18ft x 36ft 8 Mil In Ground Solar Blanket -

5 Year Warranty / 1 Year Full

The 18ft x 36ft 8 Mil Space Age Solar Cover - SC-BS-000044 is constructed of two layers of high density polyethylene that could raise the temperature in your pool's water 10 degrees with the appropriate sun light. This cover is blue on top and silver on bottom and should always be installed with the bubbles down. Comes with a 5 year prorated warranty - 1 year full against manufacturer's defects only.

With Solar covers, it is not necessary to use anchor weights or tie down straps to hold them in place; since they lay and float on top of your pool's water without restraints. Therefore, removal and replacement of a solar cover is very easy, just pull it off and store it. However this can be a awkward and strenuous task - imagine folding a giant wet blanket by yourself - but by incorporating the help or aid of a solar pool cover reel, this task can be made much easier. Solar covers are usually folded and stored or rolled-up on a large solar pool cover reel and wheeled out of the way and put up for storage

  • 8 Mil Thick
  • 5 Year Warranty (1 Year Full) Manufacturer's Defects Only
  • Can Be Easily Trimmed to Fit Pool With Scissors
  • Gives You the Capability of Enjoying Warmer Water In Season
  • 18ft x 36ft 8 Mil In Ground Solar Blanket -
    SC-BS-000044 - ID#:SCP-SC-BS-000044
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