Winter Cover / Pool Size 16ft x 28ft Oval / 15 yr Royal Blue - WC926-4

Arctic Armor Above Ground Winter Pool Cover - 15yr. Warranty

This 16ft x 28ft - 15yr Arctic Armor winter cover is built to last! Constructed of only the strongest Armor material. Super tough woven triple-laminated polyethylene is the heaviest, strongest and most tear resistant material we can find.  This cover features rugged polyethylene thread as well as UV-protected fabric that withstands sunlight without weakening.  The black underside of the cover retards algae growth.  Our gold cover comes complete with a heavy duty vinyl-coated cable and winch that threads through rip proof grommets for a secure fit.  Our big 4-foot overlap keeps your cover in place during winters worst.  This rugged cover is built the best so it is backed by a 15-year warranty that is 3-YEARS FULL RATED.  Invest in America’s strongest winter cover with our Armor Series.

Royal Blue

Artic Armor Winter Pool Cover - 15 Year

  • 15 Year Warranty - 3 Year Full
  • Poly Threads (not cotton) are Stronger & Last Longer, won't Rot
  • 14 x 14 Scrim/Thread Count
  • Rip Proof Grommets
  • Royal Blue Top / Black Bottom
  •    Great polyethylene Winter Pool Cover


The recommended amount of cover clips for your pool is 48 and it is recommended to keep a few extra on hand.

Winter Cover / Pool Size 16ft x 28ft Oval / 15 yr Royal Blue - WC926-4 - ID#:ARC-ARM-15-YR-16X32-OVL
Mfg'd By: Blue Wave Products  SKU#:WC926-4
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