EcoPatio Protective Outdoor Patio Chair Covers

EcoPatio Protective Outdoor Patio Chair Covers

Heavy-duty fabric covers protects a wide variety of patio furniture against weather damage and dirt

Outdoor Patio Furniture, Umbrellas and other Patio accessories are becoming more popular than ever, as people are starting to stay home and entertain guests outdoors. Whether you are entertaining or just relaxing and enjoying the outdoors with your family, you can create a comfortable living area outdoors to enjoy nature's beauty. Since your patio is an extension of your home, you need to protect your investment. The best way to do this is by investing in Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers for your outdoor living area. The new EcoPatio Collection is made of eco-friendly fabric, with excellent performance and an upscale style. All of the EcoPatio protective covers are constructed with post consumer recycled fibers, finished with PVC free coatings and packaged in a reusable tote. This elegant line helps protect your outdoor patio furniture and the planet. If you are unable to put your Outdoor Patio Furniture and Patio accessories in an enclosed storage area when not in use, then protective covers are the solution for protecting them from the harsh weather conditions. You must take into consideration before buying an Outdoor Patio Furniture Cover that it must be water resistant and UV treated so that your cover can handle any extreme weather conditions. High performance features include tough interlocking seams that add strength and durability. Special treatments ensure that the fabric won't crack even in extremely cold weather. Air Vents reduce inside condensation and wind lofting so you don't lose your cover on those brisk, windy days. Secure straps wrap around the legs of your furniture or grill to help keep your cover in place. They are very simple to maintain and keep clean. All EcoPatio protective covers come in beautiful pebble, sage and cyprus colors that will add a touch of class to any outdoor décor. The EcoPatio covers are packaged in an attractive tote bag that uses up to 49% less material than a box and is printed with soy inks on the material containing recycled fibers.



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