Above Ground Winter Pool Covers

Above Ground Winter Pool Covers

Winter Pool Covers for Above Ground Swimming Pools

Winter pool covers, swimming pool leaf nets, solar covers and safety covers at MightyCovers.com. If you cover your pool with a pool cover, it will remain clean and clear of leaves and debris. Instead of a frog pond, with the proper shut down procedures, you open your swimming pool up looking like it did when you closed it down for the winter months. MightyCovers.com™ carries a large selection of Above Ground Winter Pool Covers at discount prices to meet your pool cover needs.

When deciding on a winter pool cover, take note of the Scrim number. The scrim is the weave tightness in the underlying thread construction. A higher scrim number means a better quality winter pool cover.

Click for instructions on how to winterize your above ground pool.

Description Available Colors Warranty Scrim* Rating Comments
PoolTux Royal - Winter Blue 10 Year
1 Full
8 x 8 2 Star Rating Good Polypropylene Cover
Arctic Armor Winter - 8 Navy Blue 8 Year
1 Full
9 x 8 3 Star Rating Great Polypropylene Winter Cover
PoolTux King Winter Silver 15 Year
3 Full
12 x 12 3 Star Rating Very Good Polypropylene Cover
Arctic Armor Rugged Mesh - 8 Black 8 Year
1 Full
N/A 3 Star Rating Mesh allows rain in, keeps trash out
Arctic Armor Winter - 12 Green 12 Year
2 Full
10 x 12 4 Star Rating Better Polypropylene Winter Cover
Arctic Armor Winter - 15 Royal Blue 15 Year
3 Full
14 x 14 4 Star Rating Best Polypropylene Winter Cover
*Note: The scrim usually refers to the number of thick, loosely woven threads, per inch, that are sandwiched between the top and bottom layers of the cover that give the cover its strength. Typically, the higher the number, the better the cover. (of course that is assuming that they all use the same type and thickness scrim thread ) Some covers use woven strips of material, instead of thread.

Find the pool size below of your above ground pool and click on it for the types and brands of available winter pool covers.
Cover Clips for Winter Pool Cover
Cover Clips for Winter Pool Cover

Price: $10.00
Sale Price: $6.95


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