Spa  /  Hot Tub Covers - Easy Removal and Storage with Lifters and Caddies

Spa / Hot Tub Covers - Easy Removal and Storage with Lifters and Caddies

Thermal Guard Premium - Including Super-Strong Walk-On Spa Covers for Extra Protection and Safety

Our top quality custom spa covers, sometimes referred to as hot tub covers, are made of durable, premium marine grade vinyl to insulate as they guard against unwanted entry. They are made to withstand the harshest winter elements, while remaining soft and pliable. Spa covers offer a number of benefits, including keeping the water clean and free of debris, retaining a consistent water temperature and chemical level, and preventing unnecessary accidents.

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Spa Cover

Our spa covers are available in two foam thicknesses. The foam core is wrapped with a tight vapor barrier that keeps the foam core drier, so the cold stays out and your spa stays warmer. These spa covers boast superior craftsmanship throughout. The hinges are reinforced with rugged aluminum to ensure that the repeated folding of the cover will not weaken them. Instead of the cheaper cotton or canvas thread normally used, we use a durable polyester stitching. We offer our cover in a standard 4" to 2" taper that will give excellent insulation in all parts of the country. Thermal Guard covers feature locking hardware and fasteners that prevent children and pets from spa access.

Come in 12 attractive colors. Please complete our measuring form (click below) and specify color when ordering.


All custom Thermal Guard Spa Covers will REQUIRE a Measuring form filled out. Faxes should be sent to 901-531-8436. No Thermal Guard Spa Cover order will be processed without the detailed customer fax.   

All Thermal Guard Spa Covers are made to your specifications.   Therefore, all sales are final.   No refunds or returns can, or will, be accepted.

Low-Mount Cover Lift for Spa Covers
Low-Mount Cover Lift for Spa Covers

Price: $99.99
Sale Price: $75.95


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