Leaf Net for 14ft x 28ft Rectangle Pool

In Ground Swimming Pool Leaf Net

When you cover your pool before fall begins, do the leaves start falling on your pool cover? Then, after rainfall, is there a wet, decaying mess on your pool cover? Before opening your pool next spring, those heavy, wet leaves have to be removed and discarded. A Leaf Net can be a solution to the messy problem. After you close your pool and winterize it, you simply stretch the Leaf Net over your winter cover. After the leaves have fallen, remove the leaf net (preferably before the winter's first freeze), and it cleans the leaves and debris out of the pool and off of your winter cover. Allow the Leaf Net to dry completely before folding for storage. This cover is made from durable polyethylene and carries a 4 Year Warranty.

Leaf nets, like winter pool covers, are purchased according to your pool's size. The cover will be bigger than the dimensions of your pool so you can anchor them with water tubes around the pool for in ground pools, and with a cable and winch for above ground pools.

  • Cover Size: 18ft x 32ft
  • Leaf Net for 14ft x 28ft Rectangle Pool - ID#:LEAF-NET-14x28-REC
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