Diving Board Covers

Diving Board Covers

Cover for your Diving Board

The WaveRunner line of diving board covers has been designed to satisfy the concerns of swimming pool companies and their customers. There is an ongoing struggle with the problem of how to easily and affordably cover diving boards in order to keep them protected and clean during periods of non-use.

In the past, you may have decided that trying to cover diving boards with tarps, ropes, bungee cords, etc. was not worth the effort. But then the problem was how to clean the diving board of all the staining that occurred from debris that came to rest on the board. Alternatively, if you decided to remove diving boards during periods of non-use the problems became finding suitable storage. Another problem is potential damage from handling such as cracking of the fiberglass and of course the potential back strain due to carrying a heavy diving board. Then you have to reverse the process when it's time to get the pool ready again. The WaveRunner Diving Board Cover addresses and solves all of these problems.


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