Custom 15oz Vinyl Tarp and Canopy Tops

Swing Set and Playground Equipment Accessories

When playset replacement tarps are installed,
they must be properly tensioned.
If not, possible damage to the tarp could occur.
Properly Tensioned Tarp
Properly Tensioned Tarp
To the left are properly
tensioned playset canopy
tarps. The chance of excessive
rubbing is greatly reduced.
Notice that the tarp is tightened
allowing for little or no
movement by the wind on
the top rail of the playset.
To the right shows a damaged
tarp that was the result of not
properly tensioning the tarp.
The wind caused the tarp to
rub back and forth on the top
rail. This continual movement
can damage the best of fabrics.
Wind damaged tarp
Wind damaged tarp
We do not try to match existing snap or grommet
placements that are on your play set now.
However we send new snaps to screw into your playset
with a phillips head screwdriver.
Screw In Snaps
Screw In Snaps
Easy to install snaps.
The caps of the snaps are
installed in the cover and
the other parts attach with
a phillips head screwdriver.
Brass grommets are 1/2" in
size with a 5/16" hole.
Screws and/ washers are not
included with grommets.
Tarps with grommets like
tarps with snaps must be
properly tensioned.
Brass Grommets
Brass Grommets

Looking for a custom size or color tarp to fit your existing swing set, playset, fort, playground equipment, or sandbox? makes custom tarps and canopies to suit your needs for outdoor play equipment shelter. Our tarps and canopies are constructed using the best materials available and superior craftsmanship. Our tarps and canopies offer total UV protection, and they are waterproof and weather-resistant.

The testimonial below is from our customer Deidre S. of Springfield Ohio with comments about a 3 striped Custom Vinyl Canopy Tarp she ordered for her play set:

I received our canopy today. I could not believe it! Only one week exactly since I ordered it. I couldn't wait to get it put up. It fit amazingly and was so easy to install. I was really nervous that my measurements would be off or that it would be difficult. The hardest part was getting the canopy over the top bar, because this thing is heavy!
Thank you again for everything!
Our 12 year old set is just gorgeous now!
Deidre S.

All stripes will be made equal widths and run lengthwise unless you specify otherwise. Also, the color sequence must be noted clearly.

Examples of the styles and color of the canopies:

  • "Green Solid" - Green Canopy Tarp made to the dimension supplied.
  • "Green/Tan, Stripes on Width 2 Stripes Canopy Tarp" - stripes running width-wise. Half Green and Half Tan
  • "Red/Yellow/Green" - A canopy tarp with 3 equal stripes running lengthwise - one-third Red, middle-third Yellow, and one-third Green canopy
  • "25% Blue / 50% Green / 25% Blue" - 3 Stripes running lengthwise - one-fourth Blue, middle half Green, and one-fourth Blue canopy
  • "20in Stripes alternate Red and Yellow (Width= 100 inches)" - Canopy Tarp with 5 x 20 inch wide stripes alternating Red and Yellow
  • Please call for quotes on unusual custom tarps and canopies.
Available 15 oz. Vinyl Colors
Click to Enlarge

NOTE: Custom Canopy Tarps/Tops usually ship in approximately 7-10 business days. Ground shipping will take 2-5 business days more to deliver, depending on what part of the country you live in.

All sales are final. No refunds, returns, or changes can or will be accepted once we start making your custom vinyl canopy tarp.

Need help measuring your Canopy Tarp - Click this link
Measuring Guidelines Form

To determine the square footage of the canopy you need, multiply the length in inches x the width in inches then divide that total by 144.

Please make note that these Play Set cover prices are based upon total square footage. The base price is for a cover that are 1 to 25 square feet and if it is more than 25 square feet, then an additional charge is added to the base price. You can see below when ordering with the additional square footage how much additional cost is added to the base price.

  • Marine grade vinyl is Heavyweight 15 oz. of laminated material [THICKEST IN THE INDUSTRY]
  • Weather resistant
  • Mildew retardant added
  • Triple layered construction with nylon mesh center
  • Full UV protection
  • Stronger stitched seams - Seams are stitched and not heat sealed and may leak
  • Your choice of fasteners: brass grommets or stainless steel snaps with screw studs.
  • (95% of all requested tarps have snaps on the width)
  • Standard grommets/snaps placement apply unless requested.
  • Grommets or snaps will be positioned approximately 12-16 inches apart depending on the length of each side
  • Available in Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, or Tan colors
  • Can be made to fit most major manufacturers' swing sets, including Rainbow Play Systems, PlayNation, Swing-N-Slide, Plan-It Play, BYO Swingset, Detailed Play Systems, and many more. (We are not affiliated with, endorsed by, or sponsored by any of the afore mentioned companies.)
  • Looking to replace your vinyl flags on your swingset. We now offer flag replacements as an option when ordering a new swingset tarp.
  • To determine the square footage of the canopy you need, multiply the length in inches x the width in inches then divide that total by 144.
  • Placement of Snaps/Grommets on Canopy Tarps
    Click on Chart to Enlarge
    Snap Placement Chart
     * Please Note: The amount of Snaps/Grommets shown are
    for example only. Actual amounts will be decided by
    side lengths or customer preference.
    Custom 15oz Vinyl Tarp and Canopy Tops - ID#:3L-CTP
    Mfg'd By:  SKU#:CTP
    Enter Colors of All Stripes:
    Grommet/Snap Location:
    Length In Inches:
    Width In Inches:
    Square Footage:
    Add Vinyl Flag(S):
    Enter Color of Flags:
    Regular Price: $111.99
    Sales Price: $67.95
    You Save $44.04 or 39.00%

    Swing Set Replacement Flags
    Swing Set Replacement Flags

    Price: $17.00
    Sale Price: $12.95


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