16ft x 24ft Rectangle In Ground Winter Cover -
Cover Size 21ft x 29ft - GPC-70-9153

10 Year Warranty / 1 Year Full

The PoolTux Royal 16ft x 24ft Rectangle In Ground Winter Cover - GPC-70-9153 is blue on top / black on bottom and comes with a 10 year warranty / 1 year full. This winter pool cover is constructed of a triple laminated polyethylene material with heat sealed seams for added strength. Edges incorporate a sewn-in polypropylene cord for reinforcement and aluminum grommets are located in the 4 corners. This winter pool cover also includes 2 inch x 12 inch water tube loops spaced every 4 feet to secure the water tubes in place. (Water Tubes Sold Separately)


Winter Cover Options

Water Tubes
Water Tubes

Water Tubes are the best way to secure your in ground swimming pool's winter cover through any inclement weather. Heavy duty single or double chamber water tubes are made of extra-tough 18 gauge material; won't tear or rip like most bags.

Air Pillows
Air Pillows

These rugged 16-gauge vinyl Air Pillows absorb freezing water's pressure and helps protect your pool walls. The Air Pillow also reduces excess rain, snow, and leaves on your winter cover. Use an air pillow under your winter cover and it will also make draining the water off the top of your cover much easier.

Pool Closing Chemical Kit
30,000 Gal Chlorine Chemical Kit

Includes 3lbs of Di-Clor Shock, 3lbs of Dry Branular Winterizer, and 3lbs of Sequestering Compound

Pool Closing Chemical Kit
35,000 Gal Chlorine Free Chemical Kit

Includes 3 Containers of Pre Loaded Dispenser of Winterizing Tablets, 1qt Liquid Winterizer, 2 quarts Winter Stain Out, and 3lbs of Non Chlorine Shock

Leaf Nets
Leaf Nets

Use the Leaf Net over the top of your winter cover and make opening your swimming pool a snap.

The recommended amount of 8ft water tubes for enclosing your pool is 10 and it is recommended to keep a couple extra on hand.

  • 10 Year Limited Warranty / 1 Year Full Coverage Against Manufacturer's Defects
  • 5 Mil
  • Heat Sealed Seams
  • Blue on Top / Black on Bottom
  • Water Tubes Sold Separately
  • 16ft x 24ft Rectangle In Ground Winter Cover -
    Cover Size 21ft x 29ft - GPC-70-9153 - ID#:GPC-70-9153
    Mfg'd By: PoolTux  SKU#:PTX-GPC-70-9153
    Add 8ft Single Chamber Blue Water Tubes:
    Add 8ft Double Chamber Blue Water Tubes:
    Add 8ft Double Chamber Black Water Tubes:
    Add 4x5ft Air Pillow:
    Add 4x8ft Air Pillow:
    Add 4.5x15ft Air Pillow:
    Add Chemical Closing Kit:
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