Lawn Tube Installation

Lawn Tube Installation

For use on loose brick, stone or wood decks less than 1in thick

Method 1

Step 1

Locate Anchor positions as usual.

Step 2

Drill a hole in the wood deck, loose brick or stone large enough for a snug fit with the chosen lawn tube.

Step 3

Tap anchor casing with aluminum tamping tool into the pipe until it is flush with the pipe.

Step 4

Drive the pipe through the deck surface, with a wood block if possible, until pipe is flush with the surface. If there is a space between the wood deck and the ground, the pipe must be lengthened so that a minimum of 15" is driven into the ground.

Method II

The factory aluminum stake may be used at times in loose brick, stone, lawns and planters. The aluminum stake will not hold adequately in loose soil. Method 1 is safer and should be used without exception when more than three tent stakes are necessary in succession.


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