Outdoor Protective Cover Features

Outdoor Protective Cover Features

Outdoor Furniture and Accessory Cover Features

MightyCovers.com offers Premium Covers for Outdoor Patio Furniture, Grills, and Patio Accessories that are lightweight, long lasting, and exceptionally durable. Our complete line of Outdoor Protective Covers has many unique and helpful features to help protect and preserve your outdoor patio furniture and patio accessories.

Protective Cover Features
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Piping Feature

Seams and stitching
are protected and
and hidden with a
Protective Piping
that also diverts water
off of the covers.

For a snug secure fit,
each cover has
elastic hems.

With Velcro Closures,
the protective covers
can be easily removed
and replaced, even
with tables that have
an umbrella in place.
Many of the covers
include leg ties to help
keep them securely
fastened to the
outdoor furniture.
Draw Strings

Covers that are
bound around the
outdoor furniture
are tightly
secured with patented
  Umbrella Hole
For outdoor furniture
with umbrellas,
there is a punch
out umbrella hole.

Zipper Closures
make for quick and
simple removal and
replacement of
protective covers.

  Umbrella Cover Rod
High reach rods
make the removing and
replacing of tall
outdoor heater and
umbrella covers
fast and easy.
Pockets Protective Covers
come with their
own convenient
storage pockets.




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