry TRUE CANVAS Tarp Tops made of awning grade Sunbrella fabric. This is the same fabric that high quality hotels use on their entrance way awnings.

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***IMPORTANT NOTE*** When installing, always install with tension to reduce the movement of the tarp in windy conditions, too much slack or lack of tension may cause damage to your tarp due to the excessive rubbing of the tarp to the play set frame. That type of wear or damage is NOT covered under the fabric warranty.

Custom Vinyl Canopy Tarps
Custom Vinyl Canopy Tarps

Price: $96.99
Sale Price: $65.95
Base Price for 1-25 sq. ft.
Sunbrella Canvas Tarp and Canopy Tops
Sunbrella Canvas Tarp and Canopy Tops

Price: $168.99
Sale Price: $117.95
Base Price for 1-25 sq. ft.
Ready-Made Vinyl Canopy Tarps
Ready-Made Vinyl Canopy Tarps

Price: $82.99
Sale Price: $54.95
Limited Sizes Available
Swing Set Replacement Flags
Swing Set Replacement Flags

Price: $17.00
Sale Price: $12.95


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