Premium Patio Umbrella Covers

Premium Patio Umbrella Covers

Protective Outdoor Accessory Covers

Tron-Weve Premier Outdoor Protective Covers are made of a lightweight, extremely resilient material. This water resistant material was developed using the highest technology for maximum protection with your outdoor patio furniture in mind. Tron-Weve fabric has been laboratory tested and proven to successfully resist temperatures as cold as -40° as well as temperatures up to 50° hotter than the world's highest recorded temperature. These temperatures exceed even the most extreme conditions that your outdoor patio furniture and accessories could ever be exposed to.

Tron-Weve Protective Covers feature a variety of unique features like elastic hems, drawstrings, zipper closures, and Velcro closures, so you can be sure that your protective covers will fit securely and stay firmly in place, even on the windiest days. Additionally, Tron-Weve covers are easy to store when not in use thanks to a convenient self-storing pocket. With all of these unique features, you can feel confident that your outdoor patio furniture and patio accessories will enjoy maximum protection that keeps them clean and extends their lifespan. Available in Beige only.


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