Realtree™ Max4 Outboard Motor Covers - Fits up to 16"L 11"W 29"H

Cover Sized to Fit Outboards up to 15 h.p.

Boat Accessory Covers are the best means for protecting and preserving your boat's accessories from harsh weather. Anytime you store your boat for any reason, clean the interior and the exterior as much as possible, then cover the boat with a boat cover to keep it clean. When you remove the cover on your next outing, your boat will be as clean as when you covered it up.

Whether your boat is stored outside or being towed on a trailer, our boat covers will protect from moisture, leaves, bird droppings, and other extreme outdoor elements. Whether your boat is a bass fishing boat, ski boat, deck boat, pontoon, v-hull, or another type of boat, protect your investment with a Boat Cover from

Realtree™ Max4 Camo Outboard Motor Cover Features:

  • Color: "Realtree™ Max4 Camo"
  • Covers both the power head and gear shaft housing to completely camouflage outboard motors when they are tipped up and out of use
  • High strength Infinity™ fabric engineered for extra durability and maximum weather protection
  • Fits quickly and securely with two locking draw cords
  • 1-year warranty


If you cannot find a stock boat cover that will fit your boat, we can custom make a boat cover for you. Our custom boat covers provide a perfect fit, which will give ultimate protection to your particular boat. Our custom covers are made with rugged fabrics that are up to 600D. They are strong and durable, resistant to mildew and UV damage, and have excellent water repellency.

This item has been discontinued. We apologize for any inconvenience.


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