Gator Weave Protective Chaise Lounge Cover

Patio Chaise Lounge Cover with Elastic Hem

Gator-Weave Outdoor Patio Furniture Covers are made with exclusive "Gator-Weave" fabric, which is water-resistant and UV treated to withstand any weather conditions. This durable fabric is also breathable, which reduces condensation build up between the cover and your furniture. Gator-Weave fabric will not crack or peel, unlike many of the standard-variety vinyl covers on the market. Because the covers are soft, you won't have to worry about your patio furniture and accessories being scratched. These covers also feature a locking, spring-loaded cinch that provides a secure fit for added protection (not available with umbrella cover).

Gator-Weave's Champagne (light beige) colored fabric complements any outdoor decor. The covers are easy to clean and will not stain, soil, soak, or corrode. For added convenience, all Gator-Weave covers come with their own built-in pouch for easy storage.

For an effective and affordable way to protect your outdoor patio furniture and accessories year round, Gator-Weave Covers are a perfect choice.

Gator Weave Features
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Water resistant fabric Rugged 8oz.
"Gator Weave" is
both rugged and
water resistant
Leg ties and fasteners "Gator Weave"
fabric is soft and
fits securely on
your patio furniture
and umbrellas
Drawstring cinch cord Spring Cinch Cord
secures your covers
on furniture.
(Not available with
umbrella covers)
Attached storage pouch All "Gator Weave"
covers have
attached pouch for
easy storage
  • **Please note** Not designed to entirely cover the wheels or leg bottoms.

  • 80" long x 30" wide x 27" high
  • Exclusive Gator Weave 8oz fabric
  • Elastic hem
  • Water resistant
  • Hand washable
  • Lightweight
  • Fits securely
  • Includes cord and cinch lock
  • Available in Champagne only
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