Custom Sunbrella Canvas Tarp and Canopy Tops

Swing Set and Playground Equipment Accessories

Screw In Snaps
Screw In Snaps
Easy to install snaps.
The caps of the snaps are
installed in the cover and
the other parts attach with
a phillips head screwdriver.
Grommets are also available
Snaps are easy to install
and easy to use. Made of
stainless steel that resist
rust and corrosion.
Snaps are installed in the
covers 1/2 inch from the
Easy to use Snaps
Easy to use Snaps
We do not try and match existing snap placements
that are on your play set now, however we send
new snaps to screw into your playset
with a phillips head screwdriver. offers awning grade Sunbrella fabric made of True Canvas Tarp for use on your swing sets, playground equipment, forts, and tree houses. If your tarp or canopy requirements are different than our stock sizes offered, we can make Custom Canvas Canopy Tarps for your swing set, playset, fort, playground equipment, and much more. The fabric we use is the best solution dyed acrylic canvas. Sunbrella fabric is the most respected fabric used in the industry today.

  • Awning grade Sunbrella solution dyed acrylic canvas
  • A treatment applied to retard mildew
  • Will not fade or lose its color
  • Repels moisture and water
  • Durable reinforced stitching of all seams
  • We offer a variety of fasteners: brass grommets or stainless steel snaps with screw studs (95% of all requested tarps have snaps on the width)
  • Standard placement of grommets/snaps unless requested at time of order
  • Grommets or snaps will be positioned approximately 12-16 inches apart depending on the length of each side
  • Available in a variety of Sunbrella Colors - See below

Need help measuring your Canopy Tarp - Click this link
Measuring Guidelines Form

*Please fax us a drawing for quotes on canopy tops with unusual shapes other than rectangles or squares.

Sunbrella® Stock Colors - Can be used for One ColorTarps or Striped Tarps
Click to Enlarge
Sunbrella Terra-Cotta 4622
Mohave Sand 4628
Mohave Sand
Sunbrella Forest Green 4637
Forest Green
Sunbrella Pacific Blue 4601
Pacific Blue
Sunbrella Natural White 4604
Natural White
Sunbrella Taupe 4648
Sunbrella Jockey Red 4603
Jockey Red
Sunbrella Beige 4620
Sunflower Yellow 4602
Sunflower Yellow
Sunbrella® Special Order Colors - Can be used for Solid One Color Tarps only - No Stripes
Click to Enlarge
*Special Order Colors have an additional charge and longer delivery times*
Sunbrella Navy 4626
Sunbrella Sky Blue 4624
*Sky Blue*
Sunbrella Salmon 4627
Sunbrella Black 4608
Sunbrella Logo Red 4666
*Logo Red*
Sunbrella Erin Green 4600
*Erin Green*
Sunbrella Turquoise 4610

NOTE: Custom Canopy Tarps/Tops usually ship in 7 to 10 days. Then, it takes UPS or Fed Ex Ground 3-9 business days to deliver.

***IMPORTANT NOTE*** When installing, always install with tension to reduce the movement of the tarp in windy conditions, too much slack or lack of tension may cause damage to your tarp due to the excessive rubbing of the tarp to the play set frame. That type of wear or damage is NOT covered under the fabric warranty.

Stitched seams are not heat sealed and may leak if water was to puddle on a seam.

Since we custom make these tarps to your specifications, all sales are final. No refunds, returns, or changes can or will be accepted once we start making your custom Sunbrella canopy tarp.

Special Order Colors can only be used for One Solid Color Tarp and cannot be used for stripes. Stock colors only can be used for stripes.

To determine the square footage of the canopy you need, multiply the length in inches x the width in inches then divide that total by 144.

Please make note that these Play Set cover prices are based upon total square footage. The base price is for a cover that are 1 to 25 square feet and if it is more than 25 square feet, then an additional charge is added to the base price. You can see below when ordering with the additional square footage how much additional cost is added to the base price.

Custom Sunbrella Canvas Tarp and Canopy Tops - ID#:3L-CSTP
Mfg'd By:  SKU#:CSTP
Choose Stripes:
Choose Color here if only one:
Grommet/Snap Location:
Length In Inches:
Width In Inches:
Square Footage:
Regular Price: $173.99
Sales Price: $123.95
You Save $51.04 or 30.20%


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