Stock Vinyl Tarps and Canopies - Solid

Swing Set and Playground Equipment Accessories

Looking for a standard size or color tarp to fit your existing swing set, playset, fort, playground equipment, or sandbox? carries most standard sized tarps and canopies to suit your needs for outdoor playground equipment shelter. Our tarps and canopies are constructed using the best materials available and superior craftsmanship. Our tarps and canopies offer total UV protection, and they are waterproof and weather-resistant.

Screw In Snaps
Screw In Snaps
Easy to install snaps.
The caps of the snaps are
installed in the cover and
the other parts attach with
a phillips head screwdriver.
Grommets are also available
Snaps are easy to install
and easy to use. Made of
stainless steel that resist
rust and corrosion.
Snaps are installed in the
covers 1/2 inch from the
Easy to use Snaps
Easy to use Snaps
We do not try and match existing snap placements
that are on your play set now, however we send
new snaps to screw into your playset
with a phillips head screwdriver.

Available Colors
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Stock Canopy Sizes and Prices
Actual Canopy Size Price
38in x 79in $54.95
48in x 86in $59.95
58in x 94in $69.95
86in x 134in $89.95

When installing, always install with tension to reduce the movement of the tarp in windy conditions, too much slack or lack of tension may cause damage to your tarp due to the excessive rubbing of the tarp to the play set frame

  • Heavy marine grade vinyl tarps (stock sizes)
  • Standard fasteners are either brass grommets or stainless steel snaps (snap screw studs included)
  • Grommets or snaps will be positioned approximately 12-16 inches apart depending on the length of each side
  • Marine grade vinyl is a heavyweight 15 oz. laminated material (THICKEST IN THE INDUSTRY)
  • UV protected
  • Mildew retardant added
  • Waterproof and weather resistant
  • Available in Green (Forest Green) or Blue
  • Snaps or grommets provided on the shorter side (width) only Standard fasteners are either brass grommets or stainless steel snaps (snap screw studs included)
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    Swing Set Replacement Flags
    Swing Set Replacement Flags

    Price: $17.00
    Sale Price: $12.95


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